September 1st, 2020
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The number of enterprises in the UK broad construction sector amounted to 449,775 in 2016, a 7.3% increment over 2010-2016, mainly driven by the 32.1% increase in the number of architectural and engineering companies. Despite dropping in 2012, production in construction has been increasing ever since, being 11.3% above the 2010 level in 2016. Namely, production in construction of buildings and production in civil engineering experienced an increasing trend over 2010-2016. The number of workers in the broad construction sector experienced a slight decline over 2010-2016 (-4.8%), whereas profitability recovered from the effects of the crisis, with the turnover and gross operating surplus growing by 44.6% (EUR 489,704) and by 88.4% (EUR 134.8 billion) over 2010-2016, respectively.

The UK housing market experienced a boom and bust cycle, with the house price index in the country increasing by 24.3% between 2010 and 2016 with the greatest rise was recorded in East Anglia (+5.0), outnumbering the pre-crisis level. Consequently, the UK is facing a housing shortage and affordability issues with the need for additional housing has been estimated at 232,000 to 300,000 new units per year. To tackle these challenges, the government plans to deliver 400,000 affordable housing units by 2020-21, 100,000 of which financed through a new GBP 2.3 billion (EUR 2.7 billion) Housing Infrastructure Fund.

The government’s objectives and priorities for future infrastructure investment are defined in the National Infrastructure Delivery Plan 2016-2021: 721 planned public and private infrastructural projects are detailed in the new National Infrastructure and Construction Pipeline, with a total value of over GBP 500 million (EUR 586). The new GBP 23 billion (EUR 26.8 billion) National Productivity Investment Fund will also finance investments in infrastructure, housing and research and development (R&D) over 2017-2022.

BAU 2021 offers over 200,000 square meters of materials, technologies and systems for commercial, residential and interior construction in new and existing buildings. All state of the art technology in the international construction industry. The offer is structured according to building materials, product and subject areas.

Exchanging ideas and experiencing new things from the craft sector has always been the goal and added value of the craft meeting point. In recent years, halls B6 and C6 with the “Building chemistry / construction tools” areas have always burst at the seams, but the meeting point for handicrafts was not based there due to the lack of exhibition space.

Fortunately, that changed at BAU 2019. The first time the new halls were used, the construction chemicals and the construction tools area were separated from each other and the craft meeting point moved from Hall B0 into the center of the construction tools, into the new Hall C6. Every craftsman enters this hall during his visit, be it because he is looking for a specific product or because he wants to try out the latest tools.

This is why the meeting point for crafts has reinvented itself, was significantly larger and had a lot more new items on offer. The Konradin media group had created a suitable supporting program, which covered everything from classic topics to digitization in the craft sector. Well-known experts gave valuable impulses, suggestions and tips for practical implementation in your own company.

BAU 2019 again achieved top values. On an area of ​​200,000 square meters for the first time, 2,250 exhibitors (2017: 2,120) from 45 countries showed their products and solutions in the construction industry. 250,000 visitors and 85,000 of them for the first time from abroad (2017: 80,500) from over 150 countries underline the importance of BAU as the world’s leading trade fair for architecture, materials and systems. With almost 70,000 participants, every fourth visitor came from the fields of architecture, engineering and planning.

Trade fair managing director Reinhard Pfeiffer looks back with great satisfaction at BAU 2019: “The strong visitor interest in the areas of building automation and BAU-IT shows that digitization is picking up speed and has finally arrived in the construction industry. With our key themes for BAU 2019, we already focused on digital change in advance. “

From the exhibitor’s point of view, Dieter Schäfer, chairman of the BAU exhibitor advisory board, also drew a positive balance: “BAU 2019 was a very successful trade fair for the exhibitors. There are two main reasons for this. On the one hand, the quality and internationality of visitors have increased further. In addition, Messe München has occupied the expanded exhibition area from a visitor perspective and thus further developed the unique themed world of BAU. “

The survey by the opinion research institute Gelszus also shows how satisfied the exhibitors at BAU 2019 were. There, 97 percent rated the fair as excellent to good. Their leading trade fair character is recognized by 95 percent. 94 percent of the exhibitors gave top marks for the quality, 92 percent for the internationality of the visitors. 94 percent of the exhibitors rated the current economic situation as excellent to good (2017: 91 percent).

