Cologne Fine Art & Antiques

Cologne Fine Art & Antiques

August 27th, 2020
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Old art and antiques presented exceptionally well – Fresh breeze with high-profile design dealers – High quality art of the 19th and 20th centuries – Younger dealers and public

A successful, refreshing presentation for the 50th edition: COLOGNE FINE ART & DESIGN convinced with an illustrious group of dealers and high quality art, antiquities, arts and crafts and design. This was also reflected in the number of visitors. Around 20,000 visitors, collectors and art enthusiasts showed their enthusiasm for the art show, which, with a new title and expanded by the collecting area of design, offered a well-structured art journey ranging from Antiquity to the present, with high quality participants. “We were able to breathe new life into the old art and antiques segment with this year’s art fair”, Daniel Hug, Director of COLOGNE FINE ART & DESIGN emphasised. “In addition to this, the theme of design completes the offering at COLOGNE FINE ART & DESIGN and adds an important and modern aspect. We are heading in the right direction with COLOGNE FINE ART & DESIGN”, Hug continues. This was also confirmed by the exhibitors of the art fair, who unanimously praised the good atmosphere, the clearly structured and comprehensible hall planning and the strong visitor interest, including of young collectors.

That the fair still remains unabatedly committed to old art and antiques, was demonstrated by their especially prominent positioning in the front part of the hall. The segment, prominently represented by leading dealers of this segment, like Elmar Robert, meinweiss Sebastian Jacobi, Viebahn Fine Arts, Dr. Schmitz Avila or Roatzsch, was concentrated primarily in the first passage of the hall layout and shone here with select pieces from early history through the Middle Ages to Baroque, Biedermeier and Classicism.

Viebahn Fine Arts, expert for antiques, timepieces and sculptures from Rococo to Neoclassicism, has returned to COLOGNE FINE ART & DESIGN after a nine-year break. “We are pleased to be here again”, says Nils Viebahn. “Many customers came and various contacts were made.” The Worpswede dealer also hopes for follow-up business after the fair. “The appearance of the trade fair is exquisite. Hug’s concept is good and oriented to the future”, is the opinion of the antique dealer.

“We are very satisfied with the new concept”, Julian Schmitz-Avila from the art dealership Dr. Thomas Schmitz-Avila adds. “I am pleased to see new dealers in the old art and antiques segment. The Cologne location is thus set up well for the future.”

“Daniel Hug has done a fantastic job“, praises Sebastian Jacobi, who attracted a great deal of attention with his presentation of plywood chairs of the ebonist Jean-Joseph Chapuis, for which an international museum has already shown interest. “Visitors can see that something is happening here”, according to Jacobi. “We have to adopt to the viewing habits of people who travel to fairs throughout the world.” The art dealer is highly satisfied with his debut at COLOGNE FINE ART & DESIGN. “For me, success is defined by what I generate later.”

Business was “absolutely fantastic” for the Asiatic art dealer Hans-Martin Schmitz, who has been loyal to COLOGNE FINE ART & DESIGN for 50 years. The collectors were nothing less than enthusiastic. Schmitz sold the most expensive pieces among the netsuke and inro. “I view the expansion positively, because design is the connecting link between old and modern art. The new planning also makes it easier for visitors to find their way”, according to Schmitz.

“I am happy to be at the art fair”, Elmar Robert confirmed, who registered an “overwhelming response” to his presentation of carefully selected objects, like a Romanian torso from the 11th/12th century and had many conversations. “Daniel Hug is doing a great job. I also very much like the new, block-like layout of the stands.”

“The art fair is well-attended and very lively, as well as homogeneous in terms of quality”, finds Frank Oberacker, who sold Meissen porcelain and figures, as well as KPM porcelain.

“A good public, a pleasant atmosphere, attractive stands”, is how first-time exhibitor Timo Balbach summarised his impressions of COLOGNE FINE ART & DESIGN. The young antiques dealer from Münster was pleased at “good sales and a good response”.

Art and arts and crafts of the 19th and 20th centuries, including modern classics and postwar art, were also presented in close proximity to one another. Design was also perceived here as an enriching aspect.

“The expansion with design is wonderfully suited to COLOGNE FINE ART & DESIGN”, the gallery owner Manuel Ludorff finds. “The art fair is perceived as charming and exciting by our customers, and one can spend an eventful day here”. Ludorff was able to welcome collectors who were eager to buy at the opening. “The right people were there, and they sensed that the presentations had become more poignant”, the Düsseldorf art dealer noted. “The profile must be maintained. Quality is the only criterion”.

