maadico workplace environment and what managers can do to improve it.

Workplace Environment and how to improve it

September 20th, 2020

Workplace Environment and how to improve it

September 20th, 2020

Many employers put the workplace environment at the lowest level possible when it comes to company priorities. Being able to keep employees motivated in the workplace environment is key in terms of management and working efficiency. If employees are placed in an environment through which their creativity and motivation can be improved, it would have a substantial effect in both efficiencies and being able to realize your goals and aspirations as both a manager and an employee.

At Maadico, we provide companies with Practical Ideas regarding the improvement of their workplace environment and help them better pursue their goals and aspirations through an extensive plan which could potentially make your company both environmentally friendly and sustainable in energy consumption and efficiency. We also utilize our team of highly dedicated and motivated professionals to improve your company’s agility, Sales, and Strategy. To find out more, click here!

According to our experts in the fields of workplace environment here are some easy things you could do to improve the workplace environment both for you and your Employees.

Add more color to the workplace environment

When designing a logo or a website, every company goes through the process of selecting several primary colors for marketing purposes and to better attract and maintain the attention of customers. Why not implement this feature to improve the environment of the workplace?

workplace environment google by maadico.

 To better motivate your employees, try and make them feel like the members of a family. Decorate their workplace with the elements and colors of your company. Write your company name on the walls proudly and encourage them to take part in company events and meetings so that they could improve their company and not yours. Return the positivity and energy they give to you through their work environment and rapport.

Add more greenery to the workplace environment

Many employers and staff members alike neglect the importance of plants and greenery in the workplace environment. Due to air conditioning and a stable climate within the offices, many greenhouse plants can be added to the workplace environment and duly nurtured. Studies have shown that not only do plants in the work environment make the employees more relaxed and comfortable, they also refresh the air and add a sense of nature in the workplace, which is an essential element concerning the gloomy and lifeless environments of office tower blocks in the larger cities.

Add more natural light to the workplace environment

The effect of natural light versus artificial lighting of the workplace environment has been thoroughly studied by many psychologists and decorative designers and they have all come to the immaculate conclusion that the more you supply your work area with natural light, the more free and relaxed you will feel which increases work efficiency and motivation. Many managers and CEO’s resort to smaller offices for financial efficiency and then add artificial lighting. Studies have shown artificial yellow light to have a negative impact of comfort and productivity as employees become more easily agitated and get tired sooner, while solid white artificial light from energy-efficient light bulbs reduce productivity and motivation as the employees in the study began feeling tired, stretching and yawning as soon as two hours into work time. The bottom line is, invest in an office with more natural light than spending multiple times the money on a variety of lights for a better workplace environment.

Divide work time Duration into chunks

Google was the first company to implement this policy in the workplace environment of its employees and staff. Instead of working full time for 8 hours and briefly relaxing through the lunchtime period, Google had its employees part-take in physical exercises, yoga sessions and also allows them to listen to music while working. They also promote cycling to work and weekly field trips into nature. This workplace environment has not only motivated the staff and employees at Google to turn this company to the giant which is known for today but also has made them more motivated and adamant in their work. They have become more perseverant and feel happy to be a member of this company as studies indicate.

workplace environment facebook by maadico.

Understandably, implementing this change to the rather small workplace in start-up companies might not be as efficient as that of Google or Facebook. Instead, think creatively when it comes to maintaining the motivation to work among your employees. Go on field trips for a start. Hike with them, ride with them but maintain your authority and management persona. In the meantime, listening to music during working has proven to have been most efficient in smaller companies. A point you must take into due consideration regarding the workplace environment.

Supervise and help out your employees

Many CEO’s and managers like to sit inside their big offices and to give orders remotely to their employees to carry out a duty which is a negative point in creating a suitable working environment, in successful tech companies, the CEO’s work beside and alongside their employees and provide them with help and proper supervision. It is reported that Mark Zuckerberg and the rest of the management board at Facebook do not even have their own offices and work in the middle of their employees and staff. There is only a conference room for meetings to take place with delegations and other members of the staff.

To keep motivations up in the workplace environment, try and mingle among your employees and staff, and provide them with positive feedback about their work. Ask them how things are going and how helpful you can be in regards to the matters of their work. Be open to reasonable complaints and always maintain a smile upon interacting with them. This will have a massive positive impact on the workplace environment. Employees will no longer feel secluded from the management on one hand and the other, the boss can personally supervise the endeavors of the company.

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