Make your company Sustainable and Environment Friendly

August 16th, 2020

Make your company Sustainable and Environment Friendly

August 16th, 2020

A large number of companies all across the globe are seeking to make their operations more environment friendly and sustainable through various techniques. a company may become more environment friendly and sustainable by employing the professional help of highly dedicated professionals. If a company would decide to go environment friendly and sustainable, there would be a wide range of options.

We at Maadico, professionally analyze your company in order to discover and notify you of the best and most suitable ways you can make your company both sustainable and environment friendly. Our team of celebrated specialist will guide you through every step of the way towards large scale or small scale endeavors of becoming more environment friendly and will act alongside you as a long-term companion, offering a large array of services to your company or business besides making it more environment friendly. Find out more here!

Yet there are smaller more attainable ways you can employ to reduce your waste and recycle more efficiently, offered by Maadico professionals to become more environments friendly.

Here are the best and most simple ways:

Limit yourself

As companies and businesses are required daily to print out and report their financial status and statistics and figures, it would be considerably effective if they would reduce the amount of paper at their disposal. Knowingly or unknowingly, People become most creative within limitations and surely in this situation you will be able to better analyze your system and to figure out how to use less and less paper in long term. So in order to have a more environment friendly company, you need to:

  • Limit your paper supplies to become more creative.

Be advised that eradicating paper completely and at one stage may cause disorder in your business flow and it is strongly advised to become environment friendly in stages.

  • Become more sustainable step by step.
sustainable and environmentally friendly companies are born at maadico

Encourage Environment friendly centered Approach

Many companies greatly put their focus on how to re-design their supply chain and customer relationship for more sustainable business collaboration. They seek to provide their customers with hand-outs and brochures and magazines which are not considered environment friendly.  

Why not print Brochures?

Generally speaking, brochures are designed printed and utilized monthly, weekly or annually according to the function of the company or the business. After a while, they will be completely disregarded and due to the nature of color print, the use of paint will create a plastic like composition which could be very harmful to the environment.

OK, what else to do?

Monthly or annually, companies and businesses spend a considerable amount of money to printing their material which is first and foremost not considered environment friendly and also damages the financial efficiency of the company. Instead of spending money on printing, invest in a number of high quality and large screen tablets. They provide your customers with the best possible print quality and can store a massive amount of pictures and brochures. You can utilize these devices for consecutive years and then give them away to those in needs, or offer them second hand to be bought online. If they were either way going to take the brochures with them and eventually throw them in the garbage can, you may as well have sent it to their personal devices and smartphones for even a better and more sustainable form of Marketing and sale, completely Environment friendly.

  • Instead of investing on Printing, invest on Tablets and other devices.
  • Tablets function for consecutive years, have better quality and can eventually be given away.

Encourage your Employees to become more Environment Friendly.

A great number of companies around the globe have taken the approach of making their employees as comfortable as possible in companies in order to encourage longer working hours. In the world’s largest companies such as Facebook, Apple, Amazon and those alike, employers have provided their employees with indoors aerobics classes, Swimming pools, showers, even dry cleaners and bedrooms for them to work as efficiently as possible. But little do we hear about companies taking an environment friendly approach when it comes to encouraging their employees.

Environmentally friendly and sustainable companies are born at Maadico

At IKEA, not only do all of the shops get powered using solar panels, but also 70 percent of their wood in production is bought from sustainable resources including wood farmers and also through recycling. They also use 100 percent natural cotton and these not only increase the efficiency of operations, it also encourages dedicated employees on a large scale to consider their part in this environment friendly and sustainable approach. They have recently announced they will invest in a steam cleaner in their employee sectors. Since the employees are encouraged not to used expendable cups and plastic, they have been given the opportunity of completely disinfecting their personal belonging such as cups and Mugs.

They have also encouraged customers to return their plastic bags for a discount. If this is not environment friendly, what is?

  • If you want to encourage your employees, start with yourself
  • Do not limit being environment friendly to you and your employees. Also, encourage customers towards a more sustainable approach.

Recycle to be more Environment Friendly and sustainable.

Formerly we discussed the possibility of becoming more environment friendly and sustainable through the reduction or limitation of your consumption of paper. But there are better ways of utilizing your pre-used papers in order to become more environment friendly.

  • Many of the papers used to print are only printed on one side. Re-use the blank side for  note taking, instructions, short-term reports , handouts and notes for your employees to be stuck on the board to name a few.
  • Many NGO’s and governmental organizations encourage recycling through subsides, funding and tax reduction. Employ these services to the best interest of your company.
  • Send your pre-used paper to recycling organizations. They will return them in forms of Bags, recycled paper and sometimes cardboard you could use to better and more efficiently provide your services to your customers.
  • Be more environment friendly by creating handicrafts, artifacts etc. as decors for you company. This not only encourages creativity among your employees to make stuff for themselves out of their used paper, it could b also done as a past time activity by your employees to facilitate a more efficient and environment friendly approach towards the material you put at their disposal.

We at Maadico have always taken pride in our environment friendly approach towards our work and are willing to provide our services and expertise to companies who are willing to take a more environment friendly and sustainable approach towards their operation, but also provide them with our assistance in regards to their, Agility, Marketing and Sale, Operation, Start-ups and other subjects. Stay tuned for more updates on our services and newest endeavors.

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