September 4th, 2020
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 The thirty nine billion dollar equine market is an integral part of the United States’ economy. Globally, equine business represents a multibillion dollar industry. Europe and the Middle East have thriving equine industries and horses are routinely sold internationally. Horse racing exists in most countries around the world and is closely tied to the casinos and resorts. The growth of international horse show competitions is spurring increased activity of horse sales globally due to the prestige and visibility of international competitions such as the Olympics and World Equestrian Games. This paper examines the status of the equine industry and analyzes the impact of this industry and its future as a global market force.

Welcome to the largest equestrian event in Berlin! This three-day event is an essential for horse lovers, providing educational workshops and offers as well as a sales fair and live tournaments.

If you love horse-riding, racing or dressage then saddle up and get yourself down to the Berlin Exhibition Centre for Hippologica 2020, the biggest equestrian event in Berlin. Local equestrian sports association LPBB and Messe Berlin have teamed up to offer you an impressive programme, involving tournaments, sales fairs, presentations and much more!

Prepare for a weekend of unbridled fun at Hippologica. The event will play host to around 190 exhibitors from five different nations, all offering a variety of equestrian equipment and accessories. For budding equestrians, the event will also host a myriad of practical teaching demonstrations, seminars and workshops, designed for all skill levels, from beginner to advanced.

The Hippologica will also present its varied and immersive programme featuring jumping tests, western shows and driving competitions. Highlights from the sporting programme include: the finals of the Hippologica Vaulting Cup, finals of the Nürnberger Burg Juniors Cup and the Hippologica Masters Driving. The selection of the youth squad for the LPBB will also take place at the event.

This year marks the third time that the Hippologica will be taking place on the final four days of the International Green Week. The International Green Week is one of the most traditional and famous trade fairs in Germany, hosting a plethora of exhibitors in the food, agriculture and horticulture industries.

All tickets for the Hippologica also permit the holder entrance to the International Green Week, which also takes place at the Messe Berlin – giving you two shows for the price of one and allowing you to take advantage of all that the famous trade fair has to offer!

The Hippologica equestrian fair attracts over 22,000 trade visitors and equestrian enthusiasts to the exhibition halls at the radio tower every year with a mixture of shows, riding tournaments, shopping opportunities and educational offers. Around 190 exhibitors from five nations offer a variety of equestrian items and horse accessories. Visitors can purchase products such as equipment for horses and riders, grooming and feed, as well as transport vehicles and stable technology.

MARCH 5, 2012 – The American Horse Publications (AHP) is launching its second Equine Industry Survey to gauge trends in the U.S. equine industry. The AHP Equine Industry Survey is being sponsored by Kentucky Equine Research, Merck Animal Health, and Pfizer Animal Health.

In 2009, AHP conducted an online nationwide survey made possible by the sponsorship of Intervet/Schering Plough Animal Health and Pfizer Animal Health.  Upon its conclusion on Jan. 31, 2010, a total of 11,171 usable responses was collected.  This completed the largest-ever equine industry survey of hands-on horse industry participants in the United States.1  AHP will strive to exceed that number with the current survey.


As in the previous survey, the purpose of the 2012 survey is threefold. The first objective is to obtain information regarding past, present, and expected future participation in the equine industry. The second objective is to identify which issues currently facing the equine industry are perceived as being most critical to those who own, or manage horses. The third objective is to analyze issues pertaining to horse health. In addition to questions on vaccines and deworming, the 2012 survey includes questions relating to nutrition, feed, and nutritional supplements.

Those eligible to participate in the survey are men and women, 18 years of age and older, who currently own or manage at least one horse and live in the United States. This study is anonymous; this means that no one–not even members of the research team–will be able to associate information that is given with responses. When the survey results are tallied, only aggregated results will be presented.

AHP members who have publications, websites, social media outlets, and professional organizations in the equine industry will promote the survey to their communities of horse owners for several months. AHP members who participate in promoting the survey will receive the complete results of the 2012 survey to release through their own channels. Full survey results will be released to the general equine industry 30 days after that.

HIPPOLOGICA 2020 Impression of the warming-up area

To show the type of important information AHP collected in the first survey, following is new data from the 2009-2010 AHP Equine Industry Survey on how horse owners use their horses.  These responses have been broken down by geographic region and discipline.  Within each region, the most popular use of horses is for pleasure or trail riding.  It is also the most popular activity nationwide.  After pleasure or trail riding, the top 5 most frequently reported activities in each region are identified.

The HIPPOLOGICA – The equestrian event of the Green Week takes place from 22 to 24 January 2021 on the Berlin Exhibition Grounds.

On the last three event days of the Green Week the HIPPOLOGICA offers a variety of competitions (hall 25), lectures and shopping.



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