August 29th, 2020
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The so-called “water-energy nexus” refers to the interdependency between water and energy, the world’s two most critical resources. In recent years, this issue has received more and more attention in the buildings field [1–3]. At a basic level, treating and transporting water requires energy, primarily electricity, and in many cases, generating energy requires large amounts of water [4]. Given that water and energy are strategic resources, planning them together is vital to ensure future economic, social, and political stability, and to avoid unwanted unsustainable scenarios [5]. Energy efficiency is the most profitable way for society to ensure energy supply and reduce greenhouse gas emissions and other pollutants, with existing buildings offering the greatest potential for improved efficiency [6,7].

 According to the International Energy Agency (IEA), buildings currently account for more than 40% of primary energy consumption and, if no action is taken to improve energy efficiency, energy demand is expected to rise by 50% by 2050. Buildings are also responsible for approximately one-third of global carbon emissions [8,9]. For all these reasons, various institutions, including the IEA itself, the European Union (EU), and the United Nations have made energy efficiency in buildings a priority on their political agendas [10–12]. The EU [13] encourages energy building renovations and asks member states to promote them.

With around 190,000 visitors and over 2,500 exhibitors ISH is the world’s leading trade fair and international meeting place for the sector at the same time. 46 % of the visitors 66 % of the exhibitors come from outside Germany. 96 % of all trade fair guests were satisfied with their visit in 2019. ISH focuses on modern bathroom design, sustainable heating and air-conditioning technology as well as intelligent home systems. The world’s largest exhibition space for the HVAC sector showcases an array of practical solutions for the most important issues of our time: achievement of climate protection targets, conservation of resources through the use of renewable energies, increasing digitalisation and smart technologies.

ISH, the world’s leading trade fair for HVAC + Water, once again gave an impressive demonstration of its importance for German and international visitors and exhibitors. Achieving the climate targets is only possible by interconnecting systems and trades. With innumerable solutions, the global meeting place generated a plethora of fresh and future-oriented impulses.

The world meets up at ISH. TOP international experts from the sanitary, heating and air-conditioning sectors come to Frankfurt. This makes the fair the industry’s international highlight and its number one meeting place. At ISH 2019, a total of 188,234 visitors has experienced your highlights and innovations on a floor area of 280,200 sqm.

ISH lives up to its reputation as an international player in the trade fair sector. In 2019, the proportion of international visitors increased to 46 % and the trend continues to rise.

The place to be for the entire industry – and a focus of growing international interest. A total of 2,551 exhibitors demonstrated their expertise and innovations at the leading international industry showcase. And with 66 % of exhibitors coming from outside Germany, the international profile of the event continues to grow.

ISH continues on its growth path. The largest exhibition venue in the world for product innovations occupies an area equal to approximately 39 football pitches, an increase of roughly 19,000 sqm.

ISH has consolidated and improved its ranking. The fair is generating increasing interest among German and international trade visitors and reinforcing its unique selling point in comparison to other international trade fairs. The number of German trade visitors ranking it as the number one event increased by 3 percentage points to 45 %. And the same trend can be seen in terms of its ranking by international visitors with a 2 percentage point increase to 42 %.

Internationally and globally unique: In 2019, visitors came from a total of 161 countries. This represents a rise in the proportion of international visitors to 46 %. Altogether 75 % of guests came from Europe, 18 % from Asia, 4 % from the Americas, 2 % from Africa and 1 % from Oceania.

ISH 2019

You’ll find the right industry contacts at ISH. Here you can meet top decision-makers from the installation trades, commerce and industry as well as from architecture, engineering and planning offices. In terms of German installation trades alone, 49 % of visitors came from top management. The extremely positive economic situation in the installation trades led to fewer visitors from the sector this time. However, the number of decision-makers at the trade fair rose.

Also on the up is the number of visitors from other target groups involved in construction, such as the real estate sector, property developers and building technology service providers.

From trainees to CEOs – ISH offers a glimpse into the future for everyone no matter their occupational status and is the number one networking hub for executives and trainees alike. Meet decision makers, expand networks, discover markets: 71 % of visitors to ISH 2019 have an influence on purchasing and procurement decisions in their companies.

ISH is a major show that reflects the current topics in the industry and thinks beyond traditional boundaries. This positioning has received a positive response from all visitors. They particularly appreciate the opportunity to familiarise themselves with a wide range of product innovations and new ideas, to take part in continuing professional development events and to expand their specialist knowledge.

The expansion of ISH has led to a restructuring of the fair. Specifically, this meant that 1,500 of the 2,551 exhibitors moved to new stand locations (in new halls). The move was a success and exhibitor approval was extremely high at 93 %.

ISH is distinguished by an extensive programme of events. Special exhibitions, expert lectures, panel discussions, competitions and guided tours give the chance to gather information, hold discussions and make new contacts. From ISH 2019, a new system is available to help the trade visitors find their way around. Accordingly, the range of products and services is divided into three over-arching categories. Particularly appealing is the fact that the ISH complementary programme picks up on trends, such as developments in the sector, in a practical way and positively fosters the interaction of the experts amongst themselves.



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