September 4th, 2020
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The boundaries between logistics, mobility, infrastructure and transport are falling. New, networked, integrated and inter-modal systems are being created. To reflect these changes and to discuss their impact on the economy and society, Messe Frankfurt launches the Hypermotion. This event create will be the first independent platform with digital transformation in the mobility and transport sector as the superordinate theme.

People perceive mobility as an important indication of personal freedom. Logistics create growth and prosperity both for business and society. In times of the digitalisation and decarbonisation, logistics and mobility must be available at all times and must be reliable.
And the transport system of the future will need to be ‘intelligent’ – that means, amongst other things, networked, integrated, digital, secure, multi-modal and affordable. To achieve this, traditional boundaries separating systems that have hitherto existed, between logistics, mobility (i.e. personal and public transport), infrastructure and freight handling, will need to be overcome. Communities and groups that have, up to now, focussed on different modes of transport and sectors in separate, independent events and trade fairs will need to come together and, in part, also face modernisation and revitalisation.

The rapid pace of digitalisation in so many areas of life is a real challenge for all of us. Hyperconsumption, growing mobility requirements, ongoing climate change and increasing urbanisation all demand new mobility concepts. If we are to achieve a forward-looking and sustainable mobility transition, we must change the way we think and overcome existing systems boundaries. Ultimately, the solution lies in new, intelligently networked and multimodal systems.

When developing these systems, players and participants from the mobility, supply chain and infrastructure industries find themselves confronted with a wide range of unanswered questions, a dynamic and complex market environment, opposition and regulations that do more to restrict innovation than promote it.

It is here that Hypermotion aims to lead the way forward, by promoting interdisciplinary dialogue between established mobility and logistics companies and first movers across all modes of transport, opening up new perspectives, fostering discussion of pioneering concepts and networking everyone involved.

“With Hypermotion we have created the first platform for digital transformation that unites every mode of transport. It is our goal to drive networking within the industry, in order to pave the way for new and integrated solutions for tomorrow’s mobility,” explains Danilo Kirschner, Director of Hypermotion.

Participants include established corporations and SMEs from the fields of mobility and logistics, mobility pioneers and innovative start-ups, policy-makers and representatives from the fields of science, academia and associations.

Hypermotion 2019, Messe Frankfurt, Germany

Hypermotion participants can look forward to a stimulating and extensive conference programme on all three days of the event. This year also marks the first time that the German Mobility Congress (DMK) will be taking place as part of Hypermotion. The theme of this congress is ‘Mobility in conurbations – opportunities and challenges’. Other conferences on the programme include ‘EXCHAiNGE’, a prestigious international event focusing on supply chain management, and the ‘Logistics Digital Conference’ (LDC) with the main topic innovations for logistics. At the ‘smart mobility conference’ (smc), on the other hand, it is sustainable urban mobility concepts and digital networking that are in the spotlight.

Make way for the future: In the Hypermotion Lab, start-ups and established companies alike present their innovative business ideas and projects. In an array of interactive formats that includes elevator pitches and speed networking, newcomers show off their expertise, while finalists from established companies fight to win the coveted Supply Chain Management Award. Everyone is welcome to take part. In addition, all participants are encouraged to actively contribute to workshops and think tanks in order to discuss pressing problems and collaborate on the development of possible solutions.

Electric scooters and hoverboards will soon be legal on German roads as well. That is because these mini electric vehicles offer an environmentally-friendly and cost-effective alternative to cars for short journeys. Hypermotion has responded to this development by introducing the Micro Mobility Course at this November’s event – here, providers of lightweight vehicles for transporting people and goods will be able present their vehicles, giving people the opportunity to try out not only monowheels and Segways, but also e-bikes, cargo bikes and e-scooters.

The STUVA Conference – an event devoted to the tunnel industry – is taking place alongside Hypermotion on the Frankfurt exhibition grounds. Visitors can look forward to an extensive programme featuring more than 60 simultaneously translated presentations, as well as the accompanying STUVA Expo at which some 200 companies will be exhibiting.

The key point of approach for the ‘Hypermotion’ is, therefore, via the already recognised concept of intelligent transport systems (ITS) which can be made future proof by looking at it from the point of view of digitalisation, and should be developed further. Thus,
Hypermotion will be the first independent platform for the digital transformation of transport, mobility and logistics.  

Over 200 high-calibre experts shared their ideas on the future of mobility and logistics. Detlef Braun, Member of the Executive Board of Messe Frankfurt, put it this way: “The transport and mobility transitions are a necessity, and they are undertakings that require large numbers of people, companies, parties and interest groups to work together. Hypermotion offers the perfect framework.”
As Manfred Fuhg, Head of Sales Region Germany, Siemens Mobility GmbH, said: “I appreciate how Hypermotion offers various stakeholders the chance to venture a look ahead. People joined together to discuss new technologies, and not only the opportunities they held, but also the challenges entailed, such as with autonomous driving.” According to Frank Gäfgen, Managing Director, ESWE: “We have had some excellent discussions with the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure (BMVI) and the State of Hesse over the past few days, which is important, as we require both support and funding to achieve our goal of providing zero-emission local public transport for Wiesbaden. My employees and I all had a very positive experience at Hypermotion.”

A number of companies presented innovative car and ride-sharing concepts, including BVG with BerlKönig and Metropolis Service GmbH with CarlE, an original London taxi that will soon be in use here in Germany as an electric shared taxi. Managing Director Matthias Schmidt had this to say: “We have had high-quality talks at Hypermotion, including with consulting agencies that advise local public transport firms. We have also met with professors and students that now want to start new projects with us, such as in Worms. We will definitely be coming back again next year.”

Start-ups also networked with one another. According to Lena Jungkamp, Business Development, inno2grid GmbH: “Time and again, we have seen that networked thinking is essential.

 The energy transition can only be successful if it is accompanied by a mobility transition.” Stephan Collisi, CEO of Poolynk, noted the valuable contacts he made on the very first day of the event: “I was approached by innovation scouts from automotive manufacturers and suppliers. My app offers a digital solution for load carrier management. 5.5 billion jointly-used load carriers worldwide represent a major logistical challenge, and there is still a need for solutions in a number of sectors, including air cargo.”

Mirko Zieher, Sales Manager Germany, Air Partner International GmbH: “Speed networking at Hypermotion is an excellent format for establishing new business contacts quickly. I found a potential business contact, and we will be continuing our talks next week in our Cologne office. I recommend the event to anyone who is looking for a fast and convenient way to network.”

Stefan Weber, PMP© Senior Program Manager & Site Lead Frankfurt, HERE Technologies: “There is no other event that offers such a large number of experts, users, start-ups and associations the chance to stay abreast of the latest technology and industry findings in such a versatile format.”

Michael Kørschen, CEO of IntelliFinder: “Hypermotion is an excellent platform for networking. The event gave us the chance to forge some very interesting contacts that we would never have established otherwise. Even the visitor quality was excellent. With our location-based resource management software, we hope to help expand the digital infrastructure for the German market.”

Daniel Kropp, founder and Managing Director of Mein Schlemmerdepot and winner of the Start-Up Award from House of Logistics & Mobility, Gateway Gardens Frankfurt Airport: “Mobility is something that impacts all of us, and that is why Hypermotion is so important. As a start-up, it presented us with a perfectly organised situation and excellent opportunities to network with partners.”

M.A. Alfred Fuhr, sociologist and founder of Das Fuhrwerk: “Hypermotion offers hyper-communication for everything that is being sought: personnel, ideas, investors and sponsors.”



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