June 17, 2022


Drinktec has been held in Munich since 1951 and every four years since 1985.

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Drinktec Exhibition, World’s Leading Trade Fair for the Beverage and Liquid Food Industry!

About Drinktec

Drinktec has been held in Munich since 1951 and every four years since 1985. It is the most important event in the industry. Manufacturers and suppliers from all over the world, including global concerns and SMEs, meet here with producers and retailers of all sizes in the beverage and liquid food sector. The future is shaped at drinktec. The trade fair is regarded as the number one platform for world premieres. Manufacturers showcase their latest technologies for the production, filling and packaging of all kinds of beverage and liquid food – including raw materials and logistics solutions. The themes of beverage marketing and packaging design round out the portfolio.

Sustainable cap connections in the beverage industry

Sustainability remains at the forefront of the development of glass and PET bottles, drink cartons and cans. The demands placed on packaging by consumers and legislators vary depending on material, but all fall under this overarching, dominant topic. Caps that are firmly attached to the bottle or carton (for single-use plastics), reduced use of material (lightweight glass bottles) and increased use of recycled material (rPET) are important goals, and will continue to be in future. Let’s take a look at current projects.

Juicy marketing in the fruit juice industry

Sugar-free, low-carb, fructose-intolerance, gluten-free, self-optimization – these are the buzzwords of the latest diet trends among millennials and GenZs. This certainly doesn’t bode well for a juice comeback! Simultaneously, a product’s region of origin, whether it contains vitamins, whether it is homemade, “craft,” organic and vegetarian or vegan are all becoming increasingly important. The coronavirus pandemic and lockdown have also seemingly led to an interim juice beverage recovery. Will it last, or is it temporary?

The right solution for every problem

The exhibitors at drinktec showcase solutions for every application, whether it be individual products, special systems or bottling plant. The entire repertoire of the beverage and liquid food industry is offered at drinktec together with the wine technology segment of SIMEI@drinktec, set out on more than 150,000 square meters of exhibition space: from manufacture to filling, packaging and marketing—raw materials and logistics included.

Process technology for the production and processing of all types of beverages, milk and liquid food

What processes are required to produce quality beverages from ingredients? drinktec is the information platform that models all process steps: from preparing concentrates or combined processes to cooking and heating processes as well as filtration and blending solutions.

Individual quality assurance programs, reproducible process steps as well as sustainable production methods round out the current market overview. Self-learning systems in individual production steps are also playing an increasingly important role.

Filling and packaging technology

Every beverage manufacturer is just as individual as its product range – this is a job for flexible filling and packaging technology. Machinery makers will showcase variable filling lines at drinktec. Production lines will be available to meet every need with packaging and palletizing systems as well as with the right labeling and inspection equipment.

Comprehensive assistant systems and predictive maintenance are top industry issues for high levels of efficiency and perfectly coordinated filling technology. The future is to be shaped by a close connection between machinery makers and beverage producers.

Process automation, engineering, control and IT solutions

How does a beverage producer maintain an overview? Closely linked and transparent production steps are essential parts of today’s modern beverage operations. drinktec will offer digital solutions for every company size with production engineering systems, line management systems and process control systems.

Analysis tools and documentation functions ensure efficiency and facilitate batch tracking. And, of course, such topics as artificial intelligence, blockchain solutions and security will be part of the portfolio of drinktec as well.



PETpoint (PET technology for beverages and liquid food)

Plastic bottles play a vital role in the provision of clean drinking water to people in many regions. Light PET bottles enable transport capacities to be utilized and serve as resource-saving packaging for beverages, depending on the production and distribution concepts in use. PETpoint will be a special exhibition area at drinktec – a section devoted solely to the PET bottle. This focus also includes the responsible use of circular systems and recycling concepts for plastic.

Containers, packaging materials, equipment and closures

Seconds count – in decisions made at the point of sale! The package is the lure used to catch consumers’ attention. The keys to the beverage industry are eye-catching design, good handling of containers and batches as well as target-group-specific packaging of bottles made of glass or plastic and cans. Innovative forms and designs at drinktec will provide beverage producers with valuable ideas that they can apply to their own brand identity.

Consumers expect unusual storytelling – with promotion programs or personal customer-loyalty activities offered via apps.

Ingredients, additives and treatment agents

Exciting, newly discovered raw materials and traditional ingredients that have long been consumer favorites – this variety will be on full display at drinktec. The trade fair will provide beverage producers with a comprehensive range of products that they can use to create new taste sensations.

The special exhibition area New Beverage Concepts will be one such place: Companies will showcase their new sweetener, colorant and aroma ideas here. The issues of good health and taste trends created by new beverage components will play a major role here as well.

Energy systems, water and wastewater

The key base ingredient for all beverages is water! It’s a key component in the product and the process. That’s why water will play a major role at drinktec. Exhibitors will offer various solutions to support the efficient use of water through water preparation systems and water management.

Efficiency is in demand when it comes to energy supply. Renewable facility concepts and alternative energies will be one of the top issues discussed by experts at drinktec.

Catering supplies, mobile facilities, sales promotion and marketing

Being completely styled is half the battle. In the beverage industry, a strong presence in the market is a true success factor along with product quality, of course. drinktec will bring to life all elements of market identity relating to catering supplies and at the point of sale. Online marketing is completely changing the customer journey. How and at which point can you influence consumers’ purchasing behavior?

Fascinating case studies will show how manufacturers can excite customers about their products.

drinktec worldwide network

drinktec worldwide is a powerful network that embraces the world’s leading trade fair for the beverage and liquid food industry: drinktec, which is held in Germany, as well as drink technology India, and CHINA BREW CHINA BEVERAGE.

Be part of the drinktec worldwide community:

  • Make use of the trade shows as excellent networking platforms
  • Meet the market leaders, professional exhibitors, and qualified visitors from the beverage, dairy, and liquid food industry
  • Use the supporting programs as excellent knowledge transfer possibilities
  • Benefit from the strong brand drinktec and its international network

Why the Drinktec exhibition?

Considering the fact that attending international exhibitions can always lead to extensive and international business connections in the e-industry.

For a company to develop their organization, factory and business, they need to transfer experiences from other leading companies.

As a result of the exhibition’s specialization in the field of the Beverage and Liquid Food Industry, as well as the presence of large corporations such as innovators and pioneers of this industry, attending this exhibition provides an opportunity to become familiar with the latest achievements of the world and by gaining knowledge and understanding the products and research of similar companies and factories, the reconstruction process can begin.

There was a great deal of commercial activity at this exhibition in the years prior to the Corona epidemic, including the execution of many contracts between companies and a large volume of commercial transactions.

Manufacturers typically send engineers and engineering managers to these exhibitions so they can discuss technical and engineering issues with other companies in the exhibition as well as sample devices and equipment.

The technical training classes and business meetings of this industry are generally free during these exhibitions, so you can attend these classes for free, in addition to receiving a certificate of attendance to become familiar with the issues raised by the May class, usually drawn from the most current scientific research.

A business in today’s world should not only have technology that is advanced and appropriate, but also engage in advertising, branding, and international business. Send commercial and scientific teams to your factories and companies to compare competing products. This exhibition will introduce you to regional competitors as well as well-known competitors on other continent.