Energy Storage

Energy Storage

August 29th, 2020
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At the trade fair forum, which can be accessed free of charge, users and manufacturers will present numerous decarbonisation projects in trade, plastics processing, metal production, and viticulture. For this purpose, ENERGY STORAGE EUROPE cooperates with the leading trade fairs in these segments.

Those who would like to get to know the entire world of energy storage, its leading technologies and key-figures, for those there is only one destination: ENERGY STORAG E EUROPE in Düsseldorf.

The unrivalled focus on the topic of energy storage can only be found here in Düsseldorf. Only here the entire range of technologies in all its diversity can be discovered: Electrical, thermal, chemical and mechanical solutions. Only here the energy storage of future energy systems can already be experienced today.

The Canadian company Hydrogenics will showcase its “Don Quichote” multiple-use project. Here, Belgium’s largest commercial enterprise converts excess energy generated by local wind and solar power plants into hydrogen with the aid of two electrolysers. This hydrogen is then used to supply a public hydrogen filling station as well as 18 hydrogen cars and forklifts. Furthermore, the project helps counter shortages.

AEG Power Solutions will present its innovative, battery-based emergency power supply, which is used to secure the ventilation of an electroplating process for an automotive supplier. This storage system has replaced conventional, diesel-based emergency power generators and facilitates a carbon-neutral solution. Other applications such as industrial peak shaving are to be implemented soon.

The Mobile High Power Charger is the world’s most powerful mobile fast charging system in the form of a truck trailer. Ten e-vehicles can charge up to 320 kilowatts each in a few minutes at the two megawatt-hour HPC charging trucks. The trucks have a total capacity of 3.2 megawatts when all charging points are charging simultaneously at full power. This corresponds to the average output of about 3,200 single-family homes. Considering the availability of grid connections, which are often only limited, it is a unique opportunity to provide high charging capacities for a limited period of time and in a flexible location.

Fast charging system successfully in use

The innovative quick-charging trailers were put into operation at the end of 2019 on the race track in Barcelona. Just one year from the idea to the successful implementation of the project is a remarkable acheivement. Thomas Speidel, managing partner of ADS-TEC is very pleased and emphasises the outstanding performance of his team: “It was already an extraordinary and enormous challenge to accommodate this energy and power on a standard truck format while maintaining the permissible gross vehicle weight.”

The mobile fast charging system is currently in use at various events throughout Europe. The compact and extremely flexible concept enables quick assembly and disassembly directly at the place of use. The truck and trailer unit have been optimised to ensure transportation can be carried out without heavy loads and in compliance with the 40-tonne total weight regulation.

PV magazine award 2020

The presentation of the pv magazine Award is ads-tec Energy GmbH’s second highlight in spring 2020. This year, five first places have been awarded the “Gigawatt Winner”. The successful project “Schwarmspeicher Allgäu”, set in the spectacular backdrop of the Alps in the Kempten area, put egrid and ADS-TEC Energy at the forefront as project partners. “Thanks to close cooperation with ADS-TEC, we were able to set up the distributed storage system in a very short time and successfully put it into operation,” says egrid managing director Bernhard Rindt.

As project manager, egrid applications and consulting GmbH, developed a method of arranging distributed medium-sized storage systems, each with several hundred kilowatt hours of capacity and power, within a distribution network and operating them as a swarm or individually as required in order to be able to offer a wide range of network services. The complex multiple use is particularly economically interesting for customers like Allgäuer Überlandwerk in this case.

ADS-TEC – Technology for Professionals – 100% Made in Germany

ADS-TEC Energy GmbH is a company of ADS-TEC group, and is part-owned by BOSCH. The medium-sized, family-run business is headquartered in Nuertingen near Stuttgart, with a production site near Dresden.

ADS-TEC Energy GmbH is drawing on its decades of experience with lithium-ion technologies to produce battery storage solutions and fast charging systems, including the corresponding energy management systems. The technology can be used in private homes, public buildings and commercial enterprises, with solutions starting at a storage capacity of 19 kilowatt-hours. The scalable battery storage systems enable industrial and infrastructure solutions as well as self-sufficient energy supply systems with capacities of up to several megawatts. Its new fast charging technology for electric vehicles is truly ground-breaking, and features a unique compact design.

