Our story

Our story

One of the important points in the process of transforming and developing organizations and companies, is the profound role of research, passing down knowledge to different walks of society and of course, the presence of a team of outstanding consultants, willing to assist you, through every step of the way; Being able to obtain excellent knowledge about a particular organization or business and to make a precise diagnosis. And also, being able to plan how problems are to be solved and how progress is to be made and to model a pathway through interactions and the know-how of obtaining knowledge about an equally ranked business alongside others as a model or as the second party of a contract and also knowing how to provide overall support, are of course all of vital importance and no level of obsession is considered enough for making the right choice.

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What we offer

We at Maadico ® have dedicated ourselves to providing our services to the best of our abilities, in order to fulfill your requirements regarding matters such as consultation for your business, through our public events department, introducing to you a new outlook towards attending International exhibitions, individually specialized for you to meet our standards in consultation and research projects.

Maadico ® utilizes its professional team and its highly useful experience from different arrays of projects, to be able to act as a consultant alongside private of state-owned organizations in different societies, and to provide the specialized services required to transcend those organizations.
With trusting in its slogan: "One friend, One world", Maadico ® believes it can presently act as an effective friend for the development of different organizations and companies and to design and pave their way to success as a consulting friend.

Maadico ® will accompany and assist you at will, through all the business meetings and will help guide you towards the best possible choices for a most productive of collaborations to be made, and a most desirable of results to be had.

What we offer

Event creation and coordination

Maadico ® organizes privately coordinated meetings and events between companies who are eager to create sustainable international business ties. And, our highly motivated and professional team will be beside you every step of the way.

Business matchmaking

The Maadico ® team will begin to analyze suitable and equally ranked companies, with which, potentially productive and fruitful collaborations could be had and whose goals and aspirations are the more matching to yours. After, having selected the top 3 – 5 companies, our team, provide you with the options and further introduce them.

Bench marking

Maadico ® professionals, after having obtained suitable and complete knowledge of your business and its endeavors, and having made a complete and thorough diagnosis of its system, will begin to understand your company's goals and aspirations and assess its priorities.

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Environmentally friendly

With the environmental considerations on one hand and the aspiration of introducing different companies and organizations to more modern, efficient and environmentally friendly approaches to their functionality and production, Maadico ® has always been adamant in protecting and safekeeping of the environment by employing the greenest methods to date in order to ensure our policies regarding environmental protection. And so, we move together towards a brighter and greener future of mutual collaborations, not only to offer our services, but to live together in harmony, peace and prosperity and insure it for future generations.

Environmentally friendly
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