Modernize your farm with Maadico®

Modernize your farm with Maadico®

With the world moving towards automatized farming and new technologies emerging in both harvesting and cultivation which make it highly efficient for farmers to profiteer from their produce in a more convenient manor than ever before, more and more farmers are willing to take a more technological approach, not only in order for their produce to have the highest quality which meets the global standards for export, but also to refine the consumption of their water supplies for more efficient and modern ways of irrigation.
With such a high demand among farmers and agricultural enthusiasts for modernization, Maadico ® aims to provide information and consultation regarding the most recent innovations in the world of Agriculture in order for those farmers who seek modernization, but may not have the abilities required to communicate with world renown companies in the field.
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Maadico ® professionals, after having obtained suitable and complete knowledge of your business and its endeavors, and having made a complete and thorough diagnosis of its system, will begin to understand your company's goals and aspirations and assess its priorities. Team Maadico ® will accompany and assist you at will, through all the business meetings and will help guide you towards the best possible choices for a most productive of collaborations to be made, and a most desirable of results to be had..

Meet your match through our individual events,tailor made for you!

Maadico ® is adamant to provide its highly professional and precisely structured services, under the self-implying name of Event Creation and Coordination Abbreviated as ECC, while utilizing a professional, dedicated and highly motivated team, for the company to meet the needs and demands of its customers accordingly. Based on this, our team for Event Creation and Coordination, which is directed by dedicated professionals in every field of business, having utilized a highly professional workforce and having dedicated a substantial amount of time to the extraction and monitoring of the information and statistics and also analyzing and classifying outstandingly successful European companies in the categories to be followed below, aims to create productive correlations and collaborations with corresponding companies for consecutive years to come.

Gain access to the world renown Agricultural fairs across Europe

Throughout consecutive years, Maadico ® has always considered the absence of international ties and the experiences of successful and innovative companies not being properly utilized one of the lost pieces of the puzzle to the success of an organization or business. And so we decided to provide our services to the best of our abilities, in order to fulfill your requirements regarding matters such as consultation for your business, through our public events department, introducing to you a new outlook towards attending International exhibitions, individually specialized for you to meet our standards in consultation and research projects.

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With the notation of such high demand in industrial, economic and educational divisions in different societies, Maadico ® utilizes its professional team and its highly useful experience from different arrays of projects, to be able to act as a consultant alongside private of state-owned organizations in different societies, and to provide the specialized services required to transcend those organizations.
With trusting in its slogan: "One friend, One world", Maadico ® believes it can presently act as an effective friend for the development of different organizations and companies and to design and pave their way to success as a consulting friend.
The company headquarters of Maadico ® are located in Germany and the company has, to this day, had substantial interactions with a variety of companies around the globe.
Also, with Germany being at the forefront industrial development for consecutive years and with a large number of international exhibitions taking place within and a considerable number of business trips, it is considered one of the main hubs for industrial and economic connections and interactions of the world.
Using a professional team with up-to date knowledge and its vast international connections, Maadico ® provides its customers the possibility of trust and to be able to enjoy the professional assistance of a friend.

What makes Us different
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