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August 1st, 2020
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Wood is an organic material, produced by a large number of woody plants and quite variable in properties. In fact, the term “wood is not much more definitive than the term “metal.” Many species with differing characteristics are used in construction for many purposes. Compare for example balsa and birch, or redwood and rosewood. Wood is naturally grown, and the variability within a species, due to genetic and environmental influences, is substantial. In general, the variation for most wood properties (the ratio of highest to lowest for any property) is more than 2:l.

This manual is primarily concerned with building products manufactured from western softwoods, used where they are exposed to weathering or where they are part of the envelope that protects the structure from the weather. Therefore, some properties, such as strength and stiffness, are not discussed. They are well covered elsewhere. Of greater concern here are those properties that govern deterioration or changes in size and shape. Deterioration refers to the loss of the ability of a wood product to serve its intended purpose in appearance, strength, or other functions. The purpose might include, for example, providing a protective envelope or structural support.

When wood is used as a raw material in the manufacture of more refined wood products, the performance characteristics may be more related to factors in the manufacturing process than to the intrinsic qualities of the natural wood. Thus, an important rule is that the more a product is changed from natural wood, the less relevant is information regarding the properties of the natural wood.

607 exhibitors from 29 countries provided full halls at DACH + HOLZ International 2020 in Stuttgart. Under the motto “Our fair. Our strength.” Around 52,000 visitors from 83 countries informed themselves about the future of their craft – this corresponds to a five percent increase in visitors compared to DACH + HOLZ International 2016 in Stuttgart. The leading trade fair for carpenters, roofers and plumbers was the first point of contact for all generations.

The range of products is diverse: from the world’s first portable CNC milling machine to a prefabricated bathroom module, which is primarily suitable for multi-storey timber construction, to a heat-reflecting insulation material that is said to significantly reduce energy costs. Other tools such as a fastening system that reduces physical strain or an app that simplifies the entry into digital workflows for craft businesses round off the offerings of the start-up area.

EPUR SAS from France brings the world’s first portable digital CNC milling machine for traditional timber construction to Stuttgart. Ilias Zinsstag and Pierre Giusti, carpenters and founders of epur, inspire not only the wood industry with their innovation, but also French President Emmanuel Macron himself. As part of the “Made in France” exhibition, which took place in the Elysee Palace on January 18 and 19, 2020, the start-up was able to present itself to 100 other French founders. Ten days later, DACH + HOLZ International in Stuttgart rolls out the (red) carpet for the French start-up.

Tjiko GmbH from Rosenheim has developed a digital platform through which the company sells individual bathrooms as prefabricated wooden room modules. The bathroom modules offer advantages such as cost and time savings as well as planning security and are primarily suitable for multi-storey timber construction. At DACH + HOLZ International, the entrepreneurs from Rosenheim are showing a fully equipped wooden bathroom module that trade fair visitors can inspect more closely.

Compared to traditional manual measurement methods, drones deliver faster and better results when measuring roofs and facades. The digitized measurement results make it possible to determine the need for maintenance measures at an early stage. Airteam Aerial Intelligence GmbH specializes in the needs of roofers and building contractors with its ROOF inspector. The start-up from Berlin has received multiple awards.

Saving heating costs through thermal insulation is becoming increasingly important due to rising energy and raw material prices. With this objective in mind, Finck & Co. from Krefeld, after seven years of development, patented the heat-reflecting insulation material ISUM MF 14 and brought it onto the market. The product, which consists of a 14-layer composite system, is only 11.4 mm thick and has a comparable insulation value to that of 120 mm conventional insulation. The energy costs for heat generation in winter and for room cooling in summer are significantly reduced.

With its software solution, Craftboxx GmbH from Flensburg offers an app that helps craftsmen and fitters to digitize their work processes – from planning and organizing orders to communication between office employees and colleagues on the construction site. With this solution, Craftboxx shows that the entry into the digitalization of craft businesses is inexpensive and very easy to achieve.

Other innovations that will be presented in the start-up area include the digital platform from lyke, in which new customer acquisition, order control, project management and customer service come together in one system, the STEXON quick connector, a fastening and assembly system for the wooden house construction, and the in-house developed solutions by Thomas Gusenbauer from Puchheim, which reduce physical stress and should thus simplify daily work.

More and more construction projects are being optimized through digitization. If you don’t want to miss this digital revolution, you should find out about the options and offers that are currently on the market. DACH + HOLZ International offers orientation. On Thursday, January 30, 2020, the forum will focus on the topics of BIM and digitization, with experts and solution providers presenting best practice examples and giving tips that every company can use. In addition, trade fair visitors can try out useful tools for the construction industry in the new special digitization show.

Construction site 4.0 and networking: In the special digitization show (Hall 6, Stand 6.410), trade fair visitors can experience various tools and tools from the “Digital Construction Innovation Path” live. At eleven stations, the special show shows in a practical way how tablets or drones find their way into the classic tool case. Fully automated rangefinders and software will also be presented, making the creation of plans and models child’s play. Experts are available to answer questions on site. Also included is Fairfleet GmbH, Europe’s largest drone service provider, Palette CAD GmbH with 3D planning software for the trades, with a shared virtual warehouse for tradesmen and other experts with their software solutions for project management and process optimization. Cooperation partners of the special show are the educational centers of the building trade. V. (BZB) and the Competence Center for Digital Crafts (KDH).

Another point of contact for digitization is the joint program of BG BAU, ZVDH and Holzbau Deutschland in Hall 9. Here IT solutions are presented to make construction processes more successful but also more secure. Drone manufacturers show what the devices can now do and why they contribute to the safety of roofers. The topic of the lecture by Holzbau Germany and the ZVDH is when a modern company is interesting for young people and what companies can generally do for it.

Another highlight is the new presentation by BG BAU on the topic of “With certainty in the future”. It gives visitors the opportunity to digitally immerse themselves in the world of occupational safety. With the help of VR glasses, they can recreate dangerous situations on construction sites, carry out tasks virtually and thereby eliminate possible dangers. At the same time, they learn which measures make working safer and less risk-prone. BG BAU also presents its new app for hazard analysis.

A trade fair for many actors: DACH + HOLZ International invites you to great networking from 28 to 31 January 2020. While craftsmen, young talents and influencers meet on January 28 to exchange ideas about the future, Winfried Kretschmann, Prime Minister of the State of Baden-Württemberg as patron of DACH + HOLZ International, visits the fair on January 29, 2020.



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