March 29, 2023

Textiles and articles of clothing trade within the EU

These are the most important events in the textile and clothing industry in Germany and obvious choices to keep in mind and plan for. Maadico team will provide you with the necessities for participation in these prestigious global events and support you in your journey to reach a global audience. Access our website archive for many more information sources and contact our team to start your growth journey in Europe.

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The textile, yarn, and material trade haven’t full-fledged a significant downfall, however rather extreme changes because it’s the foremost trend-based trade and so for people who will play it right, market volatility is manageable. Textiles and articles of clothing could be numerous sector that plays a very important role within the European producing trade, using one.5 million folks and manufacturing a turnover of €162 billion. This, Combined with the benefits of getting the most important intentional exhibition venues within the globe, targeted at the most among European countries, which might bring the best whole exposure and networking potentialities, it makes a decent enough reason for each player during this sector to settle on the EU market exposure because of the best and 1st selection for growth. the arena has undergone a radical amendment recently to keep up its aggressiveness by moving toward the high-value-added product.

As mentioned earlier, the European country is the home to several of the world’s most prestigious international exhibition venues and trade fairs, therefore it Associates in a Nursing favorable position to own decent info to require half and show up to the bestowed opportunities in these venues.

Regarding our main topic, during this article, we’ll get to grasp a touch background concerning the facility of those exhibitions and trade fairs and also the importance of each one in every of these greatest international shows within the textile and fabric trade shows and assist you to select your next huge move within the business.

Structure and character of the textile trade

The textile and article of clothing trade covers a spread of activities from the transformation of natural (cotton, flax, wool, etc.) or artificial (polyester, polyamide, etc.) fibers into yarns and materials, to the assembly of a good sort of product like high-tech artificial yarns, bed-linens, industrial filters, and article of clothing. the EU textiles trade scheme produces added and creates opportunities for investments and innovation. aggressiveness challenges are connected to environmental footprint. A key challenge for inexperienced transformation is boosting investments to accelerate property and disk shape. SMEs within the textiles scheme are control back by an absence of delicate workers. Recent skills trends and activity profile developments have crystal rectifiers to the baseline assumption of a gradual shift from lower to medium and higher-skilled workers.



Privileges of this competitive trade

  • High quality of production, particularly within the technical textile trade and high-end fashion activities and exhibitions.
  • speedy integration of latest and innovative materials
  • style, creativity, robust whole names, particularly within the high-end industries
  • robust leadership in high-value-added segments wherever drivers of aggressiveness are troublesome to copy
  • Specialised corporations taking advantage of the latest school and shopper trends


Challenges brought by the competition

  • inflated competition from rising players, further as corporations in different sectors (e.g. e-commerce)
  • Low-profit margins, particularly for SMEs
  • property within the price chain, as well as an enormous environmental footprint (high price of compliance with environmental and chemical legislation)
  • Fierce international competition, conjointly because of factors like lower environmental and social standards in third countries
  •   Skills gaps
  •   High labor prices
  • Ageing workforce
  • Innovative capacities targeted in an exceedingly few EU countries.
  • High dependence on foreign merchandise.



The economic backbone of the  textile trade

The textile and article of clothing sector is a very important part of the EU producing trade, taking part in an important role within the economy and social well-being in several regions of Europe. consistent with knowledge from 2019, there are a hundred and 60,000 corporations within the trade using one.5 million folks and generating a turnover of €162 billion. the arena within the EU is predicated on little businesses. corporations with but fifty workers account for quite ninetieth of the workforce and turn out virtually hr of the worth additional.

The biggest producers of the trade are European countries, France, Germany, Spain, and the Portuguese Republic. Together, they account for concerning three-quarters of EU production.

Southern EU countries contribute additionally to the total amount of clothing production. while northern countries like European countries, Belgium, Holland, and European nations contribute additionally to textile production, notably technical textiles.


Competitiveness of the textile and article of the clothing trade

The sector full-fledged a series of major transformations over recent decades because of a mix of technological changes, the evolution of production prices, the emergence of robust international competitors, and also the elimination of consequential quotas in 2004.

European producers are world leaders in technical textiles and non-woven (industrial filters, hygiene products, products for the automotive and medical sectors, etc.), further as for high-quality clothes with high style content.

The textile and article of clothing trade are one of the foremost globalized sectors, with thirty-eighth of EU turnover returning from the world market. trade agreements supply market opportunities for the scheme. Textiles and articles of clothing have seen a powerful export performance. Exports inflated by fifty-eight between 2010-2019, while imports inflated by forty-third.


Now let’s review the upcoming fairs and exhibitions  in the textile and garment industry in later 2022 and the upcoming years that will take place in Germany:





International Fabrics Fair trade show



twice a year

In Munich


Duration :3 days



As one of the leading textile and clothing industry exhibitions in Germany, twice a year MUNICH FABRIC START presents a qualitative portfolio of international fabrics and accessories manufacturers showcasing their newest developments and innovations in Munich. From 30/08 – 01/09/2022, some 800 international manufacturers will showcase a comprehensive range of textiles, accessories, finishings, and sourcing solutions for Munich’s Autumn and  Winter season.

This wide offer of specialist information and inspiration makes MUNICH FABRIC START textile exhibition in Germany an international business platform in a unique trade show format that attracts some 20.000 international visitors to Munich twice a year.