Austria, Switzerland and Italy are once again at the top of BAU’s visitor ranking. Thanks to strong growth, the Russian Federation came in fourth and fifth for the first time with over 4,000 and China with over 3,500 visitors.

Cathrine Lee, Deputy General Manager Africa / Europe at KIN LONG, attributes the positive visitor result from China to BAU’s commitment: “The successful fenestration BAU China ensures that this year we have significantly more visitors from Asia and especially from China welcomed our stand. “

For the first time, Israel is also among the top 10 visitor countries. A large joint stand from Israel also enriched the IT hall.

The survey of visitors remained stable at the highest level. As in 2017, 98 percent of visitors rated BAU as “excellent to good”, 97 percent want to come back in two years. The visitors gave top marks in particular for the breadth and completeness of the offer (96 percent “excellent to good”) and for the presence of the market leaders (95 percent).

In view of the increasing importance of digitization in the construction industry, Messe München presented the new trade fair concept digitalBAU together with the Federal Association of Building Software (BVBS) as part of the BAU. BVBS Managing Director Michael Fritz is firmly convinced of the success of the new event: “We see a high demand from all providers of digital applications to establish another trade fair in addition to the extremely successful BAU. Planners, building contractors and tradesmen have to inform themselves about the upcoming requirements and with digitalBAU we offer an excellent opportunity for that. ” The digitalBAU will take place for the first time from February 11th to 13th, 2020 in Cologne.

A new exhibition area and a key theme of this year’s BAU were building technologies and lighting in Hall C2. In addition to linking different applications in the home, house and office, the focus was also on the different aspects and influences of lighting on architecture. Adalbert Neumann, CEO of Busch-Jaeger Elektro, is very satisfied: “We were able to show many architects that our comprehensive solution portfolio offers enormous added value. The future is digital and we are working on it. BAU is a great platform for presenting this to the public. ”

BAU 2019 was opened by Gunther Adler, State Secretary in the Federal Ministry of the Interior, for Construction and Home (BMI). In his speech, he emphasized both the importance of the construction industry and the trade fair: “BAU 2019 is the most important exhibition of the German and international construction industry. This is where the German construction industry shows its high level of innovation. ”After a tour of the exhibition, the State Secretary opened the BMI conference“ Efficient, high-quality and digital – ways into tomorrow’s building ”.

Under the motto “We connect, we maximize, we inspire”, the Digital Village in Hall C5 brought digital initiatives from the construction industry together with current developments in the software industry for the first time. In addition, start-ups were given the opportunity to present their business concepts. As part of digitalBAU 2020, the Digital Village is entering its second round.

Dieter Schäfer, chairman of the exhibitor advisory board at BAU and chairman of the board of Deutsche Steinzeug Cremer & Breuer AG:
“BAU 2019 was a very successful fair for the exhibitors. There are two main reasons for this. On the one hand, the quality and internationality of visitors have increased even further. In addition, BAU has expanded the fair from a visitor perspective and thus further developed the unique themed world. For Deutsche Steinzeug as one of the few architectural ceramics manufacturers worldwide, BAU is a must and we are very satisfied with how the fair went. ”

Martin J. Hörmann, personally liable partner, Hörmann Group:
“We are again very satisfied with the way the BAU trade fair went. We have once again presented numerous product innovations in the fields of gates, doors, frames and drives, and we have received a lot of approval for them. One of the highlights was our expanded stand area, on which we showed our new product area access control systems for the first time. The Schörghuber company, which belongs to the Hörmann Group, also has a consistently positive trade fair record. The special door manufacturer from Ampfing, near Munich, presented new product solutions and design variants, including in the area of ​​functional doors for fire, smoke and noise protection. “

