Jobs for Future

Jobs for Future

August 27th, 2020
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 Simply, up-to-date job offers, interesting study and training positions, internships and further training for all professional phases: At the large trade fair for jobs, training and further education, more than 300 exhibitors provide insight into industries such as IT, pharmaceuticals, metal, retail, health, media, Crafts, finance, construction and more. In around 100 free workshops and lectures, experts advise on topics such as application training, career planning and professional networking.

Intensive discussions, interested applicants and good contacts: 40,544 visitors (previous year: 39,089) were counted at the three-day Jobs for Future – trade fair for jobs, training and further education. 346 exhibitors advised people in all phases of their professional lives, explained job profiles and courses of study and enthused with exciting hands-on activities. The visitors came from the Rhine-Neckar metropolitan region, but also from the Palatinate and the Odenwald, from Stuttgart, Karlsruhe and Baden-Baden, Homburg / Saar and Kaiserslautern, from Mainz, Heilbronn and Bavaria. The exhibitors were very satisfied with a survey. Almost all of the exhibitors surveyed have already agreed to participate in 2021.

“Good as always” – “Target groups fully reached” – “The fair is set”: Long-term and new exhibitors were pleased about the great interest. For example, visitors to the booth of the employment agency came from high school students who dropped out of school to university graduates. The regional office for further training observed an increasing interest in further training. People with a migrant background wanted to know how to progress after the integration courses. The Rhein-Neckar Chamber of Commerce and Industry frequently asked for internships and training opportunities in the areas of financial accounting and metalworking. At the booth of the Mannheim Rhine-Neckar-Odenwald Chamber of Crafts, young people could experience the tasks of various trades in practical exercises. Exhibitors reported

IT, chemistry and technical courses were among the most sought-after professions and industries. The importance of plastics technology is growing due to the recycling options. Many specifically asked about the content of departments such as building technology. The “Physician Assistant” bachelor’s degree, which is a bridge between health professions and the doctor, aroused great interest. The new generalized training as a nurse was also in high demand. Applicants in the construction professions have very good chances.

The exhibitors appreciate not only the strong interest of specialists and young people, but also the opportunities for networking with cooperation partners in short ways. In the Maimarkthalle, universities and IT training providers were often only a few steps away from their partner companies. Stand operators also value contacts with teachers and supervisors. This makes it easier for them to explore and make better use of the opportunities for refugees, for example.

At the “Talent Discoverer Workshop”, which the Chamber of Commerce, Chamber of Crafts and the City of Mannheim held jointly on Saturday, graduate psychologist Moritz Horvath was able to give valuable tips on how parents can be a good coach for their children when choosing a career – this includes respect and letting go.

Of the more than 100 short lectures and workshops in the information forums, the practical tips and exercises on professional suitability, application and interviews were particularly well attended. Numerous listeners were informed about movement professions in sports and physiotherapy and about civil engineering. 

Whether professor of electrical engineering or dual students in the M + E industry: the spark jumped over to many high school graduates. At some stands, application folders have already been handed in or an application has been deposited on the tablet. Many interested parties brought specific questions to the stands.

Mannheim. Maimarkthalle. Jobs for Future 2020. Im Bild: Eröffnungstag der Aus- und Weiterbildungsmesse. Bild: Christoph Bluethner,

What comes after the apprenticeship? Even professionals who are already at work will find plenty of information and offers at the Jobs for Future trade fair in the Maimarkthalle Mannheim – both for jobs and for further training. Until Saturday, February 15th, 346 exhibitors will make you want their apprenticeships, courses, internships and further training measures. On the second of three days of the fair, 13,887 visitors (previous year: 14,353) were counted at the Jobs for Future.

The talks at the trade fair stands are often about developing clear professional paths from non-specific wishes (“something creative”, “something with people”). You can often set priorities based on your basic knowledge. Whether technology or graphics – it is always worth asking exactly what is required, because you don’t have to be good at everything in every area. Those who want to further qualify, for example in nursing professions, can later take on management responsibility.

The free workshops and short lectures in the information forums were well attended. The tips and examples for a successful job interview were particularly popular. On Saturday there are also over 35 short workshops in the Maimarkthalle – and one in the office building next to the Maimarkt main entrance: From 11:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m., parents are cordially invited to the “Talent Discovery Workshop”. There they learn from the psychologist Moritz Horvath how they can be a good coach for their children when choosing a career.

Mannheim. Maimarkthalle. Jobs for Future 2020. Im Bild: Eröffnungstag der Aus- und Weiterbildungsmesse. Bild: Christoph Bluethner,

Education Mayor Dirk Grunert opened the Jobs for Future trade fair – cabaret artist Arnim Töpel threw language and musical highlights on the choice of career – 346 exhibitors provide information and advice on education and work until Saturday – many activities to take part in – 12,215 visitors on the first day (previous year: 9,653 )

Starting your career into the future with short distances and personal contact – visitors to the Jobs for Future have been able to do this since Thursday. The Mayor of Education Dirk Grunert in Mannheim liked the fact that the fair for jobs, training and further education offers offers for people in all phases of their professional lives. In his opening speech, Grunert emphasized that the promotion of young people who did not have a school leaving certificate was particularly close to his heart. “The social background should not determine what someone can achieve in life,” Grunert campaigned for educational justice. His special thanks go to the young people who pass on their experiences and tips to schoolchildren at the stands. Until Saturday, 346 exhibitors in the Maimarkthalle Mannheim offer their vacancies for specialists, Apprenticeships and internships and provide information about courses, technical schools and voluntary services. The fair is open from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Admission is free.  

With entertaining – also musical – considerations, cabaret artist Arnim Töpel made the guests laugh and think. He reflected on the times when the family business of the Uropa was the influencer when it came to choosing a career and the dream jobs were called “Astronaut” or “Winnetou”. With quotations from Seneca to the original Blumepeter from Mannheim, he supported his suggestions to follow the voice of the heart when choosing a career and to remain true to oneself.

Mannheim. Jobs for Future 2019. Im Bild: Eindrücke aus dem Messetag. Bild: Christoph Bluethner

During the subsequent tour of the guests of honor over the fair, Dirk Grunert and Arnim Töpel were also able to grab hard, saw thick beams with the carpenters and learn about future technologies such as industrial robots and high-tech medicine. This is one of the focal points in the InnoTruck of the Federal Ministry for Research and Development. Multimedia terminals can be used to explore innovative building materials and mobility concepts, among other things. The young discipline “bioeconomy” presents the sustainable production, processing and use of biological resources. For example, shoes made from mushroom “leather” and textiles made from spider thread are conceivable, as are medications made from algae and bacteria that are used to generate energy.



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