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Time Management in a Company: Who We Must Hire!

October 26th, 2021

Time Management in a Company: Who We Must Hire!

October 26th, 2021

If you have time, try typing “time management” in your favorite search engine.

You will get millions of results: books, tips, courses, do’s and don’ts.

This is a big industry. But as Brad Aon, a researcher at the John Molson School of Business, asked in a new article published in Plus One magazine, does it really work? Is time management related to professional and academic success?

The company can keep the bad boss on purpose. According to the latest research in the Journal of Business Ethics, “dark” personality traits-dubious moral standards, drug addiction-make the boss worse and more likely to manipulate a person’s income. Maybe he has found a job. first.

Co-authors Nick Sebert (Robert H. Smith School of Business, University of Maryland), Ling Harris (University of Nebraska-Lincoln), Scott Jackson (University of South Carolina) and Joel Owens (Portland State University) nominated candidates. The process of doing it. It is related to the administrative and management income management practices of management accounting, that is, the company’s tendency to increase its own income. In several studies, they found that when a company needs to actively report earnings, experienced executives and recruiters recommend hiring candidates with deeper personality characteristics than those who accept the opinions of others, pleading and believing in solidity Moral foundation.

How personality traits affect time management. 

Accounting professor Seibert said: “Intimate personality traits are usually accidental by-products of managers, and they fit a conservative form of strong leaders.” “However, our research found that this doesn’t happen very often.”

To answer this question, Ain and her colleagues, Ida Faber of Lovell University in Quebec City, and Alexandra Panacio, associate professor of management at John Molson, performed a unique meta-analysis of the time management literature. Their research analyzed data from 158 different studies covering four decades, six continents, and more than 53,000 respondents.

Their conclusion? Yes, time management is effective. Although it may not be what people thought at first.

A balanced life is a perfect life

“We found that it has a moderate impact on job performance,” Ayon said. “But we found that the relationship between time management and job performance has actually grown over the years, and it’s significant.”

Aon estimates that time management has become an increasingly important skill for a growing autonomous workforce.

“People are more flexible in deciding how to allocate their time, so they manage their time. If they do well, they may be better. They will perform,” he pointed out. “If they don’t do this, their performance will be worse than 30 years ago, when they had more time with them.”

The “Recruiting Dark Personality for Revenue Management” study involved three experiments that measured different behaviors. For example, in an experiment, participants were specifically asked to rate candidates based on criteria such as their ability to manage interpersonal relationships and interpersonal relationships. The only way for darker candidates to gain a higher status than their peers is to manipulate moral boundaries.

“A lot of people believe that these managers need excellent self-expression, improvement, interpersonal skills or confidence,” Seibert said. “But our research shows that the opposite is true.”

Seibert said that the idea behind this discovery is that these dark figures may have a specific evil purpose. When the company feels they need to increase their income, people with darker personalities are more likely to be sent to positions of power to do so. As a result, candidates with potentially better management, organization, and human skills are transferred to management jobs.

Time management also has a positive effect on academic performance, although it is not so obvious at work. It has no obvious effect on the results of standardized tests, and Aon says it relies on a fluid intelligence that cannot be managed by time.

The natural effect of Population

Researchers have found a close relationship between time management and overall well-being, especially life satisfaction.

“Time management can help people feel better about their lives because it can help them plan their daily activities based on their values ​​and beliefs and give them a sense of personal accomplishment. It is true,” she explained. In contrast, there is a strong negative correlation between exercise and discomfort.

Finally, the researchers studied the impact of time management on the population, such as personality characteristics, age, gender, education, and family status. He found that this relationship was much weaker than expected, even though he correctly predicted that women would be better at managing time than men.

The uniqueness of Sebert and his colleagues’ research is that they recruited experienced executives and executive recruiters to evaluate candidates to simulate the actual corporate recruitment environment.

“Previous research rarely included people with experience recruiting for previous jobs,” Seibert said. “Our research involves a lot of creative and time-consuming research to find the right partner.”

In general, Sebert said he hopes that this research will help job seekers better evaluate the company when looking for a job. “The best starting point for employees is to avoid companies that can use shady managers and don’t count on the support of their superiors when this happens. The company may have deliberately chosen a bad boss.”

“Honesty is the only quality that is closely related to time management,” Aon said. “It shows people’s attention to detail, their willingness to be organized, reliable and planned. This is understandable because there is a lot of overlap.”

They point out that people in positions of internal control—that is, they feel they have the ability to change or influence their lives—are more successful in managing time than those in positions of external control. Claim to be submissive.

Keep your time management goals close at hand

Aon added that as the world continues to fight the Kovid-19 epidemic, it is important to avoid time management with people deemed more successful. These misleading inspiration attempts are called “time management embarrassment.”

“You see these social media posts saying,’Yes, this is an epidemic, but I learned a new language, or I woke up at 5 in the morning and got more results in a few hours than you did in a whole day ,'”He said. “It makes the rest of us feel bad, and we set unstable standards for what we can and cannot do.”

Article by:

Armin Vali

Adapted from: Sciencedaily.

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