An exceptional high integration depth enables high quality and functionality of the produced battery technology. Apart from the cells, all our components are developed and produced in-house.

The CEO of ADS-TEC Holding GmbH, Thomas Speidel, is also Managing Director of ADS-TEC Energy GmbH and President of the German Energy Storage Association (BVES) e.V., based in Berlin. Through its involvement in government-funded projects across Germany at both national and regional level, ADS-TEC maintains close relations with companies and research institutions throughout the entire value chain.

Tobias Jung of the Jung & Knobloch winery will illustrate how his business is ensuring greater sustainability in viticulture with an innovative energy concept. Jung & Knobloch have recently been awarded as “lighthouse project for energy efficiency in agriculture” for this concept.

“ENERGY STORAGE EUROPE proves that storage solutions provide momentum for the decarbonisation of value chains in numerous sectors. The successful projects presented in Düsseldorf will show that quite clearly. But they also prove the advantages of an early involvement of storage system manufacturers and planners in the project development. This is why we will continue to work on connecting operators and storage experts,” says Dr. Andreas Moerke, Head of ENERGY STORAGE EUROPE.

Conferences provide in-depth, state-of-the-art knowledge

Whilst the forum in the trade fair halls offers first insights into selected exhibitor projects and technologies, energy experts from more than 15 countries will come together at the 14th IRES Conference by EUROSOLAR and the 9th ENERGY STORAGE EUROPE conference to discuss business models, business chances and international market trends as well as topics from the fields of science and technology. The themes range from thermal and electric storage systems, power-to-gas, flexibilities, and energy system analyses to standardisation issues and international markets.

Climate protection and the decarbonisation of value chains using energy storage and hydrogen are focus topics of the 14th IRES conference by EUROSOLAR and the 9th ENERGY STORAGE EUROPE conference. This dual conference will take place from 10 to 12 March 2020, concurrently with the ENERGY STORAGE EUROPE trade fair in Düsseldorf. The IRES Conference is the world’s largest and most important scientific storage conference.

Keynote speeches on strategies, management approaches, methods and technologies

At the dual conference, practice-oriented approaches take centre stage. During the session “Linking Climate Protection and Business: The CEO’s View,“ Dr. Christian Fischer, managing director at Robert Bosch GmbH, will be talking about the company’s efforts to reach worldwide carbon neutrality by 2020. Matthias W. Send from the energy provider ENTEGA AG will likewise share his insights. In another keynote, Dr. Volker Hille, Head of Corporate Technology at Salzgitter AG, will explain how the company aims to reduce its CO2 emissions by employing hydrogen and wind power. In the “International Markets” session, Rory McCarthy from Wood Mackenzie, an international management consultancy, will present the results of a modelling of the Central European energy markets’ flexibility needs.

“The upcoming conference bridges the gap between the discourse on climate protection and corporate management, a highly fascinating and relevant thematic field, particularly for managers,” says Dr. Andreas Moerke, who took over as head of ENERGY STORAGE EUROPE this year. “Participants can also expect a comprehensive scientific programme within the framework of IRES in Düsseldorf, and representatives of storage manufacturers will furthermore meet at the German Energy Storage Association’s workshops.”

Professor Peter Droege, EUROSOLAR President and Chairman of the IRES Organising Committee, states: “We are delighted that in 2020 almost 150 selected top-level German as well as international experts from almost 20 countries will present their latest findings and innovations in over 22 different thematic sessions. The ESE and the IRES have a great social and economic impact: Without a rapid switch to renewable energies, climate stabilisation is inconceivable. Investors and companies around the world are on the right track for purely economic reasons. Storage systems are the prerequisite for the regenerative world.”

All storage solutions under one roof

The conference sessions will again cover a wide range of electrical and thermal storage technologies as well as numerous effective storage and decarbonisation projects. Thermal storage, sector coupling, the topic hydrogen and successful concepts as well as business models incorporating storage use will also be main points.



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