European Coatings Show

European Coatings Show

August 1st, 2020
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Aesthetic, sustainable, functional, process-proof. The demands placed on paint and coatings are growing all the time. Decision-makers and thought leaders in the coatings industry face great challenges. The European Coatings Show gives them the opportunity to meet the innovation leaders and discuss the latest developments in pigments, additives, adhesive and raw materials, intermediates for construction chemicals as well as laboratory and production equipment, testing and measuring equipment, application and environmental protection and safety work.

Start-up Area

The product spectrum at the European Coatings Show reflects the innovations in paint and coatings. Every two years, the formulators of paint, coatings, adhesives and sealants, producer of additives, producer of construction chemical products, industrial processors and representatives from science and research discuss the latest developments in the coatings industry.

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Since its premiere under the name of “Farbe und Lack” in 1991, the European Coatings Show has developed into today’s biggest and most important event in the world for the coatings industry. The event set new records in 2019 with 1.156 exhibitors. The very large international share of 69% for exhibitors and 64% for visitors also emphasizes the importance of the European Coatings Show as the world’s leading exhibition.

  • 97 % of the exhibitors reached their most important target groups.
  • 94 % of the exhibitors made new business connections.
  • 87 % expected noticeable follow-up business.
  • 54 % of the exhibition visitors came from the European Union, 16 % from the rest of Europe, 22 % from Australia/Oceania, Asia and Africa, and 7 % from America.

Sustainability, nanotechnology, green coatings, rising prices as well as new applications of TiO2 are some of the top trends that are pushing paint and coating innovations. Nuremberg is a must event for anyone wanting to present new developments to the international coatings industry.

Coating raw materials, Printing ink raw materials, Adhesive raw materials, Intermediates for construction chemicals, Service

The product spectrum at the European Coatings Show and the top-class programme of the European Coatings Show Conference meet the needs of the coatings market 100%. Formulators of coatings, paints, printing inks, adhesives and sealants and construction chemical products are looking for the right raw materials, equipment and technologies. So as an exhibitor at the European Coatings Show you can be sure to meet the right decision-makers.

The statistics from the past impressively show the importance of the European Coatings Show as world-leading exhibition: 54% of the exhibition visitors came from the European Union, 16% from the rest of Europe, 22% from Australia/Oceania, Asia and Africa, and 8% from America. 87% of the exhibitors in 2019 expected noticeable follow-up business, 95% reached their major target groups and 96% praised the professional competence of the visitors on their stand. Innovations will essentially determine future growth in the coatings sector. Make sure you get a large piece of the action by presenting your new products at the European Coatings Show.

Start-up Area

Meetings, deadlines and pressure of costs. Developers and process managers often have no time for detailed thoughts about tomorrow’s surface finishes during their daily work. Be part of the show in 2021, inspire the coatings community by presenting your groundbreaking innovations and discuss new trends and technologies on equal terms with the specialists.

Visitors want to meet the crème de la crème at the European Coatings Show. They would like to discuss the possibilities for new paint formulations, update on the latest processes and equipment technologies, and profit from exchanging views with colleagues. More than 90% of them are involved in procurement decisions in their company. So use the opportunity to create expert networks in Nuremberg and convince the decision-makers of the benefits of your products and solutions in a personal atmosphere.

‘Young Innovative Companies’ pavilion

Located at the heart of Europe, the technology location Nuremberg is easy and quick to reach via the motorway network, rail network and European flight network. The exhibition centre and old town centre are only a few minutes away from the main rail station and airport by public transport. Be enchanted by the unique atmosphere of this thousand-year-old city, which was world-famous for its craft skills in medieval times and still promotes this heritage today, for example in the Centre of Excellence for New Materials in the Nuremberg Metropolitan Region.

The European Coatings Show set new records once again this year, underscoring its position as the leading show for the international coatings industry: about 30,500 trade visitors* (2017: 30,198) from 124 countries (2017: 120) seized the opportunity offered by this year’s event to learn about innovations in paint, coating and sealing compound manufacture from 1,156 exhibitors from 46 countries (2017: 40). The exhibition area, extending to eight halls this year, turned the Exhibition Centre Nuremberg into the central platform for coatings experts from around the world to share ideas and experiences. In addition to the trade show, the overlapping European Coatings Show Conference also proved a drawcard with an even more international presence: about 800 participants came from 54 countries to listen to the presentations by leading scientists and development experts.

Trade fair activity in general

Exhibitors and trade visitors travelled to Nuremberg from six continents to discuss every aspect of the process chain of paint and coatings manufacture. They had more space this year, with eight halls in total. In six of them, including Hall 9 as a new addition, exhibitors displayed raw materials used in paints, printing inks and adhesives, while two more halls were devoted to laboratory and production technology, and also testing and measurement devices.

The 2019 European Coatings Show was thus larger, more varied, and even more international than previous events in the series. Most of the exhibitors came from Germany, followed by China, Italy, the Netherlands, USA and India. Products and services from exhibitors based in the Czech Republic and China were exhibited at the pavilions from both of these countries. The proportion of both international exhibitors and international trade visitors was even higher than last time. Visitors at this year’s show represented 124 countries, including the likes of Italy, the Netherlands, the UK and Turkey, which were among the top ten in visitor statistics, and also many other countries in the Asian, North and South American, African and Australian markets.

Let’s party

The attractions of the trade show included the ever-popular product presentations – three stages hosting open exhibitor presentations, in which the exhibitors each had 15 minutes to give a brief talk about the development and performance of new products. The power of innovation of the sector was also illustrated at the show by a number of research institutes, universities, and many young companies. In addition to a pavilion for young and innovative companies from Germany, the new Start-up Area was very much the place for newcomers, with nine international exhibitors taking part in the European Coatings Show for the first time.

The European Coatings Show Conference once again brought together leading R&D experts and prominent scientists from all around the world. With about 800 delegates from 54 countries taking part, its international attendance was even greater than on the previous occasion. Participants learned about the latest research results and trends in coating development in 144 presentations grouped into 24 sessions. The most popular presentation series included “Water-borne Coatings”, “Dispersing Technology”, “Microbial Protection” and “Science today – coatings tomorrow”. Eco-friendliness and functionality are thus topics the industry continues to consider particularly important this year – which was also confirmed by the interactive survey of participants during the Conference. The use of titanium dioxide, something that has been the subject of intense discussion, was a new item on the agenda.

The European Coatings Award for the best technical paper went to Dr Christopher M. Miller et al., Senior Global Research Director, Coating Resins at Arkema. In his presentation he thematised the development of a deeper understanding of the effect of latex design parameters on final coatings.

The keynote speech was held by Prof. Markus Antonietti, Director at Max-Planck Institute for Colloids. He discussed a new procedure for obtaining monomers, polymers and solvents from biomass waste.



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