Social Media Marketing: True Potential in Business

July 21st, 2020

Social Media Marketing: True Potential in Business

July 21st, 2020

Social media marketing should be distinguished from social media platforms

Social media marketing should be distinguished from social media platforms themselves. Social Media Marketing (SMM) as a process is the business use of social media channels to understand customers and engage them in such a way that leads to the achievement of ultimate marketing and business goals. Therefore, the ultimate goal of social media marketing is to use social media tools to reach a particular target consumer and to foster engagement, social sharing, and advocacy among the customer base. There are various forms of social media such as blogs, chat rooms social networking sites, podcasts, and so on. Each platform has its own place in a social media marketing campaign, depending on where the customer is and the company’s strategy, website, and brand Maadico we will help you to use the best digital marketing approach and achieve your goals.

What is a Successful Social Media Campaigns?

Successful social media campaigns run the gamut and there is no one key to success. If a company tries to make a campaign, go viral, it cannot be done. This is where the marketplace has really taken hold of the digital marketing process. Some examples of successful campaigns that have taken off online include the Old Spice, video campaign, and both offline and on YouTube, which has transformed the brand from an old guy into a hip brand used by young people.

Social Media and Engagement

At this point, it is reasonable to talk about what customer engagement (CE) means. Brodie et al.54 defined it as a psychological state that occurs by virtue of interactive, co-creative customer experiences with a focal agent/object (e.g., a brand) in focal service relationships. It occurs under a specific set of context-dependent conditions generating differing CE levels; and exists as a dynamic, iterative process within service relationships that co-create value. CE plays a central role in a nomological network governing service relationships in which other relational concepts (e.g., involvement, loyalty) are antecedents and/or consequences in iterative CE processes. It is a multidimensional concept subject to a context- and or stakeholder-specific expression of relevant cognitive, emotional, or behavioral dimensions.

CE plays a central role in a  network governing service relationships in which other relational concepts. maadico.

Social media platforms that allow for sharing and creation of content are therefore prime candidates for companies to use for CE. Right now the top five social media networking platforms used by marketers in terms of unique monthly visitors are  Instagram, Google + (YouTube), LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest. Instagram, with its ability to share photos quickly, is quite popular not only among Millenials but those marketing visual products. One of the most followed realtors on Twitter (84,000 followers) is Fredrik Eklund, an agent with Douglas Elliman and a star of “Million Dollar Listing New York.” Eklund uses Facebook and Instagram for his primary social media marketing because they allow for visual images in a visual business and because these platforms are where his customers reside, socially speaking.56 The Bookmarking site has also become popular with marketers of late. As of this writing, several new platforms were launching and who knows which one will take off and provide real potential for marketers.

After all, the rule of thumb in social media marketing is to Fish Where the Fish are. so if your target customer is on a particular site, it is useful to monitor that site. For example, if we run a restaurant, it might be a good choice. If you are marketing to businesses, you might choose LinkedIn as a platform. Facebook has been found to be a good source of brand-building for consumer brands, whereas Twitter can be used for both B2B and B2C applications. Personas can be used in social media just as they are used for website development. When creating personas for social media we take into account the social media platforms which the persona might frequent and their level of engagement. Many B2B companies, such as IBM, create their own social media platforms for private use, often known as “white label” networks. On these private networks, the company’s staff can share information among themselves and/or users. Sometimes these private networks are used for new product development efforts and the company wishes to keep the information outside of the public domain.

What are the steps of social media planning?

Plan, Monitor, and Measure

Planning the social media campaign is critical to success. Usually, we consider that the steps in social media planning are:

  • 1. Listen to the customer
  • 2. Communicate with the customer
  • 3. Foster engagement with the customer
  • 4. Work toward collaboration with the customer.

Do not forget that the core of your business is your customer and whatever you do and want to do should meet your customer’s needs and do not forget that the main part of digital marketing is content marketing. Producing high-quality content is very important. But what is high-quality content?

High quality content

There is so much spammy content on the internet, as well as on social networks. A lot of people try to get traffic and conversions, but they are not willing to invest time to achieve this goal. This is the reason why there is so much low-quality content. Sometimes, this content is only created in order to attract search engines with the extensive usage of keywords and keyword phrases, but the content itself provides no value to the readers. When it comes to sharing on social media, this kind of content will not provide any results. 

social Media Marketing strategy agility business maadico.

Content published on your social media accounts has to be of high quality in order to encourage people to click on the link and to share it with their friends on social media. Creating high-quality content requires a lot of time and dedication from your part, but this is necessary if you want to create content that can become viral. It is better to invest a lot of time and create content occasionally, such as once a week, than creating low-quality content every day. High-quality content has more of a chance to get the results and help you benefit from being active on social networks. 

High-quality content requires you to address current and popular topics, with an original approach, in-depth analysis, and plenty of facts to support your statements. Obviously, you will need to invest time into research and creating such content, regardless of the format of the content.

Social Media and Target Audience

What is target audience?

The target audience represents the group of potential consumers you want to reach, in this case via social media. It refers to those who are most likely to become your customers in the future, and that is why your goal is to establish a connection with them.

When being active on social media for the purpose of marketing, you are not interested in simply increasing the number of social followers. Yes, this can help you with popularity, but the followers who are not genuinely interested in your business and products or services you provide, will not interact on your social media accounts, they are unlikely to recommend you or eventually buy from you.

This is why defining your target audience is one of the essential tasks, when defining a social media marketing strategy.

You should start by asking yourself the following questions:

  • What is my product? (service)
  • Who is it for?
  • Who will find it useful?
  • Who will buy from me?
  • Who will be interested in my business?
  • Who were my clients in the past?

All of these questions will help you determine the type of consumer you want to reach. Be as specific as possible when answering these questions as the answer is very important for the future success of your social media marketing.

Have in mind that if you are trying to reach everyone, your strategy will be too general and you might seem less focused on the group of people you want to target. On the other hand, if you have a specific group in mind, such as teenagers, male adults over forty, etc. you will be able to use the suitable language and attitude for your approach. In this way, your target group is more likely to pay attention, as its members will be able to identify with you. 

Bottom line:

Nowadays one of the most significant parts of marketing is content marketing in social media, useful and crystal clear content will attract an audience and boost your organization’s power but before anything else you need to know about social media marketing then you are ready to make everything better. In Maadico our consultants are ready to help you.


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