Gunther Adler, State Secretary at the Federal Ministry of the Interior, for construction and home:
“BAU 2019 is the most important exhibition for the German and international construction industry. This is where the German construction industry shows its high level of innovation. “

Christina Degle, Marketing Project Manager, BayWa AG:
“We are pleased about the large number of new contacts. We were able to convey many new service topics to our interested parties. We are already looking forward to BAU 2021! “

Adalbert M. Neumann, CEO of Busch-Jaeger Elektro GmbH:
“The fair was very successful for us. Busch-Jaeger was able to show many architects that our comprehensive solution portfolio offers enormous added value. It is about the perfectly staged coexistence of various components that make living and living comfortable and safe for the residents. The future is digital and we are working on it. BAU is a great platform for presenting this to the public. ”

Marushka Frandgie, Head of Communication, DEVISUBOX:
“BAU has enabled us to reach new customers in Germany and abroad. We were able to fully meet the goal of introducing our real-time construction site management and BIM integration to new customers. “

Martin, Möllmann, Head of Marketing, Dyckerhoff GmbH:
“BAU offers excellent framework conditions for a very successful trade fair week. This trade fair is an important meeting point for everyone involved in the hardware store and is therefore an integral part of our calendar. At BAU you can get professional information and expand your network in just a few days. “

Camille Denans, International Business Development, ELCIA:
“As a leading provider of software solutions for windows, doors and sun protection in France, BAU has been the ideal opportunity for us to present our products outside of France and especially in Germany. We were able to make numerous new contacts and are therefore very satisfied. ”

Juan Cassells, project manager in the building materials sector, Esmalglass Itaca Group:
“The trade fair is even better than 2017. This is where the industry meets: We were able to win new potential customers and meet existing customers. Our new products were very well received. We will definitely take part again in 2021. ”

Thorgen Juettner, Head of Sales, Festool GmbH:
“At BAU we have the opportunity to present our innovations to a wide variety of construction workers at the beginning of the year. We are very satisfied with the visitor interest at our booth and will participate in BAU again as an exhibitor in two years. ”

Peter Taschner, Head of Key Account Management, Gira Giersiepen GmbH & Co:
“We are more than satisfied with how BAU went. We are very pleased that many international customers from the field of architecture have come to Munich. In the past six days of the fair, we were able to inform interested parties about our current products and innovations relating to the topic of “Smart Home” – the demand for this was very high. “

Dr. Eberhard Stegner, Managing Director, Graphisoft Deutschland GmbH:
“We will definitely be there again in 2021. BAU is a perfect start to the year. The visitors are even more international this year, as are our guests at the booth who came from all over Europe and overseas. ”

Eugen Breitschaft, Head of Marketing / Communication, Gretsch-Unitas:
“We had very high quality contacts at BAU 2019. The proportion of international visitors has increased again. For us an all-round successful trade fair. “

Jürgen Benitz-Wildenburg, Head of PR & Communication, ift Rosenheim Institute for Window Technology:
“BAU is a very important trade fair for us because construction experts from all over the world and all areas of construction come to Munich. It was clear to all visitors that there is no way around the smart home trend. That is why developers, product engineers and managing directors from the window, door and facade industry, as well as journalists, came to the ift special show “Components TripleS to inform themselves objectively and neutrally.”

