August 1st, 2020
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INTERSCHUTZ is the world’s leading trade fair for the fire and rescue services, civil protection, safety and security. It is a magnet for companies from all around the world seeking to develop new markets for their solutions. It’s also the go-to show for pros wanting to learn about the latest innovations and share expertise with their international peers. INTERSCHUTZ is in a class of its own internationally when it comes to the quality and number of visitors and exhibitors it attracts.

INTERSCHUTZ is the place to be! Whether you work for the fire and rescue services, civil protection or the safety and security industries, no other trade fair offers you more opportunities for interdisciplinary knowledge sharing and for building international networks. A key reason for INTERSCHUTZ’s unique spirit is the fact that it is, quite literally, a showcase for heroes. It is, after all, a gathering place for people who routinely save lives, prevent disasters and help others in times of need. It’s also a place of action and excitement – where the likes of height rescue specialists, smokejumpers and firefighters demonstrate their unique skills and all the latest kit at popular events on the open-air site.

INTERSCHUTZ covers the full range of products and services for the fire and rescue services, civil protection, safety and security industries.

At the same time, INTERSCHUTZ is very much a business show. In fact, it’s the undisputed highlight event for the world’s providers of fire and rescue services, civil protection, and safety and security solutions and shapes their business cycles. That’s why anyone who wants to learn about the latest emergency management innovations and developments heads for Hannover when the gates open on INTERSCHUTZ.

INTERSCHUTZ is strong because it is a team effort between Deutsche Messe, the German associations vfdb, DFV and VDMA, the show’s commercial exhibitors, non-commercial exhibitors such as fire and rescue service organizations and disaster relief organizations, and the show’s many visitors from the professional and volunteer fire services, plant fire services, rescue services and the disaster relief sector.

The main display categories at INTERSCHUTZ 2021 are Fire Fighting, Fire Prevention, Rescue Services, Civil Protection, Communication & Control Center Solutions, and Protective Equipment. The world’s leading trade fair in June 2021 will again provide exhibitors and visitors with an unrivalled global summit for the entire sector.

Find out what’s behind it: At Forums, Discussions, Presentations and Guided Tours, you’ll learn the basics of the latest trends. Live outdoor demonstrations are always a huge crowd-puller at INTERSCHUTZ.

INTERSCHUTZ puts the spotlight on one central theme: “Teams, tactics, technology – connected for protection and rescue”. To this end, the world’s leading trade fair in Hannover will cover two specific aspects: the deployment of innovative digital solutions and cooperation between diverse players, agencies and organizations.

Staged over six days, INTERSCHUTZ features eye-catching exhibitions and engaging forums on the many aspects of firefighting, rescue services, civil protection and safety and security.

Disaster management mobilizations pose major logistical as well as technical challenges. Solution for meeting those challenges – everything from Tents for stay, accommodation or sanitation purposes, mobile …

Disaster management mobilizations pose major logistical as well as technical challenges. Solutions for meeting those challenges – everything from Tents for stay, accommodation or sanitation purposes, mobile power supply or flood protection – will be on show in the civil protection display area at INTERSCHUTZ 2021.

Fire brigades from around the globe are faced with an ever-changing set of catastrophic scenarios. Major emergencies caused by natural disasters and climate change require closer interaction among the various players. INTERSCHUTZ showcases vehicles and equipment, hardware and software as well as research and development – up close and first-hand. Digital technologies and connected operations in the face of an emergency will be displayed at exhibition stands and discussed in related conferences.

Increasing urban densification and continuously changing operational scenarios demand innovative digital solutions and seamless cooperation between all players involved. Within the new Digitization & Transformation display sector, current and future requirements for networked solutions will be put forward and discussed.

The rescue services are faced with a number of new challenges and developments, not least demographic change, telemedicine, a skills shortage, and large-scale catastrophic incidents. They are under constant pressure to scrutinize their strategic direction and to keep up to date with the latest technologies. That is why INTERSCHUTZ is so important. It provides a comprehensive survey of the latest emergency-sector products.

The requirements for personal protective equipment are becoming more and more individual. From smart textiles to integrated communication solutions for fire protection, rescue services and civil protection, at INTERSCHUTZ you’ll find the entire range of PPE for all areas of application.

Modern building designs, bigger dimensions and densely built-up areas are leading to new requirements for preventive fire protection. INTERSCHUTZ covers all the relevant areas, from planning to implementation. Here you can swap ideas with specialists from around the world within the framework of this, the industry’s networking hub for preventive fire protection.

It’s going to be the biggest and most international INTERSCHUTZ of all time. This Saturday, it will be exactly 100 days until the world’s leading trade fair for the fire and rescue services, civil protection, safety and security kicks off. Opening on June 15 in Hannover, Germany, INTERSCHUTZ 2020 will feature technological innovations, amazing fire and rescue vehicles, the latest machinery, gear and personal protective equipment, and quality information, networking and knowledge-sharing.

