July 30th, 2020
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Europe’s number one creative meeting place will open again. At CREATIVA , exhibitors from all over the world are presenting a huge range of products, workshops, hands-on special shows and demonstrations on a total area of ​​over 40,000 square meters. Visitors can find everything their creative heart desires in a total of twelve theme worlds, whether for professional or private reasons. The new Inspiration Café in Hall 4 is ideal for an overview of the trends. Thanks to numerous products and exhibits, visitors can get ideas for their next creative projects. Visitors can discover finished individual designer pieces and gift ideas in the CREATIVA NEO designer market in Hall 7. And the new north entrance welcomes visitors in a pleasant atmosphere.

Creativa 2019, Dortmund, Westfalenhallen, Workshop, Hönne Berufskolleg

 Visitors to Europe’s largest creative fair can expect a unique and colorful range of new and proven creative products, individually designed objects and innovative technologies. Felting, needlework, spinning and weaving, quilting, wood and metalwork, silk and stained glass, jewelry making, handicrafts and design, painting and drawing and much more – nowhere else in the craft and creative field is there such a diverse range of products as at CREATIVA. In order not to lose track of the numerous exhibitors and products, they are sorted under certain topics. Attractive logos in different colors help to identify the individual subject areas and help to find the desired product categories at the trade fair. These include the concise topics:

Trade fair visitors and exhibitors at CREATIVA will benefit from the new entrance portal of Messe Dortmund, because the newly opened North Entrance and the passages enable improved access to all exhibitors, forums and program highlights. The ultra-modern glass body welcomes visitors in a friendly, light-flooded atmosphere. The generous design of the entrance also improves the entry situation and prevents waiting times. A new visitor passage also optimally connects the exhibition halls. In this way, visitors can easily, quickly and easily get to their favorite stands and program items.

Creativa 2019, Dortmund, Westfalenhallen, OZ-Verlag-Anna-Modenschau, Bühne Halle 4

The concept of cultural industries – the creation, industrial reproduction and mass distribution of cultural works – is not new. In 1948, Theodore Adorno and Max Horkheimer coined the term. Half a century has passed since they developed the concept and during this time the ways of creating, producing and distributing cultural products has changed dramatically.

 Cultural industries have incorporated, in addition to adapting to technological advances and the evolving place of media in society, sophisticated production processes and large-scale distribution methods to reach global markets. In the 1990s, in Australia and the United Kingdom, the concept further evolved towards the creative economy. The creative economy places an emphasis on creativity and presenting it as the engine of innovation, technological change and as a comparative advantage in business development.

Westfalenhallen, Dortmund, Creativa 2019, Halle 4

 This led to the introduction and use of the terms “creative industries” in policy development circles. These industries were defined in the United Kingdom as “those industries which have their origin in individual creativity, skill and talent which have a potential for job and wealth creation through the generation and exploitation of intellectual property” (‘Creative Industries Mapping Document’, DCMS, 2001). In recent years concepts such as content industries and copyright industries have also been introduced including slightly different definitions and disciplines.

 All of these concepts and approaches share the common theme of creativity. Human creativity is the source of cultural and creative industries goods and services. They also share the common links of culture, trade and intellectual property rights, particularly copyright. The differences in the definitions adopted on a national level depend largely on the needs and scope defined within local policy evaluations and development initiatives.

Those sectors of organized activity that have as their main objective the production or reproduction, the promotion, distribution or commercialization of goods, services and activities of content derived from cultural, artistic or heritage origins.

For the first time, CREATIVA is presenting the inspiration café with a colorful selection of products and exhibits on a central area in hall 4, opposite the stage, which provide visitors with suggestions and ideas for their own creative projects. Visitors will then find all the products necessary for implementing the ideas at the trade fair. The corresponding exhibitor stands are noted directly. Also workshops that show creative techniques in practice. The selection of exponential is based on the creative trends .

Creativa 2019, Dortmund, Westfalenhallen, Creativa Neo

This approach places the emphasis on goods, services and activities of a cultural/ artistic and or heritage nature, whose origin lies in human creativity, whether past or present. It also underscores the necessary functions of each aspect of the cultural value chain that allows goods, services and activities to reach a public and market. Therefore this definition is not limited to only the output of human creativity and industrial reproduction but includes other activities that contribute to the creation and distribution of cultural and creative products.

Enthusiastic, lively and full of imagination – these are the young exhibitors at CREATIVA NEO, who are known for creating true creative treasures and unique pieces with innovative and original techniques. In Hall 7 of CREATIVA, they present their latest product ideas and market innovations from the categories handmade, upcycling and DIY to visitors on all days of the fair. A true designer market for “creative lovers”.

Creativa 2019, Dortmund, Westfalenhallen, Besucher, Cake Dreams

The perfect gift for creative minds can be purchased in the CREATIVA shop: two tickets for the fair and one in an ornate envelope, including a shower of confetti when opened. With the tickets, visitors can also come for free at the weekend at Germany’s largest trade fair for creative baking and cake decoration.



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