August 29th, 2020
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Are you looking for solutions to the challenges of the future? The world’s leading trade fair for environmental technologies provides answers. As the largest platform for water, wastewater, waste and raw materials management , IFAT is the international meeting point for the industry – with innovative offers that set standards for the future. From the drinking water supply to wastewater disposal, waste and raw materials management as well as innovations for pollutant management, sustainable road construction and minerals, the full range of products is available to you.

The keys to greater competitiveness and sustainability? An optimal circular economy and sensible resource efficiency.

Both contribute decisively to harnessing the potential of raw materials across all life cycles – with considerable profits for waste management, the manufacturing sector as well as cities and municipalities. A topic that no one can avoid, who wants to be future-oriented. Find out what this can mean for your own corporate strategy in our supporting program.

From the efficient reuse of waste products to the unpacking of food waste to biogas and sustainability in thermal waste treatment: Our lectures are as diverse as their target groups.

The focus is on the synthesis of theory and practice, because in addition to overarching topics, you will also find very specific help for your daily business here. How can you sensibly implement new statutory directives? How can the EU plastics strategy be implemented in your company? You can find the answers from us.

Focus on “living circular economy – aluminum material flow”

Well-known companies and experts analyze both the manufacturing process and the recycling of this production-relevant resource. Because as the most important lightweight material and the second most important metal after steel, aluminum can be recycled and reused almost without limit. In Germany alone, more than 1.25 million aluminum alloys are extracted from aluminum scrap.

Municipal companies are the central infrastructure service providers in Germany and are responsible for the careful and sustainable use of resources in many areas.

The EU Commission’s Green Deal holds great opportunities and challenges at the same time. All the more so because action must be taken now to be able to achieve the targets and goals in the future. The top-class framework program at IFAT promises orientation – with best practice examples from a wide variety of countries and municipalities.

In the technical framework program you will find the whole range of municipal topics – prepared for the future and in a practical manner. Use the input of our experts and the experience of other countries and municipalities for the further development of your administration and infrastructure.

What is it about For example, about sustainability in road and sewer construction, future building standards, water and waste management and environmentally friendly winter service. But also about digitization: Whether smart water supply, digital green tech or digital solutions for waste collection and transportation – the future of cities and communities is smart.

How do we manage to give the growing world population a high standard of living without looting natural resources and sinking into mountains of waste? Only with a consistent, intelligent circular economy. In addition to further raising global standards, innovations are still in demand – existing, well-functioning recycling channels can still be improved. In addition, the international environmental technology companies are always targeting new waste streams and material groups for ecologically and economically sensible recycling.

Waste and secondary raw materials – the process chain

Recycling waste means returning raw materials to the economic cycle. In many cases, a highly complex process chain consisting of collection, transport, sorting and handling has to be designed. Household waste, packaging waste, old cars, building rubble, electronic waste – the products and solutions of the IFAT exhibitors are as varied as the waste streams to be recycled.

Partly highly specialized, they offer a technological spectrum that ranges from modern collection vehicles – for example with a hybrid drive – to low-wear, energy-saving shredding machines to fully automatic material separation systems.

Waste recycling takes precedence over waste disposal – however, significant amounts of waste still have to be landfilled. Here too, IFAT exhibitors show the “state of the art” in waste management.

Street cleaning as well as road maintenance and winter road maintenance is about ensuring high safety and cleanliness without losing sight of the economy.

Road maintenance service

Here you will find manufacturers and suppliers of products and holistic systems for operational service in traffic areas and their adjacent areas in the vegetative period from spring to autumn.

Machines for mowing verges and embankments, cutting back bushes and taking care of embankments and ditches, removing weeds on paving stones and in gutters and washing traffic areas are on display.

Road winter service

Here you will find manufacturers and suppliers of products and holistic systems for winter service on traffic areas.

Snow plows, snow blowers and snow blowers as well as sweeping machines for clearing the traffic routes from snow masses, spreading machines in various sizes for the distribution of thawing or blunting spreading materials up to modern spray de-icers for the distribution of liquid thawing materials are presented.

You will also find black ice early warning systems for measuring road and environmental conditions as well as digital management software systems, PC-based or on mobile smartphone apps, as support for carrying out a professional operating service in the product portfolio of the providers.

Electrification / alternative drive concepts

The currently dominant topic in street cleaning is the modernization of the drive concepts for street sweepers. The change to environmentally friendly drive methods required by politicians is putting pressure on municipal companies to operate the vehicles perceived in public transport as quickly as possible with environmentally friendly drive methods. This need is taken up and implemented by the manufacturers. In addition to electrification, hydrogen drives as well as gas and petrol also play a role in step 2.

Impact of urbanization on street cleaning

An increasing need for cleanliness in cities leads to the need for new methods and devices in the area of ​​surface cleaning. Simply turning away from the modern designed inner city areas no longer leads to the desired level of cleanliness. Dry cleaning is no longer sufficient, both from an optical point of view and from the point of view of fine dust. There is an ever increasing need for wet cleaning, both on the street and in the pedestrian area. The manufacturers of compact and truck sweepers offer various techniques on this topic. The cleaning methods range from wet scrubbing to high-pressure water with a flat jet and rotating nozzles.

15% of CO2 emissions in the EU are caused by cars and vans. Therefore, the EU Parliament tightened the emissions regulations for vehicles – with clearly defined CO2 reduction targets.

But the regulation of pollutant emissions from plants in accordance with TA Luft is also one of the major environmental protection measures of the federal and state governments. What solutions are there for industry, logisticians and municipalities, for example? A topic that illuminates the IFAT technical framework program from different perspectives.

Whether companies, freight forwarders or municipal building depots: Anyone who maintains vehicle fleets for employees and work processes inevitably deals with the topic of intelligent drives and zero emissions. In exciting lectures and live demonstrations, you will learn how CO2 emissions can be reduced using modern drive technology and which low-emission upgrades are possible.

Which rule values ​​have to be considered when approving plants? How can pollutant emissions from old systems be reduced? Get in touch personally with manufacturers and experts to clarify your questions about TA Luft and new drive methods.



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