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February 16, 2020 - February 20, 2020
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EuroCIS is the leading trade fair for technologies in retail across Europe and is held once a year in Dusseldorf. The visitors include retailers from all industries, wholesalers, system and theme restaurateurs, mail order and online merchants as well as professionals from the IT, security and consumer goods industries as well as banks and financial service providers. For all the customers security, secure payment systems, control and detection systems are becoming increasingly important. At EuroCIS they will be shown the newest, most innovative and most current technologies in the areas of e-commerce, e-business, payment, inventory management, POS, pricing, personnel management, retail security, weighing, monitoring and supplier management. In addition, the intensive, professional exchange of information and best practices at the highest standard is in the foreground, thus ensuring a competent coexistence of exhibitors and visitors. Trends and developments, technical contributions and knowledge sharing as well as discussions on the key issues of the international trade world are offered in top-class presentations and informative forums guaranteeing the success of EuroCIS.

As the digital transformation of retail accelerates around the world, the expectations of consumers at each stage of the customer journey – be it pre-purchase research or browsing, the shopping experience itself or post-purchase experience sharing – are changing. The adoption of breakthrough technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), the Internet of Things (IoT) and block chain can help brands and retailers address these changing consumer expectations in a timely and effective manner, thereby deepening their engagement with customers. In an increasingly competitive environment, digital transformation is, indeed, fast becoming a matter of survival for retailers and brands which, in turn, are increasingly willing to invest more in cutting-edge technologies. According to Gartner, the global spending on technology in the retail sector is estimated to grow by 3.6% year-on-year (yoy) to reach US$203.6 billion in 2019, and this growth is expected to continue over the next two years1. In this report, Fung Business Intelligence identifies the top 10 retail technology trends shaping the future of retail, globally, in 2020 and beyond.

EuroCIS, The Leading Trade Fair for Retail Technology, from 19 to 21 February 2019 in Düsseldorf. 480 exhibitors from 39 countries on 14.000 m² net are represented. EuroCIS presents retail technology in all its forms and functions. Key aspects in 2019: Omnichannel Retail, Mobile Solutions, Artificial Intelligence, Robotic und IoT.

What is the event all about?

EuroCIS made trade fair history. Through future-oriented change. Through new, contemporary quality. 7 fascinating retail dimensions for successful business. Addressing all the trends and issues that shape retail today and will continue to do so tomorrow. In order to achieve this, EuroCIS increased its focus on the needs of exhibitors and visitors. Modified its structure with a greater emphasis on its product and service portfolio and on demand. Provided even more freedom and space for visionary developments, innovative products and an intensive trade fair experience. During five days, the largest retail trade fair in the world achieved the best figures in its 50-year history, with more than 113,000 visitors, 2,368 exhibitors, 18 trade fair halls and a net exhibition area exceeding 127,000m². This Post Show Report reviews the highlights of this event and illustrates the success enjoyed by all involved.

At the Omnichannel Forum experts share practical tips for getting one’s company into shape for all channels and seamless networking (bilingual event held in German and English).

Although customers want to enjoy a conventional shopping experience, they also demand delivery to their own front door. Classic stationary retail is continually expanding its web shops, while the number of conventional stores opened by major online retailers also increasing steadily. EuroCIS has succeeded in uniting both these trends. Retail stores and online retail are drawing closer, and this is reflected in the increased merging of the shop fittings and technology product categories at EuroCIS.

EuroCIS is the world’s largest trade fair for the retail industry and its partners. It is the source of information and inspiration for professionals and decision-makers on every conceivable aspect of retailing. It is the showcase for trends and innovations. A hot spot for sales and marketing experts seeking new ideas to spotlight and sell their company’s products and services even better.

What to expect

Today’s retail world is changing faster than ever before. EuroCIS – the industry’s top international event – is a key powerhouse driving the future of retail. This kind of dynamic demands a matching level of communication. That’s why we decided to transform what was originally an exhibitor “check-in” brochure by recasting it in an innovative new design, as a modern magazine giving you – our partners and customers – all the essential information on EuroCIS in a format full of entertainment and variety. On the following pages you can experience all the facets and fascination of an event that is not just an exceptionally successful trade fair. It is also a medium for communication among and between all retail industry players and their partners. Speaking of media, discover also EuroShop.mag, our new multimedia online magazine for the international retail community. So welcome to EuroCIS– the international hotspot for the retail industry, the place to be.

The EuroCIS Forum presents topical case studies, innovations and trends which were submitted by exhibitors and their customers to a prior thematic screening by the EHI Retail Institute (bilingual event held in German and English).

 Innovation platform. Trendsetter. Discussion forum. And a fireworks of creative ideas. the world’s biggest and most prestigious retail trade fair. We look forward to seeing you there.

EuroShop enjoyed great success for many years with its differentiation according to the four sectors of EuroConcept, EuroSales, EuroExpo and EuroCIS. But in the runup to EuroShop 2017, the EuroShop Team decided to change course and adapt the structure of the trade fair to the trending dynamics of the retail industry. In 2017, the original four sectors developed into seven experience dimensions. This restructuring allows for much better focusing of offerings tailored to specific visitor communities, a more flexible framework to operate in, and plenty of scope for presenting forward-looking developments and innovative products to the wider global retail market. It also creates the necessary environment for synergies between different dimensions that have already begun merging, such as store design with upmarket store decorations and groundbreaking technologies. With its new eighth dimension – Food Service Equipment – EuroShop is creating a stage for trends and developments in catering and hospitality as a part of retail environments.

Like almost all sectors of industry, retail is also increasingly data driven. EuroCIS has impressively confirmed that technology has also become the driving factor for retailers as they vie for customers. EuroCIS has become a spectacular success story over the past few years. In view of the general advances in digitalisation and the high degree of specialisation of EuroCIS it is assumed that it will be able to also follow on from this success in years to come.

What to do in EuroCis

Particularly positive to note for the Düsseldorf trade fair organisers is the strong increase in international trade visitors. “We registered significant increases from non-European countries, i.e. especially from the Near and Middle East, Asia as well as South and Central America, including many first-time visitors,” remarks Elke Moebius, Global Head of Retail & Retail Technology at Messe Düsseldorf, and goes on to emphasise: “Also striking was the high decision-making capacity of the visitors as well as the increased time they spent at the event. This time many stayed two full days in Düsseldorf rather than just one.”

According to a study published by the EHI Retail Institute for EuroCIS , retailers’ IT budgets continue to rise. They focus on projects that make retailers’ IT infrastructures future-proof; however, the optimisation of merchandise information systems and omnichannel solutions also ranked at the very top of retailers’ to-do lists.

The special “Start-Up Hub” and the integrated forum “The Stage” present 15 newcomers, who have devoted themselves especially to the development of state-of-the-art IT systems and solutions in the retail trade.

EuroCIS is the most important hotspot for decision makers in the national and international retail industry. It is enormously important as a networking, innovation and trend platform. One of the key retail trends that EuroCIS reflects is the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI). In addition, self-checkout, payment methods and the Internet of Things (IoT) play a prominent role at the trade fair. Chatbots, for example, use Artificial Intelligence to communicate with shoppers while the IoT is a valuable tool in data analytics for retailers.” Supporting the exhibits, both the EuroCIS Forum and the Omnichannel Forum registered high attendance levels and provided plenty of inspirations for IT managers in retail with practical insights as well as lectures on innovations. The Start-up hub, in turn, also scored points with creative ideas at its second edition.

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