July 30th, 2020
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Baby clothing refers to clothing that is designed for the children belonging to the age group of 0 to 36 months and has a length of 86 meter. In the earlier years, baby clothing which the babies wore was generally made up by the parents. However, in the later years, retailers decided to produce children’s goods which resulted in significant rise in the sales of the baby clothing. Changing lifestyle, increase in the women working population has increased the consciousness among the population regarding proper presentation of their babies. Therefore the market of baby clothing is growing significantly. Product innovation in order to develop new styles due to continuous demand among the consumers has become a key success for the baby clothing manufacturers.

The global baby clothing market has been segmented on the basis of materials, types and distribution channel. On the basis of materials, the global baby clothing market has been segmented into cotton baby clothing, wool baby clothing, and silk baby clothing. Cotton based baby clothing are popular among the population due to the comfort. Silk-based baby clothing also occupied a significant market share due to the rising demand for the fashionable wear coupled with the inclination towards the proper presentation of their babies in different occasions. Proper baby clothing is considered as the cultural and social practice among the parents in order to depict richness and difference in social classes. By different types, the global market of baby clothing has been segmented into innerwear, outerwear, nightwear, socks and tights. The baby clothing market has been further segmented on the basis of distribution channels such as online distribution channel and offline distribution channel. The offline baby clothing distribution channel is further segmented on the basis of supermarkets, hypermarkets and independent retail stores. Rising internet facilities and easy convenience have resulted in rising in popularity of online baby clothing distribution channel over the years.

The global baby clothing market is mainly driven by an increase in demand for the branded apparel among the population. Increase in income and changing life style of the parents is seen to benefit the baby clothing manufacturers on a larger scale. Parents too want their kids to move with the current trend and thus this is driving the global baby clothing market over the years. Brand preference of baby clothing has become a major market trend in recent years. Media and promotion of designer baby clothing coupled with visual merchandising at different supermarkets are also considered as some of the major drivers of the global baby clothing market. However, changing fashion trends and a continuous shift in consumer tastes and preferences has resulted in rising costs of the raw materials of the baby clothing over the years. Thus, rising costs of baby clothing production are creating a negative impact upon the global baby clothing market. Additionally, the rise in demand for designer baby clothing, discounts provided on the fashionable wear by different baby clothing manufacturers is generating opportunities to the global baby clothing market. Parents are more inclined towards designer baby clothing due to the rise in number of baby fashion shows in specific occasions.

In the region wise study, the global baby clothing market has been segmented into North America, Europe, Asia Pacific Middle East, Africa and Latin America. Asia Pacific region which includes China, India, Japan, and Australia among others is anticipated to experience the fastest growth of baby clothing market during the forecast period due to the rising number of birth rates and changing lifestyle among the population. Moreover rising living standards with the increase in income, rise in the women working population are expected to boost the global baby clothing market of Asia Pacific region. Europe which includes France, Germany, and Italy among the other regions is expected to capture a significant baby clothing market share due to the inclination towards fashionable clothing among the parents for their babies.

Global key participants in the baby clothing industry include Carter, Disney Consumer Products, Bed Bath and Beyond, Esprit Holdings, Marcy’s Sears Holdings among others.

BABYWELT is THE PLACE TO BE right now, because it’s the most successful and largest consumer show for the new mums and baby segment anywhere in the DACH region. This year we are celebrating our 10th anniversary and we are creating a lot of new ideas to respond to the needs of the booming baby industry.

In 2017, more than 970 exhibitors met more than 100.000 visitors at the BABYWELT show in nine German-Austrian metropolitan regions: Hamburg, Frankfurt, Dresden, Essen, Munich, Berlin and Stuttgart and Dornbirn as the center of the Bodensee region. In 2019 the succesful baby show is going to capture one more location: Cologne

The Who’s Who of the baby and infants sector, together with favourite regional brands! International and national players, local traders and individual retailers of the segments pregnancy, baby and kids are united at our show.

BABYWELT offers the perfect platform for your business to increase brand awareness, retail sales and capture data. Join us and engage with a highly emotional public who spend freely and frequently, invigorate your B2B contacts and enjoy a professional level of trade show support services, just as you want them!

BABYWELT combines international and national players, regional retailers and individual service providers from all sectors involved in the areas of pregnancy, baby and child. Be a part of it and meet an emotional, affluent audience with high expectations, who also value a high information content and high quality. In 2018, BABYWELT attracted a total of more than 970 exhibitors who were able to converse with over 106,000 visitors.. We‘re expanding: In 2019, BABYWELT will also take place in Cologne and in Vienna and Nuremberg in 2020.



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