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Specialized legal consulting for businesses

In a variety of nations, the area of business legislation has undergone numerous shifts in recent years. The economy’s interconnectedness and new business requirements have made it increasingly important to respond to current and future business challenges. On the other hand, the perspective of legislation in the field of companies and businesses is continually evolving. In this case, Maadico’s department of specialized legal consultation, which is made up of experienced attorneys, has been established to offer customized legal services catered to your business. These services include company establishment, trademark registration, corporate consulting and support (tax/insurance, etc.), assistance with contract signing, support during business negotiation meetings, legal support for contracts, and other related services that are marketable on an international scale.

By categorizing services, Maadico has attempted to provide hundreds of hours of managerial and consulting experience in the form of services and practical tools.

Why should you use Maadico business legal services?

At Maadico, we think that to offer services on a global scale and maintaining the prominence of the names of the businesses and brands that refer to us, we also need to be familiar with how to act in a global setting. As a result, we have implemented two fundamental measures to distinguish our service offering, namely:

  1. Focusing on:
  • Operational models
  • Technology
  • Sourcing
  • Cost management.


  1. Maadico legal department services for businesses:
  • Company establishment: the activities and procedures involved in establishment of the company, from choosing its legal structure, to writing the articles of association, making legal payments and registering the business with the appropriate authorities and organizations.
  • Trademark registration: all issues and procedures associated with registering a trademark, including the four phases of selecting a brand name and trademark, determining whether the brand can be registered, filling out the required paperwork, and registering a commercial declaration.
  • Corporate ownership consulting and support (tax, insurance, etc.): providing consultancy in the field of all management and control systems for businesses.
  • Assistance in concluding contracts: this category comprises consulting services required when the parties are closing a deal.
  • Attending business negotiation meetings with you: consultation services to educate you on the specifics of the negotiations and how to move them along for the best outcome.
  • Additional services: Some services including risk management, legal sourcing, legal technology, legal laboratories, etc.

Advantages of using Maadico's business legal consulting department

Maadico has the advantage of working with international experts in the field of providing legal consulting to businesses in its department, who:

  • At three levels, it recognizes business law: regional, national, and global. As a result, they are able to offer services to businesses that are considering expanding their operations or collaborating with others overseas, whether they are doing so on the shores of the Persian Gulf, in the European Union, or on the continents of Asia, Europe, and America.
  • While Maadico legal services is prepared to collaborate in all the aforementioned areas in other European nations, its primary focus is on Germany and all of its states.
  • Associate lawyers at Maadico can serve a variety of cities and business types. For instance, by city and industry (mining, agriculture, technology, etc.) in any city in Germany or other countries.
  • Conducting the entire process of choosing a lawyer, receiving consultancy and legal support online
  • The possibility of following up on half-opened business cases and resolving defects and legal issues on behalf of the related legal or real person.

Associate lawyers in the Maadico Legal Department

Maadico lawyers are experts in business law and provide legal consulting and services to clients in every country and state. By completing the business legal consulting request form at the bottom of this page, you can schedule a free consultation. There is no cost to you for this online consultation.

The support department of Maadico's business legal advice department

We are prepared to assist you throughout the registration, use, and receipt of legal department services processes. The comments section is where you can post your questions, complaints, requests, and suggestions.