September 4th, 2020
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Europe’s food and drink industry means: 4.57 million people employed throughout the EU, a turnover of €1.1 trillion and €230 billion in value added, which make it the largest manufacturing industry in the EU. In half of the EU’s 28 Member States, the food and drink industry is the biggest employer within manufacturing.

The Data & Trends report also provides an outlook on markets. About ¾ of EU food and drink exports are destined to the Single Market. At the same time, the EU is the largest exporter of food and drink products in the world. In 2017, extra-EU exports reached €110 billion, with a trade surplus of €35 billion. Finally, the report includes a ranking of the top-50 food and drink companies.

The ‘bev & food tec network powered by drinktec’, consisting of the own separate events drinktec (Germany), oils&fats (Germany and India), Home & Craft (Germany), INTECHTRA (Brazil), drink technology India (India) and food & drink technology Africa (South Africa) as well as the cooperative event CHINA BREW CHINA BEVERAGE (China), offers numerous advantages for exhibitors and visitors alike. Petra Westphal, Exhibition Group Director Messe München, on the basic idea of the network: “We bundle the synergies of the individual events and thus provide access to the latest and best solutions for the industry.” With the ‘bev & food tec network powered by drinktec’, custom-made platforms are available to the worldwide community. International trends, innovations and world premieres for the entire industry can be seen at drinktec, the most important summit meeting of the international beverage and liquid food industry. Regional trends and product developments are presented at events all around the globe and are tailored to the respective local needs. In addition, Home & Craft offers a specialized meeting place for the craft beer industry. Westphal is convinced: “We enable a unique exchange of knowledge, provide impetus and thus actively shape the development of the beverage, food and liquid food industries. I am delighted that we, as ‘bev & food tec network powered by drinktec’, are a global partner of this industry.”

Process technology is playing an ever more important role in the beverages industry. Ever more sophisticated products, ever tougher quality standards, and ever more complex legal requirements are making it essential to use process-optimized technology. drinktec showcases single- and multi-application process technology. The theme of sustainability plays a key role in both areas.

Flexibility, product safety, sustainability and ease of operation—these are the demands placed on filling and packaging plant nowadays. Not forgetting of course profitability. More and more product must be filled faster and faster, all in line with ever more rigorous standards of cleanliness. A clear trend is towards aseptic processes, as this guarantees long shelf life and freshness, even in warmer climates.

Modern control systems manage, monitor and visualize all stages of production. More and more companies are moving over to digital systems. This facilitates planning and commercial functions and compliance with legal requirements, such as batch-tracking.

Worldwide PET is the preferred form of packaging, in particular for soft drinks. Energy- and resource-efficiency are prime factors in the production of PET containers. All the new developments in PET are presented at PETpoint, a section within the exhibition devoted entirely to PET technology.

For beverages, too, packaging is critical in marketing. The more attractive the packaging and the better it is adapted to the target group, then the greater the chance of success. The secret to getting it right, lies in a mix of creative ideas, practicality and high-precision production and labeling. All the innovations, new ideas and technologies are ready to experience live at drinktec.

A finished product is only ever as good as the ingredients that went into it. The product range at drinktec covers a very wide, high-quality range of raw materials, agents and additives. In the special area new beverage concepts new sweetening, coloration and aroma strategies are presented and explained by the manufacturers that supply these products.

No beverage is produced without using water. So, at the upcoming drinktec the theme of water processing and management will once again be a key topic. Examples are the latest developments in water processing using reverse osmosis, electro-deionization, ion-exchange systems—and lots more. In the battle to reduce consumption of valuable resources, there is a growing focus on the use of renewable energy in beverages manufacturing.

drinktec is not only a technology forum, it is also a marketing platform. What happens at the point of sale? How can you influence customer purchasing behavior? These and other questions will be discussed in the Innovation Flow Lounge. This is a meeting place for marketing experts, product managers, purchasing executives, advertising agencies, designers and engineers. drinktec also features a comprehensive range of supplies and equipment for caterers, restaurants and also mobile facilities.

From a brewery trade fair to the most important summit meeting of the beverage and liquid food industry. Being the only trade fair of its kind, drinktec today covers all industries and attracts visitors from over 170 countries. The trade fair first ventured abroad in 2007: with drink technology India (dti) in Mumbai. Since then, dti has developed to be represented not only in Mumbai but also in New Delhi and Bangalore and thus in all metropolitan regions of India. Since 2011, drinktec has been the co-organizer of CHINA BREW CHINA BEVERAGE in Shanghai, the leading trade fair for brewery and beverage technology in Asia. It has thereby expanded its market position on the Chinese market. The portfolio in South Africa was eventually expanded in 2014 to include food & drink technology Africa. Most recently, at drinktec 2017, the Home&Craft exhibition area was successfully introduced. Since then, the platform for hobby and micro brewers has been held annually as an independent exhibition. The wine industry has also been taken care of: The cooperation agreement with the Italian wine association UIV signed in 2015 was recently revised. At the next drinktec 2021, there will be an exhibition area for wine technology—“powered by SIMEI”.



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