 The last INTERSCHUTZ was five years ago, and a lot has happened since then. The megatrends of digital transformation, urbanization and demographic and climate change mean that societies worldwide – and the fire, rescue and civil protection services charged with safeguarding them – now face greater and often different challenges than just five years ago. Consequently, INTERSCHUTZ is now even more important than when last staged in 2015. “It is in times of change such as these that the world most needs an INTERSCHUTZ,” commented Deutsche Messe Managing Board member Dr. Andreas Gruchow. “INTERSCHUTZ is a platform for discussing key trends, a showcase for learning about the latest technologies, vehicles and equipment, and a gathering hub for building up networks and a sense of community and cohesion.”

This year’s show, which runs from 15 to 20 June, will be the biggest and most international INTERSCHUTZ ever. The organizers already have bookings for 115,000 square meters (1.18 million sq. ft.) of exhibition space, up from the previous record of approximately 108,000 square meters (1.16 million sq. ft.), set in 2015. So far a total of more than 1,500 companies and first-responder organizations from around the world have registered. The organizers have also achieved their declared goal of further boosting the show’s internationality. At 44 percent, almost half of the exhibition space at INTERSCHUTZ will be occupied by international participants, up from 37 percent in 2015. The biggest exhibiting nations, after Germany, will be Austria, Italy and the Netherlands, followed by the USA, China, France, the UK, Poland and Turkey.

“INTERSCHUTZ is very close to the hearts of a lot of people,” Gruchow said. “It is a B2B show that people attend with very definite procurement aims in mind, certainly; but it is also a powerfully emotive thing – like a keenly anticipated family reunion combined with the world’s biggest festival for the firefighting community.” INTERSCHUTZ is a major event that would not be possible without its numerous supporters, chief among them the official INTERSCHUTZ partners, namely the German Fire Protection Association (GFPA), the Firefighting Equipment Association within the German Engineering Federation (VDMA Feuerwehrtechnik) and the German Fire Services Association (DFV). The DFV is also the organizer of the 29th German Firefighting Convention, which will be held in parallel with INTERSCHUTZ and will attract even more members of the firefighting community to Hannover.

INTERSCHUTZ revolves around six main display categories: Fire Fighting (a large part of the show), Fire Prevention (featuring as a display area in its own right for the very first time), Rescue Services, Civil Protection, Communication & Control Center Solutions, and Protective Equipment.

This year is also the first time that INTERSCHUTZ has a lead theme. “Teams, Tactics, Technology – Connected for Protection and Rescue” will shape the displays and dialogue at the exhibition stands, forums and symposia. The “connected” aspect of the theme refers both to the opportunities and benefits of digital technologies and to the power of collaboration among stakeholder organizations and institutions.

Another key focus of this year’s INTERSCHUTZ is “Digitalization and Transformation”. It is the defining theme of Hall 16, which will be configured as a space for interactive learning and discovery, innovative thinking and new ideas. The hall will feature theme-specific walk-through displays that will explore the defining megatrends of our times and take visitors on a journey of discovery through the future of civil protection. The purpose of this part of the show is to bring together a range of perspectives, spark new ideas and initiatives, break down outdated structures and help actively shape the digital transformation process.

INTERSHUTZ 2020 is rounded off by an extensive program of supporting conferences, workshops and captivating action. Over the six days of INTERSCHUTZ, there will in fact be more than 70 of these side events. They will be held in the exhibition halls and – in the case of spectator events and live demonstrations of the latest fire vehicles and fire extinguishing technology and agents – on a large outdoor demonstration site. There will be knowledge-sharing and professional training sessions on offer at special summits on the rescue services and civil protection, fire prevention, incident-site hygiene and digitalization, at the “Transcending Borders” Civil Protection Symposium, and at the Hannover Emergency Care Symposium.

Meanwhile, career starters and changers will find the information they need at the Job & Career showcase. And of course, INTERSCHUTZ would not be INTERSCHUTZ without a thrilling mix of high-performance sport, physical contests and outright fun. Events of this type include the German High Angle Rescue Championships; the Holmatro Rescue Challenge (in which 29 teams from all around the world will compete for top honors), the S-Gard SAFETYTOUR Program, and, last but by no means least, the FireFit Championship, in which firefighters will go head-to-head in an all-out contest of strength, fitness and speed.

As a global event that welcomes participants from around the world, INTERSCHUTZ will be drawing special attention to a particular country on three of the show’s six days. On the Tuesday, the spotlight will be on exhibitors from France, on the Wednesday, Italy will be in the limelight, and on the Thursday, exhibitors from the USA will take center stage. This diversity of the show’s exhibitor lineup will likewise be a powerful magnet for visitors from abroad. National pavilions by Finland, France, Italy, Canada, Korea, Malaysia Russia and the USA, for example, will serve as a major drawcard for high-ranking visitor delegations from outside Germany. This international effect will be further amplified by numerous international side events, such as the meeting of the FEU Officer Development Leadership Program and the meeting of the ISO TC94/SC14 Firefighters PPE Committee.



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