Every season, MUNICH FABRIC START Exhibitions GmbH also organizes the Preview Textile Show VIEW Premium Selection as well as the International Denim Trade Show BLUE ZONE.











twice a year  in Munich


Duration: 2 days




A famous trade fair exhibition in Germany in the textile industry dedicated to functional fabrics, new fabrics, and innovations. established as a specialized platform for sports- and workwear fabric materials to include yarns, finishes, and accessories.


functional fabric fair and exhibition in Germany is the place to be for sourcing high-performance functional fabrics and accessories. With 260+ exhibitors from over 30 nations, PERFORMANCE DAYS shows the latest trends in fabric development for the functional textile industry. as the only exhibition to link seasonal sourcing schedules (April/May and October/November), visitors can find everything from textiles to yarns, finishes, and accessories. Besides manufacturers, this global exhibition in Germany always features different partners offering services from color trends to certification systems. In addition to the expert discussions by internationally respected orators, the PERFORMANCE FORUM is the heated core within the exhibition. The trend forum highlights the newest innovations and presents all of the current developments –with the PERFORMANCE (ECO) AWARD handed to the most innovative & sustainable product of this exhibition in Germany.


This textile exhibition in Germany (The functional fabric fair) attracts major international manufacturers and nearly all of the well-known sportswear and active clothing brands as well as the sport-oriented fashion industry with its comprehensive selection of high-quality materials.






International textile industry trade fair for Floor materials, Wall-Window Decoration and Furniture Fabrics Bed-Bath-Table & Kitchen Linen



once a year   in  Frankfurt

Exhibition Centre Frankfurt


Duration: 4 days



An internationally unique platform for home and contract textiles: from January 10th to 13th, 2023, the next Heimtextil will present a global range of product innovations in textile interior design. As the leading global textile exhibition and trade fair, it also maps market changes with its focus themes on the Interior, Architecture, Hospitality, the range of products for interior designers and hospitality experts, and the megatrends of sustainability and healthy sleep, and is the most important trend platform for textile materials and textile design.




International trade fair for sustainable textiles



Twice a year

In hofheim


Duration: 3 days


INNATEX is the only international trade fair and global exhibition in Germany for sustainable textiles in the world that offers a unique sales and communication platform not only to the traditional clothing and wearables sector but also to numerous other textile product groups, including accessories, home textiles, fabrics, toys, and more.


At INNATEX there is time for serious discussion, networking, and good conversations. It is where new players encounter veteran leaders, where new ideas meet traditional old-school Fashion. Be there when all players of any size meet in a nice, almost family atmosphere and sort out the orders for the next season.







Europe’s leading trade fair exhibition for textile decoration and promotion.



once a year  in Stuttgart,

New Stuttgart Trade Fair Centre


Duration: 3 days


TecStyle Visions is the leading trade fair exhibition for the textile decoration and promotion industry in Europe. The exhibitors show technology and accessories for all textile printing procedures and embroidery, flocking, applications, and laser engraving. Renowned industry manufacturers and dealers for corporate fashion, promotional wear, and functional workwear round off the product range.


Privileges: Europe’s leading trade fair for textile decoration and promotion

A Part of the Expo 4.0 – Print trade fair and exhibition network. Produce. Promote

An attractive framework program with special technical shows, stages, and lecture program and 25,000 square meters of space  in addition to giving optimal accessibility by plane, car, S-Bahn, and train







International exhibition for Needlecrafts, Textile Arts, and Creativity



once a year  in  Karlsruhe

Messe Karlsruhe


3 days


The NADELWELT textile exhibition and trade fair offers its visitors a balanced mixture of sales events, art exhibitions, and extensive course programs in the areas of patchwork, sewing, embroidery, knitting, cross stitch, crochet, spinning, and much more. making it a highly valuable venue for enthusiastic players in the textile industry.




Apparel sourcing trade fair for Europe (direct from Asia)



once a year  in   Berlin

Messegelände Berlin

February 2023



ASIA APPAREL EXPO in an attraction for Brand Manufacturers, Trading Companies, Wholesalers, Multiple Retailers, Chain Stores, Department Stores, Agents, Designers, Private LabelsBuying Offices

Expand your production network and production opportunities in Asia by connecting with Asian-based apparel suppliers/ manufacturers in Berlin. Since its first held event in 2012, ASIA APPAREL EXPO has been referred to as an easy-to-access marketplace for European buyers to observe, select and source within this price-competitive manufacturers in the event.

ASIA APPAREL EXPO is open to all apparel sourcing players and professionals, brand manufacturers, trading companies, wholesalers, multiple retailers, chain stores, department stores, agents, designers, private labels, and buying offices.






Leading international trade exhibition for processing textile and flexible materials.



every 2 years  Frankfurt

Exhibition Centre Frankfurt


Duration: 4 days


At Texprocess international trade fair and exhibition in Germany, international exhibitors will present the latest machines, plants, processes, and services for the manufacture of garments and textile and flexible materials.

Texprocess took place in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, from 21 to 24 June 2022 and the next one will be held in early 2024. In this trade fair, International exhibitors showcase the latest machinery, equipment, processes, and services for garment manufacturing, textile, and flexible materials. Parallel to Texprocess, