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Reduce Energy Consumption in your Company

September 20th, 2020

Reduce Energy Consumption in your Company

September 20th, 2020

Companies have always sought to reduce their energy consumption to both runs efficiently and to be more environmentally friendly at the same time. For many companies particularly in Europe where energy consumption is a major issue, this article could be very helpful for them to manage their energy consumption and to implement companies’ policies through a set of standards regarding energy consumption.

At Maadico, using our considerable experience regarding energy consumption and running an environmentally friendly company, we advise you on techniques in egards to company agility and operation, while planning for a long-term profit and an increase in sales through an extensive business plan for marketing and sales and also company strategy.

For start-ups, this could be a very useful article which has been designed and composed by our highly professional and dedicated team of experts regarding the issue of energy consumption. They have mentioned a list of things below which will increase your company’s energy consumption and implementing a suitable policy towards them will have a substantial effect on a more efficiently run company. To find out more about our services, click here!

Here is a list of things that impact your company’s energy consumption greatly:

PC’s instead of Laptops

Believe it or not, the power units inside PCs and server computers are not a friend of energy consumption. They operate in the range of 80-150 Watts while a laptop will be able to fully operate at 20-50 Watts. If you don’t take into consideration the energy consumption of the cooling fan, a single PC unit will cost you 0.1 kWh in energy. Now imagine you have 10 employees each supplied with a company issue PC.

This could play a substantial role in energy consumption especially in countries where you have to spend a considerable amount of money on power monthly or annually. Instead of providing each employee with a PC, encourage them to bring their laptops to work. It would not be very difficult; they must simply allocate a certain amount of space on their HDD on the work-related files and studies have shown that employees work more efficiently and professionally on their own devices.

Natural light instead of artificial light in energy consumption

Almost all companies worldwide these days are encouraging their employees to work remotely, but deep down we know this current state of chaos could not last forever. More than 80 percent of companies across the globe have their employees start work at some time in the morning until late afternoon. This would be greatly beneficial for the company in terms of energy consumption since it does not have to spend too much money on producing light in the workplace. A case in point would be Apple.

energy consumption in apple park is one of the most efficient in the world according to maadico.

Their headquarters now named Apple Park covers an area of 71 hectares including a circular shaped building with a neo-futuristic design. Within its grounds, there is a massive area allocated to green space while the main building itself which hosts more than 12,000 staff members only covers 260.000 m2 which is below 15 percent of the allocated area to the entire project. The building has been designed in a way to consume as much natural light as possible and is considered one of the most energy-efficient buildings in the world. Moreover, the entire roof of the establishment includes solar panels which produce 17 megawatts; enough for 75 percent of the energy consumption during peak hours. Also, the entire building is naturally ventilated which eliminates the need for HVAC energy consumption during at least nine months of the year. If there is to be a need for extra energy, the company will run on biofuel and natural gas.

Hence, looking at apple we must realize their approach in contrast to those gloomy office blocks in Manhattan with barely any natural light throughout even the earliest hours of the day. Their air is not naturally ventilated and is supplied trough large air conditioning units. Both of these factors do not play well with our efficient energy consumption policy.

Too much air conditioning

As a CEO, you must always take into consideration the comfort of your employees, which comes without a question. Yet, spending a hefty amount on a big air conditioning unit does not necessitate the comfort of your employees. Many go as far as turning their HVAC units all the way up in the summer to make the office as cool as possible. This energy consumption policy is strongly misadvised as employees prefer an entirely different atmosphere from what has been described as a universal cliché.

maadico energy consumption tips for companies who want to run more efficiently.

In recent surveys, employees of various larger and smaller companies have stated their preferred room temperature to be somewhere between 22 to 27 degrees Celsius. This makes sense completely as hypothermia decreases focus and increases anxiety in the workplace. People who work in cooler offices are more easily agitated and wish to walk out of their working area more often which reduces functionality besides the increase in the not much-appreciated energy consumption costs you will have to deal with. Also, providing your employees with too much light will lead to anxiety, hyperactivity, and a lack of focus in the workplace.

Office lighting and energy consumption

 If you use power-saving white light bulbs, you must know researches have shown a 17 percent reduction in work efficiency as employees began stretching and yawning after only 2 hours of work time. Also, offices in which artificial yellow light bulbs were used saw a decrease in work efficiency in long-terms endeavors as the employees were reluctant in entering an office which was not only too bright but also, consisted of a single dominant light color. So in short, if you want to increase the comfortability of your employees to ensure work efficiency, not only will they not appreciate it both in the long-term and short-term, it would be you who ultimately ends up with a high energy consumption bill to pay for.  

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