ISPO Munich

ISPO Munich

September 3rd, 2020
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ISPO Munich is not only the world’s largest multi-segment trade show in sport, but it is also the driver and sounding medium for all these developments. In 2020, ISPO Munich was guided by three mottos, which gave you orientation for the exciting developments in sports. In addition, you found special Focus Areas for each of our mottos, where new perspectives are made possible.

Meet key industry giants and sports professionals at the leading trade fair for the sports business, benefit from the know-how of leading experts, expand your network and profitably develop future business relationships. Discover what is possible. ISPO Munich is the ideal platform for making contacts and doing business worldwide – 87 % of the exhibitors come from abroad. 

Sport offers solutions, concepts and unlimited potential in all socially relevant fields in order to meet current challenges. ISPO Munich is the platform where all relevant target groups from trade visitors, exhibitors and sporting goods manufacturers meet and where this is made both thematically and physically accessible. ISPO Munich is not only the world’s largest multi-segment trade show in sport, it is also the driver and sounding medium for all these delvelopments.

ISPO Munich is set to reveal the future of winter sports in its Snowsports area. Spread across five halls, the segment reveals the changing face of the winter sports sector, as the boundaries between skiing, snowboarding, sledding, cross-country skiing, and winter hiking become more blurred, and a steady flow of new activities and trends emerges. Head to the “Snowsports” segment to discover all the latest trends in hardware, clothing, and accessories.

The Outdoor segment continues to be one of the focal points at ISPO Munich. The major brands will be appearing at the world’s largest sports trade fair, where they will reveal their new products for the season ahead across four prominently positioned halls. With everything from ultra-light cookers and SUP (stand-up paddle) boards to climbing skins for touring skis and multi-functional, all season jackets on display, retailers and members of the press can explore the broad spectrum of the industry in the Outdoor halls A1 to A5.

The world of outdoor sports has become even more diversified. Although exclusive focus areas such as alpine climbing, mountaineering, and ski touring have been the order of the day in the past, the demands placed on equipment and clothing are now more complex. Brands are responding to changes in the seasonal conditions, with winters getting shorter and transitional months accounting for a bigger chunk of the year. The result is that consumers’ requirements for products are shifting as they are beginning to use equipment in a different way. 

At ISPO Munich 2020, brand-new areas of interest will be on display in the Outdoor segment. In order to accommodate the developing trends within the industry, the world’s largest sports trade fair is introducing an optimized design and adding another hall to the exhibition area. With a total of five Outdoor halls this time, information will be on hand for visitors to find out all they need to know about the latest trends and innovations relating to mountaineering, climbing, ice climbing, bouldering, trail running, camping, and water sports.

The fact that “health is the new status symbol” is becoming increasingly clear as more and more people of all ages are starting to view their personal well-being as the main factor behind maintaining an active lifestyle. The health and fitness sector is booming and ISPO Munich is responding to this with an innovative health fair that shows trends within this segment, which covers wearables, running, urban fitness, body and mind, activewear, athleisure, and fitness equipment.

New trends are born in the city. The expression of a certain way of life and the link between sport and fashion is more important than ever. ISPO Munich is developing its new Urban exhibition area.

Sport meets fashion in an exclusive special exhibition called Urban Lab. The trend look from the street is presented in a curated exhibition. Because: sporty clothing is far more than a fashion statement, it is an expression of a feeling of life. Sneakers in the boardroom? No longer a taboo. Urban fashion is also becoming increasingly sporty – an enormous market potential for all designers and companies that are accelerating this development.

The fashion trends of the future are born in big towns and cities. But for some time now, new styles have been coming from public sports fields, basketball courts, and skate parks as well as the runways at fashion shows. The modern way of living is centered around health and fitness and yet another important aspect of this lifestyle is comfortable, lightweight, functional clothing.

The potential offered by this new trend in sports fashion hasn’t gone unnoticed by retailers. For some time now, sports retailers have been aware that their target market for clothing, shoes, and accessories extends beyond the traditional active sporty types. In fact, their products are now aimed at anyone who wants to show off that they maintain a lifestyle based on health and fitness – at work, at home, and, most importantly of all, when they are out and about. And that can include donning comfy gear to hang out with friends or dressing up in style for a night on the town.

Team sports are a way of life underpinned by a sense of community, emotion, and peak performance. As far as the sporting goods industry is concerned, team sports are a key economic factor, bringing in profit all year round. In Germany alone, some 20 million people take part in a team sport. Head to the Teamsports segment at ISPO Munich to find out what will be important in the world of team sports as we head into the future.