Cathrine Lee, Deputy General Manager Africa / Europe, KIN LONG:
“We are very happy to have been part of BAU 2019. The fair is a big competition in the field of materials and tools in the construction sector. The successful fenestration BAU China ensures that we were able to welcome significantly more visitors from Asia and especially from China to our stand this year. ”

Dr. Dorothee Strunz, Managing Director, LAMILUX Heinrich Strunz Group:
“We are absolutely satisfied with this year’s BAU. We are particularly impressed by the impressive range of innovative strength and the immense variety of products. The new mix of topics and hall layout was particularly successful this year. BAU sets the tone and is at the cutting edge. That is why we will be exhibiting again in 2021. “

Romain Cottet, Export Sales Manager, MABI:
“BAU 2019 was excellent. We are very proud to have attended the world’s leading trade fair for architecture, materials and systems. As a manufacturer of devices for prevention and sustainable building renovation, we had the opportunity to come into contact with customers from the USA, Australia and Russia. ”

Dr. Uwe Gruber, Managing Director, MAPEI:
“We are very satisfied with the way the fair went, as we were able to present our new products and also make numerous new international contacts. BAU as the leading trade fair is very important to us. “

Laura Fleig, Head of Communication, Marquises:
“BAU was a great opportunity to show our industrial know-how and to inform us about the development of the sun protection industry. BAU has helped increase the visibility of our company and enabled us to meet potential and existing customers. “

Hubert Gehring, Sales Manager Germany, Metabo:
“BAU 2019 was a great success for us because we were able to present our new battery interface CAS (Cordless Alliance System) to a large specialist audience. The response to our booth was excellent. “

Daniel Csillag, CEO, NEVARIS:
“We are thrilled with this year’s BAU. The success of our stand shows us that our market-leading software solutions from the construction site to the office meet the zeitgeist and inspire our customers. It is not without reason that we chose this leading trade fair to present our completely revised corporate design and our new app for the construction to a broad public. The positive feedback was overwhelming and the number of promising contacts was extraordinary. ”

Didier Chabardes, Export Manager, Prodex Elastomeres:
“BAU remains an excellent opportunity to meet potential customers and partners from all over the world. Participation in the construction is also a performance feature as it also means an increase in export sales. “

Klaus Sigl, Managing Director, SiglLicht GmbH:
“As a lighting manufacturer, we are exhibitors in the new area” Building Technology and Light “in Hall C2. At our booth, we informed visitors about our top-class product portfolio of designer lights and lighting systems. BAU is a great and very diverse trade fair. “

Thomas Lauritzen, Head of Corporate Coordination, Schüco International KG:
“Compared to BAU 2017, visitor interest in our products has increased even more and the number of international guests, especially from Asia, has increased significantly. The topic of digitization has determined this year’s BAU and has now arrived in the industry. “

Philippe Crez, Deputy Managing Director, Silvadec:
“BAU is one of the most important components of our global marketing strategy, also thanks to its central position in Europe. We already had a very good response to our new products at the beginning of the year. ”

Andreas Wilbrand, Managing Director, Sopro Bauchemie GmbH:
“We are extremely satisfied with how the fair went. BAU, with its concentrated presence of all major industrial representatives on the building, has once again proven to be the international show of performance. On a further enlarged stand area and with an attractive stage show, we were able to present all of our innovations to our customers in a targeted manner, such as a new tile adhesive for laying large formats or standard-compliant seals for private and public areas. ”

Lutz Vöing, Marketing Director DACH, Tarkett Holding GmbH:
“Our goals for BAU 2019 were achieved and even exceeded in many areas. BAU is set as the number one trade fair for Tarkett. We’ll be back in 2021. ”

Dietmar Bernert, Director Strategic Corporate Accounts, Trimble:
“For Trimble, BAU is the leading trade fair for software and hardware solutions for the construction industry in the German-speaking region. For us, it is the meeting point for the industry to enter into dialogue with customers as well as innovative companies and providers. We will be there again in 2021. ”

Esther Ribas, Marketing Manager, Velcro Europe SA:
“BAU is the most important event for the international construction industry. The fair was a great opportunity to showcase our new products and deepen relationships. Thousands of international customers came to us, including from Saudi Arabia, America, Israel and Singapore. The frequency at our booth was really excellent. We are looking forward to 2021! “

If you want to be successful as a craftsman, you always have to face the latest challenges. BAU gives the best overview of practical innovations. Here world market leaders, proven medium-sized companies but also innovative newcomers present their proven and their latest products. Really tangible.



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