About Us

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Who We Are

Maadico is an international consulting company in Cologne, Germany. This company provides services in different areas for firms so they will be able to interact with each other. But specifically, raising the level of knowledge and technology in various companies and assisting their presence in European markets is an aim for which Maadico has developed a conclusive strategy. The services you can receive from Maadico include: getting help from international business consultants, facilitating participation in German exhibitions, teaching the principles of export and import and its facilitation, legal consulting, branding and marketing consulting and also assisting in doing the best trade in Germany and Europe.

Make your future brighter

Maadico shares the latest technologies and achievements with you and also allows you to participate in the latest seminars and exhibitions with international certifications.

What we offer

Due to the high demand in the industrial, economic and educational sectors in different communities, using its professional team and its very useful experiences from different sets of projects, Maadico can act as a consultant alongside private government organizations in different communities and provide services the expertise needed to go beyond those organizations. Trusting in its motto: “One friend, one world”, Maadico believes that it can act as an effective friend for the development of various organizations and companies, and as a consultant, it can design and pave the way for their success. Maadico’s head office is located in Germany and the company has had significant interactions with various companies around the world to date. Also, due to the fact that Germany has been at the forefront of industrial development for consecutive years, and by holding many international exhibitions and a significant number of business trips, it is considered one of the main poles of communication and industrial and economic interactions in the world. Using a professional team with up-to-date knowledge and extensive international connections, Maadico provides its customers with the possibility of trusting and benefiting from the professional help of a friend.

Let's make it happen

After getting proper and complete information about your business and its efforts and fully diagnosing its system, Maadico specialists will begin to understand your company’s goals and aspirations and evaluate its priorities. Maadico team accompanies you in all business meetings and helps you to make the best possible choices for the best cooperation and the best results.

Event creation and coordination

Maadico organizes private coordinated meetings and events between companies eager to build sustainable international business relationships. And our motivated and professional team will be with you every step of the way.

What makes us different?

Over the years, Maadico has always considered the lack of international relations and the lack of proper use of the experiences of successful and innovative companies as one of the missing pieces of the puzzle for the success of an organization or business. Therefore, we decided to offer our services to the best of our ability to meet your needs in matters such as consulting for your business through the public events department, introducing a new perspective to attending international exhibitions in a specialized manner. So that you meet our standards in consulting and research projects. Maadico is also determined to provide its highly professional and structured service under the self-proclaimed name of Event Creation and Coordination, abbreviated as ECC, while employing a professional, dedicated and highly motivated team for the company to meet its needs and demands. Uses. Based on this, it serves its customers with the aim of establishing constructive collaborations and collaborations with the respective companies for consecutive years.