“Our customers find the development very good”, André Kirbach agrees. “The art fair is wonderful and has a lovely, modern appearance”. “The changes are noticeable and good. You can also hear this from the collectors“, Wilfried Utermann praises. The art fair participant of many years, based in Dortmund, sold, among other items, a collage by Fritz Winter, a work on paper and an oil painting by Horst Antes and a bronze sculpture by Abraham David Christian.

“We had an unbelievable number of talks”, according to Bert Schlichtenmaier. “The public is a mix of young and old, and this is important for the future.” The gallery owner was pleased at a “proper start”, where interest was shown for all artists of the programme. “A good start on the right path. Daniel Hug has done good work”, praised Schlichtenmaier. Gérard Schneider from the Galerie Francaise, also a fair participant of many years, was also of this opinion. “The art fair is very well set up and at a high level in all areas“, according to Schneider. “Daniel Hug deserves a big compliment“. “COLOGNE FINE ART & DESIGN is an important art fair that is worth visiting“, the Cologne resident Klaus Benden also finds. “High quality is offered in all areas. It pays to come here”. He is pleased to also have been able to talk with younger collectors, the gallery owner, who specialises in American Pop Art, says. “Daniel Hug taking on responsibility has done the art fair good”, Benden summarised.

The Zurich art dealer Laszlo von Vertes can sense the “fresh breeze”. “The expansion with design attracts a young public and freshens up the fair”, the specialist for modern art observed. “I am pleased that young dealers are here. That’s so important”.

“Top quality is offered at COLOGNE FINE ART & DESIGN, and the Rhine collectors are loyal”, says Thole Rotermund, who sold a graphic work by Lyonel Feininger, among others. He appreciates the new appearance of the fair and the related dynamic, reported Dierk Dierking, who was successful with the
German-Dutch painter Peter Royen. The London galleries Willow and The Trinity House established important new contacts that inspire justified hopes for follow-up business after the fair. “I like coming to Cologne. Daniel Hug is doing a very good job”, Simon Mills from The Trinity House finds. “COLOGNE FINE ART & DESIGN is primarily an important fair for us because of the contacts we can make here”, Jan Henneken also shared. “The Rhine public is very knowledgeable and informed”.

Design, as of this year also incorporated into the name of the COLOGNE FINE ART & DESIGN fair, was convincingly represented by special dealers. The Berlin Bauhaus specialists Ulrich Fiedler, Hendrik Berinson and Thomas Derda presented select art, graphics, photography and furniture of the period in a concentrated special event. “We really liked the design of the stand in the entrance area. Also because it included a point of reference to meinweiss Sebastian Jacobi. This produced a larger context for the theme of design. Relating to the Bauhaus, it was very important that we be able to represent the diversity of the movement here in Cologne”, Thomas Derda summarises.

New exhibitor Martin Bohn was successful with postmodern furniture by Christoph C. Siebrasse and wall lamps by Italian designers. “Good mood, good people”, is the summary of the Cologne resident. “I had a good start”, Martin Glanz, who trades in European and American design of the 20th century, was pleased to say. “Many visitors come because of the art. They have to discover an interest in design, but that’s fun”, says the Cologne resident. Among other things, Glanz let floor lamps from Oluce, a mirror object by Oskar Zieta and an arnchair by Albert Haberer from the 1940s go. “The expansion of the design theme at the art fair is very positive. We hope that this approach will establish itself here in Germany as well as it has in Italy”, Elenja Sarchi from the ED Gallery in Piacenza emphasises.

Among the young-first-time exhibitors was the gallery Sakhile&Me, which registered a great deal of interest for its artist Ghizlane Sahli and already sold one of its sculptures made of silk, wire and plastic bottles on the opening evening. “We are really happy about the good feedback, because we still need to launch our artists on the market”, according to Daniel Hagemeier.

Also represented for the first time was the gallery Brutto Gusto, with sculptural vessels and objects of glass and ceramics from various artists. Geer Pouls, who primarily met with a positive response from collectors with ceramics by Johannes Nagel, praised the “lovely atmosphere”.

Viebahn Fine Arts was honoured for having the Best Stand at the fair, while an honourable mention went to meinweiss Home Sebastian Jacobi and André Kirbach Düsseldorf.



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