Becoming better together, encouraging each other to deliver a peak performance, having fun as a team, pulling together after defeats, and celebrating wins in style as a group – this is what team sports are all about. And there is no other type of sport on the same level. Whether their sport of choice is football, hockey, floorball, basketball, tennis, table tennis, badminton, volleyball, or ice hockey, for many active players, there is nothing better than that sense of community and shared passion for the sport within the team. 

This attitude is captured perfectly by the Teamsports segment at ISPO Munich in hall C6, where the sports industry will be showcasing the latest products from the team sports sector. There is something for everyone, with the traditional team sports such as football, hockey, and basketball being covered along with the likes of floorball and darts, which has recently seen a revival and is now back on trend. Boasting everything from small bats and balls for table tennis to proper full-sized tennis rackets and from team kit manufacturers to the footballs themselves, this area really should be the first port of call for all retailers looking for anything at all to do with the most popular of the team sports.

A quick look back at the past and ahead to the future reveals the incredibly quick pace at which trends in team sports evolve. In the past, darts has been widely regarded as the archetypal social sport, but now, inspired by extensive television coverage, thousands of people are trying their hand at throwing darts at a dartboard. As demand for equipment has increased, the range on offer has broadened too.

Racket sports are currently seeing a boost in popularity as well. Hockey and floorball – as the fast-paced, trick-based indoor sport – are undergoing rapid growth. This is no surprise given that it is easy to get started with the sport and the basics can be picked up in no time. Known in some countries as “unihockey,” this sport is deemed to be an exciting offering on school sports programs in particular thanks to its lightweight bats and balls that are considered to be less dangerous than the equipment used in other sports. 

At ISPO Munich, Vision is home to the world of premium sportswear. Professionals and retailers can feast their eyes on next season’s collections in the premium clothing segment in Hall B1. Winter sports is set to take center stage.

What company isn’t interested in identifying the design trends of the future? It goes without saying that this is all the more important for premium brands within the clothing sector given that they are the ones that customers rely on to set the trends. At ISPO Munich, Vision showcases the latest collections from the market leaders.

Sport meets fashion in an exclusive special exhibition entitled Urban Lab. The trend look from the street is presented in a curated exhibition in the centre aisle of Vision (Hall B1). Because: sporty clothing is much more than a fashion statement, it is an expression of an attitude to life. Sneakers in the boardroom? No longer a taboo. Urban fashion is also becoming more sporty – an enormous market potential for all designers and companies that are accelerating this development.

High visitor numbers are expected for Hall B1, conveniently located right next to the West Entrance, where top global brands will be unveiling their latest products to the audience of some 85,000 trade visitors at ISPO Munich. The 2,000 accredited journalists, bloggers, and influencers at the event should be sure to check out Vision too, as this is an unmissable opportunity to find out about the fashion trends of tomorrow and network with a huge crowd.

Perhaps the most exciting addition to ISPO Munich’s range: the “Trends, Innovation & Industry Services” segment in the new Hall C6 offers a glimpse into the future of the sports industry. This year’s crowd-pullers are the successful competition ISPO Brandnew Digital, the esports arena, providers of digital solutions and services around the entire product value chain as well as the unique training and innovation platforms: the sportmas Retail Lab and the ISPO Academy.

Within the sports industry, suppliers and service providers at the production stage are the most important links along the value-added chain. Sourcing and Textrends suppliers who provide performance textiles will always have a home to come to at ISPO Munich sport textile fair in the form of the Manufacturing and Suppliers area. After all, innovations and trends start with the materials.

ISPO Textrends is the innovation platform for the clothing industry in the form of an international competition aimed at finding the top talent within the sector. There is also a corresponding focus area dedicated to ISPO Textrends at ISPO Munich.

In this section of the sport textile fair, the best new performance textiles, fabrics, insulating materials, components, and accessories are put on display, providing manufacturers, designers, and product managers with an interactive networking platform.

A competition is held to decide on who is involved in ISPO Textrends, with candidates submitting their most innovative product as their entry. The platform offers a full insight into premium base layers, second layers, outer layers, membranes and coatings, accessories, zippers and trims, soft equipment, and insulation. At ISPO Munich from January 31 to February 3, 2021, the entire sports world will gather again to shape the future in the segments Snowsports, Outdoor, Health & Fitness, Urban, and Teamsports.



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