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Bauen + Wohnen

September 1st, 2020
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The European population is becoming more highly educated, wealthier and less focused on basic needs. This will increasingly change the buying motives of European consumers: home products need to express your identity and/or must give you a good feeling. Therefore, home product concepts have to appeal to the senses and possess functional dimensions in order to cater to specific target groups in the European market (e.g. young people, baby boomers or city dwellers). Adapt your home products to new types of domestic arrangement Europe’s population will continue to relocate to urban areas over the next decade.

While urbanization rates are slowing down in Western European countries, Eastern European countries are undergoing rapid expansion in terms of urban population. Owing to this development, traditional family structures and relationships are changing in favor of new and more fragmented ways of sharing a home, especially in the urban centers. In European urban areas, there are numerous types of domestic relationship and ways of living together, ranging from one person households, single-sex households to multi-generation households, for example with a grandmother living in to look after the grandchildren while their parents are working. New communication channels requiring transparency among DC exporters In 2012, 73% of Europe’s population had access to the internet.

18.10.18, Hannover , Foto: Henning Scheffen INFA 2018 HENNING SCHEFFEN PHOTOGRAPHY MOBIL: 01773193050 . WWW.SCHEFFEN.DE info@SCHEFFEN.DE Friedrich-Engels-Str. 31 30880 Laatzen Region Hannover / Niedersachsen / GERMANY

 This figure continues to grow as Eastern Europe’s population is connecting to the internet in increasing numbers. The result is one of consumers who are more aware of what is going on worldwide. This means that it has become easier for consumers to compare and review your products or the way you do business. However, they are also increasingly open to inspiring stories from the other side of the world. The marketing of home products, traditionally the domain of brand and PR-driven communication, is now gradually gearing itself towards consumer referral and reviews. More and more companies are seeking to either enhance or establish their CSR programs to do business with a purpose. Social media has become an increasingly important part of business marketing and client base development platform. In the future, this development will be increasingly important.

Over the past few decades, Chinese manufacturers have started to compete on a global level, profiting from a well-established infrastructure and low production costs. Increasingly, Chinese wholesalers will be running their own exports to Europe. These Chinese wholesalers will form partnerships with other DC exporters, resulting in increased competition with European importers/ wholesalers for DC suppliers. Apart from catering to the global market for home products, China is also becoming a destination market for Chinese manufacturers. This will have consequences on the focus of Chinese manufacturers. In the future, it is anticipated that Chinese manufacturers will focus more on sales in their domestic market and give less attention to Western buyers of home products. Chinese manufacturers will no longer be willing to supply to every European importer. This means that European importers will be seeking out alternative suppliers in the region to replace Chinese suppliers.

infa 2019 bauen Foto: Fachausstellungen Heckmann/Florian Arp infa 2019 bauen Foto: Fachausstellungen Heckmann/Florian Arp

After building is before setting up. And that’s where the theme of living and ambience comes into play! Discover the latest interior trends for living rooms, kitchens, bedrooms and more in Hall 20/21.

A real highlight for do-it-yourselfers is the large tool world of the Braunschweig-based company Ohlendorf. Here you will find the world market leaders for tool manufacturers all under one roof – e.g. Toro, Proxxon, Festool, Dewalt or Makita.

The special thing about it: You can try out all the tools – including impact drills, cordless screwdrivers, jigsaws, jackhammers and much more – on site under expert guidance.

The Association of Carpenters in Lower Saxony / Bremen traditionally organizes the “The Good Form” competition at Build + Live. In the exhibition, the best young carpenters show their outstanding journeyman’s pieces – in exceptional design and of high quality.

Infa Presse Wohnen und Ambiente Foto: Fachausstellungen Heckmann/Arp

Become part of it! How? As an infa visitor, you can rate all exhibits. Your rating will then be included in the final placement. And you can also attend the award ceremony! This takes place on the last infa day at 4 p.m. in the exhibition area. The winner moves on one round and can compete at the state level.

One of the highlights in the building sector is the special show by the Landesmarketingfonds Holz Niedersachsen . Here you will find a completely built single-family house in timber frame construction. There is also information and competent advice on all aspects of the natural material wood, its possible uses and sustainable building. Numerous co-exhibitors also present useful additions such as suitable windows, doors, floors and much more.

The Moccamaker” offers Moroccan coffee and tea specialties as well as small treats in its lovingly furnished oriental café in the Bazaar of the Nations. With Bedouin tents, floor cushions and detailed oriental decoration, his café creates a place of relaxation in an original Moroccan ambience. Just the thing to take in the hustle and bustle of the bazaar with a delicious mocha!

infa 2019 Wohnen und Ambiente Foto: Fachausstellungen Heckmann/Arp infa 2019 Wohnen und Ambiente Foto: Fachausstellungen Heckmann/Arp

Italy is at home in Piazza Italia, the heart of the bazaar! Here visitors will find everything they need for “la dolce vita”: Italian leather goods and fashion, wines, market stalls with culinary specialties such as cheese, salami, ham, antipasti or pralines, an Italian café with cakes and coffee specialties and of course real Italian ice cream !

Healthy nutrition is the key to personal well-being. Even at infa balance, visitors do not have to do without a conscious and balanced diet. In the veggie café in the middle of infa balance, physical well-being is taken care of: with vegan and vegetarian curries, organic ice cream, fair trade coffee and much more. Be veggie! Be organic!

18.10.18, Hannover , Foto: Henning Scheffen..INFA 2018…HENNING SCHEFFEN PHOTOGRAPHY.MOBIL: 01773193050 . 31.30880 Laatzen .Region Hannover / Niedersachsen / GERMANY.

Founders, start-ups, students, renowned companies and brand manufacturers present their very special products, latest trends and innovative ideas to you in the new special area AAA. The best thing about it: You can touch, try, question and test everything. You can also evaluate the products and ideas presented like a jury and thus promote the step into sales.



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