July 30th, 2020
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The new millennium is producing, confirming and extending complex, systemic challenges for the built environment and the construction industry. The profound demands of sustainable development and globalization are but two examples of changes which are transforming the strategic intent and operational activity of nations and companies. These challenges are demanding a thorough review of the assumptions on which competition and performance have been traditionally based.

The organization and management of construction is moving toward a model founded on intense, more open, interaction between parties. Performance and competitiveness is being re-conceptualized and operationalized through a systems paradigm; be it the organizational unit (for example, regional innovation systems, global alliances and partnering arrangements); the procurement regime (for example, PFI or PPP); or production (for example, off-site manufacturing). It is no longer credible to operate in a closed, linear way.

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 The era of compartmentalized contributions from different construction actors is vanishing and, in its wake, new opportunities are opening up through greater transparency and closer collaboration and cooperation.

Taking place for the twentieth time in 2022, bautec has become established as one of Germany’s leading construction industry trade events.

The focus of visitor interest was on the concept of energy-saving which integrates the building exterior with intelligent systems engineering, sustainable and energy-efficient solutions, climate protection measures and the use of state-of-the art building materials and methods.

Demand for construction stems mainly from the private, public and housing sector, whereby ever stricter stipulations as regards the implementation of sustainable and energy-efficient solutions have led to an even greater demand. The consequences of this positive trend were evident at bautec, which once again confirmed its role as one of the most important events for Europe’s construction industry.

For exhibitors and visitors, the unique benefits of bautec lie in the all-inclusive combination of products and services, a comprehensive program of theme-centered conferences and congresses, and a broad spectrum of up-to-date industry information.

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A fresh impetus for many aspects of the industry, a diverse and high quality range on offer and increased trade visitor satisfaction – after four days of bautec the verdict last Friday by exhibitors, trade visitors, politicians, associations, guilds and institutions was a positive one. Around 9 out of 10 trade visitors declared their satisfaction with their attendance at bautec 2020. Of those questioned, more than 80 per cent intend to return when the next bautec takes place in two years’ time. And over 80 per cent of trade visitors would also recommend attendance at bautec to others.

The range on offer at this year’s bautec was especially convincing: It was viewed as positive by around 9 out of 10 trade visitors and the same proportion reported having become acquainted with or having seen (very) many innovative products and services. One of the highlights was the COBOD 3D concrete printer: by presenting 3D printing live at bautec, Peri familiarized a wider public with this technology for the first time. Not only did this prove to be a major attraction for visitors attending the fair, but there was also a wide-ranging media reaction, not only in the traditional online and print media but also on social media channels.

With the introduction of new formats in the exhibition and the supporting program, this year’s bautec once again addressed current issues in the building sector. For example, up#BERLIN merged the components of planning, construction, housing and the operating of buildings for the first time at a trade show. The combination of exhibition and a technical programme with some outstanding contributors at the up#BERLIN forum proved to be highly effective: Eight out of ten visitors in Hall 4.2 were satisfied with their visit. Other events making their debut, such as the Re-Use and Recycling show and its associated Technical Forum and the first Building Influencers’ Forum also met with a very good response.

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Along with the technical program  there was also keen interest in the specialist supporting program at the various Hall Forums, which included the GRÜNBAU BERLIN Forum, metal IT and the Smart City Forum, as well as the bautec Congress with its international participants. More than 840 architects, planners and engineers attended bautec on the Thursday to learn about positions and future prospects in urban construction.                                                                     

The bautec INNOVATION AWARD ceremony took place for the second time. Votes were cast by trade visitors at bautec. The bautec BEARs 2020 for the products and system solutions that trade visitors considered to be the most innovative were won by Georg Fischer for its Hycleen Automation System (1st place), Ulrich Brunner for its heat pump stove heating (2nd place) and Goldbeck for its non-corroding ceiling panels made from carbon concrete (3rd place). Cosuno was awarded the special prize for innovations by start-ups, a new feature at this year’s fair. Young professionals also demonstrated how innovation and creative approaches could function. The winners of the competition “Built on IT – Careers with a future in construction” received their awards at bautec in recognition of their outstanding digital ideas and solutions on the topic of the ”Innovative Construction Industry”. The creators of the three best concepts by young professionals in the competition “Students I Organizing I Future” received their awards during the BAKA Universities Day.

Most trade visitors at bautec 2020 were construction and installation professionals, in particular structural engineering specialists, followed by architects, planners and engineers. Almost half of the professionals visiting the fair had a significant influence on their company’s purchasing and procurement decisions. The initial results of the exhibitor survey indicated that approximately three out of four exhibitors were satisfied with the quality of trade visitors. Overall, for every ten exhibitors around seven were satisfied or very satisfied with their company’s results at bautec 2020.

Freisprechung der SHK-Lehrlinge und Meister *** Local Caption *** Absolution of SHK apprentices and master craftsmen

This year the bautec Careers Centre was much in demand again: over the four days of the fair 4,000 students and trainees came to find out about construction industry careers and relevant training opportunities from around 80 exhibitors. Numerous interactive events also invited them to test their skills.

From 18 to 21 February 425 exhibitors from 19 countries showcased the latest building and construction technology trends and developments on the Berlin Exhibition Grounds. More than 31,000 visitors attended this year’s bautec. The next bautec will take place from 22 to 25 February 2022.



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