September 3rd, 2020
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Berlin is Germany’s fashion capital with more than 2,800 companies and 25,400 people employed! Encouraged by the proximity to the creative industries and important related markets, the number of fashion businesses has grown more than 30% since 2000. Numerous shopping miles and flagship stores for international brands draw fashion fans and tourists from around the world.

2006 Berlin became the first German city to be awarded the title “City of Design” by the UN cultural organization, UNESCO. This distinction has made Berlin part of the “Creative Cities” network alongside cities like Buenos Aires, Edinburgh, and Shanghai.

  • More than 7,000 design companies generate about 5.8 billion euros in annual sales with roughly 39,000 employees.
  • Around 800 designers offer a spectrum of high price couture from Green Fashion to Streetwear, from individual pieces to full collections.
  • Twice a year, Berlin Fashion Week turns the capital into an international stage for fashion and lifestyle and a platform for a wide range of brands.
  • Modern order centers and showrooms offer out of the ordinary show space for wholesale.
  • Fashion tech and wearables also get their due in Berlin: More than 50 companies and young digital startups are reviving the business and breaking down industry boundaries. (Check out ElektroCouture, Wear It Berlin, Lizzy Berlin, Lukso, ZyseMe, Kobakant, Moon Berlin, Colorfy, VOJD Studios, among others.) 
  • Berlin has the most training locations for fashion in Europe. Each year roughly 300 graduates complete their training at Berlin’s thirdteen fashion schools.
  • Berlin stands for talent: Many prizes for young talented designers are awarded here.
  • Together with Atomleap, the Berlin Senate Department is organizing the Smart Wearables x Textiles Accelerator to pave the way for innovative products and business models.

Berlin is the political decision-making capital of Germany. The most important national industry associations and international corporations are located here.

Berlin lies at the heart of the EU economic region with its 25 nations and 450 million inhabitants. The city functions as a strategic stepping stone between East and West. Over 200 institutions facilitate easy access to the emerging markets of Central and Eastern Europe, which are of particular interest to the fashion industry.

Berlin is a cosmopolitan city with a population of 3.4 million. Citizens from over 180 countries live in the capital and contribute signifi cantly to its creative and inspiring atmosphere. Over 1,500 cultural events take place here every day alongside an exciting nightlife and a lively alternative music and art scene. Over 170 museums, 150 stages, 11 symphony orchestras and 300 cinemas make Berlin one of the world’s foremost cultural cities.

Berliners are surrounded by nature. One-fourth of the city’s surface is made up of water, forest and parks. From renovated city neighborhoods to noble villas at the water’s edge, the region offers attractive residential spaces at reasonable prices. Whether it be water sports, golfi ng or inline skating, everyone’s favourite hobbies are available in Berlin.

Berlin’s scientific, research and cultural landscape is unique in Europe. The city’s creative atmosphere attracts young professionals from all fields of the fashion industry. In Berlin, the crossover of fashion, music, design, fi lm and art becomes reality. Trend-setting products, services and business ideas emerge every day. The culture industry in Berlin regularly produces a turnover of over eight billion euro.

Behind the blickfang design fairs and the associated online shop is a team of twenty people who have one thing in common: we are passionate about good design. Regardless of whether we are responsible for juggling the practical questions of the trade fair organization, chasing new talent at international trade fairs or making good design accessible in the blickfang design shop 24/7. We founded the international design fair blickfang 25 years ago and are now the largest shopping platform for independently produced design in Europe. Independent means: The designers do not work together with producers, but are responsible for their designs from the first idea to the finished product and for sales at our trade fairs or in our online shop itself. At our own trade fairs, we meet established designers and up-and-coming talents whose ideas dispel the everyday gray, pieces that we sometimes did not even know how much we miss them and which we no longer want to give away. We want to give you exactly such favorite pieces with our three-day design shopping event. 

blickfang is the largest design shopping event in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

For over 25 years, it has been held annually at seven European locations.

  •     Basel | Berne | Hamburg | Cologne | Stuttgart | Vienna | Zurich | Cologne
  •     Every year, more than 1,000 designers take part in blickfang.
  •     They work in the fields of furniture, products, fashion and jewellery.
  •     You have to apply for blickfang
  •     A jury of experts will select around one third of all entries as exhibitors.
  •     Over 80,000 people visit blickfang every year.
  •     It can find its online extension at
  •     The team presents new designers and curated products every day.

Berlin is Europe’s new fashion center. The city offers unparalleled development potential to companies in the fashion industry. Over 800 trend-setting designers and labels work in the capital. The city’s prominent industry networks and trade fairs also attract a large number of experts, consumers, fashion agencies and major international players. Berlin’s unique concentration of seven fashion schools provides the high-quality education needed to train the top European designers of tomorrow. The cost of living and renting in Berlin is very favorable, especially in comparison to other fashion centers such as Paris, London and Milan. This open environment generates extraordinary creativity and all lifestlye types. Berlin is also the number one tourist destination in Europe and attracts an extensive intercontinental clientele. These shoppers come to Berlin for its unique mixture of brand name fl agship stores and small independent shops run by up-and-coming stars. Over 5.4 million people live in and around Berlin and approximately 123 million people visit the capital each year. These two groups represent an above-average spending power and an attractive market for both established designers and innovative young professionals.



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