Faszination Pferd

Faszination Pferd

July 30th, 2020
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The organizing AFAG Messen and Expositions GmbH welcomed over 120,000 visitors over the six days. After all, it is a good tradition among Consumenta guests to stop by the four-legged friends every now and then and be inspired by the fascinating world of horses. “The interplay between show and sport is what makes this event so special and it worked very well again this year,” said tournament director Jacqueline Schmieder. “We have once again succeeded in conveying the diversity of equestrian sport to people and ensuring that one or the other visitor falls in love with the horse,” said the President of the Bavarian Riding and Driving Association.

At the start, local hero Hans-Peter Konle created the 
mood on the first day : the father of two from the Franconian town of Küps taught the competition to fear the S ** – jumping and delivered a perfect round with his twelve-year-old Oldenburg gelding Quick Stepp. He then went one step further in the winning round: he was the last of five riders to start in this jump-off, showed nerves like wire ropes and finally put in the fastest zero lap. Konle thus referred the world champion and Olympic gold medalist, Michael Jung from Baden-Württemberg, to the nine-year-old mare Chasandra in second place. The Horber, who has repeatedly proven in Nuremberg that he also cuts a fine figure in the jumping saddle, once again showed that the Frankenhalle is a good place for him. So he got the golden ribbon in the barrier jumping with the sportsman when he flew over 1.80 meters without mistakes after four jump-offs. 

In the opening competition, an S *, Michael Jung had also been able to add Chasandra to the ranking list. The Swedish young rider Alice Tapper won with Doge Dogelito. 
“You couldn’t ask for better, first an international winner, then a world champion at the front and finally a Franke who wins the sporting highlight,” said tournament director Jacqueline Schmieder about the brilliant start of the six-day event.

And it should go on like this: The next day, the victory in the S ** went to Christian Brühl with a winning round, a franc from RV Frankenhof-Sonnefeld, who had saddled the 16-year-old mare Que Tal. “To win here in front of my home crowd makes me particularly proud,” said the winner of the golden riding badge, who has already successfully completed the Nations Cup.

Hans-Peter Konle with Quick Stepp came in second place in this competition, which caused breathtaking excitement in the crowds, followed by Michael Jung from Baden-Württemberg with Sportsmann S.

Show jumping at its finest was seen in the Frankenhalle throughout the day. Michael Kölz (Leisnig) and Dubai had already won the S * test in the morning, while Irishman Jeremy Sweetnam, who started for Gut Ising, won an S ** class on Grand Coeur.

The post went off in the Frankenhalle on Thursday: The first tournament in terms of working equitation proved to be an absolute one
Crowd-puller. The way of working from the Iberian Peninsula, which has become increasingly popular in Germany in recent years, offered a great spectacle. If the “workers” had already found a platform in the show program in previous years, AFAG offered a premiere this time: For the first time, the riders started in a competition, had to complete a dressage trail first and then a speed trail, i.e. the same Course against the clock. And there the active people in the saddle caused enthusiasm in front of full ranks. Lightning-fast turns, backwards through the narrow streets and galloping over a wooden bridge – these were just a few of the requirements.

 Ridden by the way – was appropriate for the high level of difficulty of the exam – with one hand. The fastest clear lap was Thomas Türmer, the reigning German runner-up with his proven Orlando, followed by Mihai Maldea, the championship rider born in Romania and who has been based in Eging am See for decades and who saddled Benjamin de Caniceira.

Already in the morning the young dressage riders competed in the final of the NÜRNBERGER BURG-POKAL of the Bavarian juniors. Anabel Huther from RV Ellertal ended up ahead with Fidergold.

Pure dressage was on the program on Friday. Already in the morning the entry test for the twelfth qualification for the NÜRNBERGER BURG-POKAL took place and with it the last chance to get one of the starting places in the final of the renowned examination in Frankfurt. It is not easy for the young dressage horses, because the atmosphere in the Frankenhalle can be quite 
exciting. But maybe that’s exactly why many riders use the tournament to prepare their horses for the indoor season. The same applies to the Festhallen Reitturnier in Frankfurt. And so the fascination with horses is rightly seen as a dress rehearsal for the final of the BURG-POKAL.

This test was successfully passed by Isabel Freese from Oldenburg with her seven-year-old Totilas son Total Hope, whom Fabienne Müller-Lütkemeier from Paderborn relegated to Valesco in second place. The best Bavarian rider was Christine Eglinski from Waldhauser Hof in Sauerlach, who led the nine-year-old Hanoverian Forever mine in fourth place. 

In the afternoon there was a special treat for dressage lovers with a Grand Prix. And here a Bavarian four-legged friend was ahead. With her white and blue Florestano son Fabregaz, Fabienne Müller-Lütkemeier took the lead in the field. The best starter from the Free State was Stefanie Schatz-Weihermüller from Bayreuth with C’est la vie.

On Saturday, Bavaria’s top dressage riders gave an impressive taste of their skills. A Grand Prix Special was on the program in the morning and the white and blue athletes showed their sovereignty. The first five on the list of winners came from Bavaria. At the forefront was Ferdinand Csaki, who started for the Munich Riding Academy and 
saddled the 13- year-old Hanoverian Stevie Wonder M. A wafer-thin lead of 0.5 percent was enough for the young man to win. With this he referred local hero Franziska Stieglmaier from Roth-Untersteinbach to her silver rank with her self-trained ten-year-old mare DSP Dauphin, followed by the Landshutin Lisa-Maria Klössinger and Quam Libet and the Swabian Frank Freund with Royal Cabaret.

It was really exciting in the qualification for the NÜRNBERGER BURG-CUP, in which the fascination with horses traditionally offers the last opportunity to get a starting place for the Frankfurt festival hall tournament in December.

Twelve four-legged young talents floated through the square in the Frankenhalle, in the end the victory went to full rank for Annabel Frenzen from Krefeld with the Rhineland stallion Kieferhof’s Imperius with an impressive and almost flawless performance. In doing so, she relegated Isabel Freese from Oldenburg to Totilas son Top Gear and Paderborn-born Fabienne Müller-Lütkemeier to Valesco. The best Bavarian rider was Christine Eglinski from Waldhauser Hof in Sauerlach with forever 
mine in sixth place.

The last day at the Fascination Horse is traditionally dedicated to the offspring in the saddle. In the morning, the pony dressage riders fought for victory in the Bayern Pony Cup. In the final test, Josephine Großmann from the stable Eiben Münchberg took the lead with Der Duke. The overall victory in the Bayern Ponycup was won by Lara Arndt from RFV Ammersee with Little Crown Prince. The jumping specialists among the pony riders were also given 
a platform in the Frankenhalle. After two class L tests, the winner of the Bayern Ponycup was also determined here. Katharina Roth from RFV Burgthann could look forward to the winning sash with her Mc Pleasure.

The last item on the program and very popular with the public: there were imaginative outfits for horses and riders in the pony bridle class.

Sporting highlights and fast-paced shows in the Frankenhalle 36 horse breeds, jumping, dressage and driving competitions at the highest level and a show program that had it all: The fascination for horses, which took place from October 29 to November 3 in the Nuremberg Frankenhalle the Consumenta consumer fair took place once again with countless highlights, hippological delicacies and premieres.



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