September 3rd, 2020
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Whether it is for food, beverages, healthcare, business or home, the motto is to transform packaging. Changing demographics, more pressure to better serve the environment and accelerations in technical innovation are all shaping a new future for packaging production. Touchpoint packaging initiative’s main goal is to display how innovative printing technologies contribute to the future of packaging.

In this fast-changing world, drupa touchpoint packaging will deliver an inspiring and amazing experience to all visitors. During the latest steering committee meeting in December 2018, its members AGFA, BOBST, DANONE, ESKO, HEIDELBERG, HP, KURZ, NESTLÉ, SIEGWERK and EPDA (European Packaging Design Association)  defined more than 20 projects that will touch upon key issues such as customisation and personalisation, digitalisation, security and authentication.

The aim is to present concepts and the latest knowledge about new packaging production, finishing technologies and substrates – culminating in prototypes that meet the demands and needs of both future consumers as well as brand owners. In addition, the visitor experience will combine physical and non-physical packaging elements via augmented reality, virtual reality and digital workflows.  Over the 11 days of drupa visitors will be able to listen to keynotes, attend roundtables, engage with specialists and literally touch the newest and most innovative packaging solutions that enable brand owners, packaging designers and packaging converters to meet the requirements of the next decade.

To extend the already broad range of perspectives that feed into touchpoint packaging, we are pleased to announce the new advanced partners joining the drupa touchpoint packaging initiative: BST ELTROMAT, CLOUDLAB, DALIM, EFI, KODAK, KOENIG & BAUER. KONICA MINOLTA, SAUERESSIG, WERK II and MERCK.

Furthermore, drupa has formalised an agreement with NABA, International Academy of Art, Design and Fashion. A handpicked group of their talented international students will add their insights and creativity to the steering committee member-driven projects plus present their own ideas and design concepts for tomorrow’s packaging.
Patrizia Moschella, course leader of Graphic Design and Art Direction BA at NABA, is convinced that her students’ involvement is a win-win situation from several viewpoints: “It is certainly a great opportunity for the students to both network within the industry as well as to bring in their own fresh, engaging and research-based ideas for new packaging solutions.”

With numerous exhibitors already signed up at this early date, drupa underlines its unique position as the most relevant and important platform for the global printing industry. Some 1,800 exhibitors from 50 countries are expected to appear at drupa.

Europe is making a strong showing among the exhibiting nations, the top 5 being Germany, Japan, Italy, China and Great Britain. Businesses of all types are participating, from global industry players to ambitious small companies and promising start-ups. And there’s more to draw the attention of visitors even this far in advance, such as 30% new exhibitors representing the entire value chain, plus various cross-cutting technologies.
drupa will again be occupying all the available halls at Düsseldorf Exhibition Centre. The profile of the event is clearly structured and encompasses the following product groups:

1. Prepress / Print
2. Premedia / Multichannel
3. Post press / Converting / Packaging
4. Future Technologies
5. Materials
6. Equipment / Services / Infrastructure

Sabine Geldermann, Director of drupa and Global Head of Print Technolo-gies at Messe Düsseldorf, is convinced that the trade fair will demonstrate the dynamism and innovative capabilities of the entire printing industry: “drupa stands for cutting-edge technologies and solutions that reach target groups in a wide range of markets. It has become very apparent in recent years that the appeal of print products is growing as the technology steadily advances. Print is conquering new dimensions with haptic elements, innovative materials and finishing techniques that engage the senses in previously unknown ways for an entirely new experience. What is more, global trends such as the circular economy, artificial intelligence, the platform economy and connected consumers are forces that will have a growing influence on processes in the industry.”

The various megatrends will take the lead at drupa with special forums or “Hot Spots”: drupa cube, dna – drupa next age, touchpoint packaging, touchpoint 3D fab+print and touchpoint textile. They provide a unique setting for transferring knowledge and sharing experiences that reflects the competence and creativity of the industry. Beyond the special forums, innumerable exhibitors will also be showcasing new solutions in these segments at their stands.

drupa cube: educate – engage – entertain

drupa cube, the conference and event programme in Hall 6, focusses on the innovative power of print and its diverse applications in a variety of industries and areas of life. Events address technologies like printed electronics, creative multichannel applications and the use of digital printing in conventional segments, such as packaging and vertical markets. At the same time, the drupa cube’s interdisciplinary approach bridges the gap between creative agencies, brand owners and industry across numerous markets.

