Legal Department

Legal Department

Command Your Next Move

For many years, we have witnessed that different companies and organizations in their international businesses have different cases that have been created due to the lack of skilled lawyers and legal advisers who are familiar with international trade law and also unfamiliar with the strategic goals of the company. They have slowed down the development process of companies, caused a lot of financial losses or their failure.

The Importance of Legal Counsel

Today, successful companies in the world are always consulting with the best legal teams to overcome various legal barriers to investing, obtaining operating licenses, opening foreign branches, international trade, paying various taxes and financial transfers. Multinationals in business consulting firms. Exchanging and acquiring information in the field of commercial law is a very important part of the performance of companies that intend to offer their goods and services to their customers internationally. All companies are willing to take the appropriate steps without any obstacles or legal hassles.

What We Offer

Because for companies and managers who have big aspirations, risk-taking is an integral part of the business path and Maadico’s mission and goal is to pave the way for achieving the goals for its customers. Therefore, we decided to give peace and security to our clients by creating the Maadico Legal Department and the presence of the best lawyers and consultants to accompany and provide security, and to reduce their business risk as much as possible.

Legal Solutions Tailor-made for You!

Maadico Legal Specialists, who work closely with the consulting team, provide the following services to our clients in the Legal-Commercial Department of the company:

1- Establishment of commercial companies
2- Consulting and support in the fields of taxation and insurance
3- Practical support of contract agreements
4- Consulting in the field of company risk management
5- Consulting in the internal legal affairs of the company
6- Accompanying business teams in negotiations

Consult with our highly motivated and professional Team

Maadico ® professionals, after having obtained suitable and complete knowledge of your business and its endeavors, and having made a complete and thorough diagnosis of its system, will begin to understand your company’s goals and aspirations and assess its priorities. Team Maadico ® will accompany and assist you at will, through all the business meetings and will help guide you towards the best possible choices for a most productive of collaborations to be made, and a most desirable of results to be had.