August 2nd, 2020
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Analytica is the world’s leading trade fair for laboratory analysis, laboratory technology and biotechnology. Around 1,200 international exhibitors present pioneering innovations and marketable products at analytica. 550 renowned laboratory analytics companies present you with novel device configurations, systems, components, methods and applications for the entire value chain of analytics in industry and research. At analytica in Munich, every analyst is sure to find answers to their questions.

Laboratory analysis is considered to be an innovation driver for research and development in chemistry and in its neighboring disciplines. At analytica you get practical insights into analytics.

Of course, corresponding automation concepts and data evaluations as well as data storage and data management are also included. The focus is not only on high-end analytics, but also on routine analytics and quality assurance, as well as online and process analytics . In life sciences , in environmental research , in bio- and nanotechnology , in materials science as well as in medical research , the tools of analysis are indispensable tools for clarifying important relationships.

As the world’s most important meeting point and source of inspiration for the industry, analytica in Munich presents you with the entire spectrum of quality control in theory and practice. At analytica 2020, 240 exhibitors from the field of quality control are waiting for you to present innovative solutions and new products. You must not miss this unique abundance of exhibitors and the attractive conference and supporting program!

At analytica 2020, 240 exhibitors from all over the world give a condensed market overview of new products and devices for quality control . The exciting supporting program , the real laboratory worlds of the live labs and the top-class scientists at the analytica conference will delight visitors again.

In 5 halls with a total of 55,200 square meters you will find exactly the right place to present your company to your audience in a targeted and effective manner. As the most important marketplace in the industry, analytica unites scientists, entrepreneurs and users from all over the world. Market leaders, global players and decision-makers meet at the leading forum in the industry with trade visitors from high-investment industrial sectors as well as from research and science. Use the comprehensive stage and the powerful network for your success.

The analytica laboratory trade fair is the world’s leading trade fair for laboratory analytics, laboratory technology and biotechnology. Up-to-date laboratory requirements are the key basis for future-proof laboratory equipment. At analytica 2020, 490 exhibitors from the laboratory technology sector present the latest developments and solutions for your everyday laboratory needs.

When working in the laboratory, increasing efficiency, flexibility, minimizing costs and saving time are just as important as the constantly increasing demands on laboratory personnel. State-of-the-art and functional equipment is therefore extremely important.

Analytica is a meeting point for scientific luminaries and well-known device manufacturers from laboratory technology , analytics and biotechnology . Also this year you will meet the market leaders and aspiring start-ups at the laboratory fair, who will present their latest products and services.

At the biotechnology fair you can expect 260 life sciences, biochemistry and biotechnology companies that will present innovative solutions and new products. The experts will inform you about current developments, trends and potential in the industry as well as the corresponding equipment and system solutions.

Today, the basics of biotechnology are not only the basis for modern synthetic biology, but also for the food industry, agriculture (green biotechnology), for bio-based materials, for pharmaceutical research, for personalized and regenerative medicine.

At analytica you will find the latest trends in the biotechnology industry. Discover the diversity of biotechnology. …

Tissue engineering and 3D bioprinting open up undreamt-of potential for tissue and organ research. After Lab-on-a-Chip, Organ-on-a-Chip has become a reality. Functional organ structures allow novel in vivo treatments. Microfluidics enable the functionality of physiologically active cells on a chip. Bone marrow chips, bone chips or good chips have long been discussed.

At analytica you will find out first-hand in which direction biotechnology will develop in the future.

From laboratory planning to sample logistics to data management, digital technologies will revolutionize the laboratory world – experts agree. Which new opportunities the change actually opens up, however, often remains vague even for industry experts. In the special exhibition Digital Transformation, analytica therefore shows in concrete terms how everyday laboratory work will change. The special show in Hall B2 consists of an action area and a forum.

“The key issues in the laboratory of the future are digitization, miniaturization and automation,” explains Dr. Felix Lenk, head of the SmartLab Systems research group at the Technical University of Dresden.Together with his team, he organizes and designs the action area on the subject of Labor 4.0 at analytica 2020. A total of 17 industrial partners have been won over, who are working together for the first time to implement lab-of-the-future workflows. This includes companies such as eppendorf, Düperthal, LAUDA, Merck, Mettler Toledo, Olympus and innovative start-ups

They show two complex laboratory workflows in the center of the action area in alternating demonstrations. For this, the area is rebuilt several times a day. “The laboratory of the future must be able to adapt flexibly to new tasks. We are demonstrating how this can work in practice, ”explains Dr. Steering. This structure includes robotic arms that support the laboratory staff in manual tasks. Semi-transparent data glasses, so-called mixed reality glasses, make information and data easily available. The networked equipment – including pipettes, dispensers, pumps, scales and centrifuges – guarantees a fully digitized and standardized workflow. All data come together in a digital laboratory book.

Six smaller hands-on workflows are grouped around this central workflow. Visitors can actively intervene there and try out laboratory-of-the-future processes. These workflows show, for example, networked temperature controls in bioprocesses, digitized optical analyzes and the control of exothermic reactions.

In order to guarantee the flexibility of the smart laboratories, honeycomb modules are used on the analytica, which can be put together again and again. The design has proven to be advantageous for use in the laboratory in the developer scene in recent years because it enables particularly space-saving combinations. For analytica, the honeycomb modules are equipped with extensive technology and equipped with interfaces that make them universally connectable. analytica visitors experience the most flexible laboratory of the future concept worldwide.

The Action Area is complemented by the Digital Transformation Forum. In lectures and discussion groups, manufacturers, associations and institutions provide an overview of the current status and future possible uses of digitization in the laboratory on all days of the fair.

“We anticipate that the digitization trend will continue to occupy the laboratory industry in the coming years and will be the focus again at analytica 2022,” says analytica project manager Susanne Grödl. Visitors can then benefit from special synergies: Because of the busy schedule, analytica 2022 will take place on the Munich exhibition center at the same time as automatica, the world’s leading trade fair for intelligent automation and robotics. Automatica, the leading event in the automation and robotics industry, occupies seven halls with over 900 exhibitors and more than 45,000 visitors. 



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