Speakers include not only exhibitors, but also leading decision-makers from other industries, who together will demonstrate how interdisciplinary thinking can lead to innovations. Companies of every size, from small businesses to international corporations, have to develop clear and proactive visions for the future. The drupa cube responds to this need with diverse events, including keynote speakers, CEO roundtables, executive think tanks and brand stories.

dna – drupa next age

dna stands for “drupa next age”. This special show is dedicated to future topics in the industry and to encouraging a productive exchange of experiences between global players, start-ups and innovative SMEs. Based on the Start-Up Area in the former drupa innovation park (dip!) and embedded in a new space concept, it gives innovators from the start-up scene an opportunity to introduce new product ideas, services and strategies for relevant cross-cutting technologies, be it in the form of best practices or business case studies.

touchpoint packaging

Packaging printing continues to be a sector with tremendous growth potential. At drupa, its market relevance is reflected in the special touchpoint packaging forum. In collaboration with the European Brand and Packaging Design Association (epda), touchpoint packaging serves as a stage for presenting the future world of packaging, especially packaging design. But what is the best way to show-case the future of packaging?

The concept centres on the question of how global megatrends that shape our society also influence tomorrow’s packaging solutions. Examples include new substrates, customer-specific solutions that reduce environmental impacts, networked packaging and more. To provide adequate answers to these questions, a steering committee of selected industry partners has been established for the first time in order to compile new findings from all points along the value chain. The members come from all segments of the packaging process: design represented by the EUROPEAN BRAND AND PACK-AGING DESIGN ASSOCIATION (epda); packaging production represented by AGFA, BOBST, ESKO, HEIDELBERG, HP INDIGO, KURZ and SIEG-WERK; and brand owners represented by DANONE and NESTLÉ.

International design students from the NABA Academy of Art and Design in Milan and other leading colleges will also contribute their unique angle on visionary packaging solutions. On the industry side, the panel of experts is rounded out by advanced partners: BST ELTROMAT, CLOUDLAB, DALIM, EFI, KODAK, KOENIG & BAUER, KONICA MINOLTA, SAUERESSIG, WERK II and MERCK.

As a highlight, visitors can look forward to a presentation of specially devel-oped prototypes incorporating innovative design and packaging solutions, which were developed in response to the needs and demands of future consumers and brand owners. These different perspectives combined make the touchpoint packaging forum a highlight of the packaging printing area at drupa.

touchpoint 3D fab+print

The tremendous potential of additive manufacturing as a futureoriented, cross-cutting technology will be another leading topic at drupa 2021. The touchpoint 3D fab+print forum expands on what exhibitors are showing, covers the industry’s entire range and includes presentations on state-of-the-art technologies as well as best practices. For the first time, the VDMA Additive Manufacturing Association will be responsible for content design and imple-mentation of the lecture programme.

“We want to introduce interested drupa visitors to additive technologies and their advantages for manufacturing machine components, spare parts or tooling, and give them realistic assessments of the current and future possibilities of additive processes,” says VDMA Project Manager Dr. Irene Hassinger, explaining the goal of the conference. The first few items on the agenda are already set: Prof. Gert Witt, head of the Production Engineering Department at the University of Duisburg Essen, and Dr. Stefan Kleszczynski, head of that university’s Rapid Technology Centre (RTC), will introduce attendees to additive technology and its future potential.

“One topic we are focussing on is the automation and networking of additive process chains,” says Hassinger. The objective is to show concrete examples, and the lectures therefore will illuminate individual processing steps along the value chain.

Main topics include applications in printing and paper technology, such as the additive manufacturing of high-performance components and spare parts for printing presses, and the options available to print shops for expanding their services to include 3D printing.

touchpoint textile

This new forum is dedicated to the potential of digital textile printing as a source of growth and momentum in new fields of business. touchpoint textile brings together companies in different industries, giving them a creative space for inter-industry collaboration, new projects and novel product and manufacturing ideas, which can be implemented in a micro factory.

The leading partner of the touchpoint textile forum is Europe’s largest textile research centre, the German Institutes for Textile and Fibre Research (DITF). DITF, together with partners from various industries, will be giving a live demonstration of a Digital Textile Micro Factory, including a fully networked supply chain from the customer to the finished product.

New services at drupa 2021

In addition to the special forums, investments have also been made in updating infrastructure and adding new services for customers: A new trade fair app, a matchmaking tool, a new online ordering system, updated since drupa 2016, that helps exhibitors better optimise their experience, and a new wayfinder for better navigation on fairgrounds. Both exhibitors and visitors can now plan a day at the trade fair more easily and efficiently so as to meet their personal goals for the event.

Düsseldorf becomes drupacity

The entire city of Düsseldorf will be transformed into drupacity from 20 to 30 April 2021, giving visitors a welcome change of scene after a long day at the trade fair with its varied entertainment options. The restaurants, hotels and shops have teamed up to offer an impressive hospitality concept that ensures a good balance between business and relaxation.



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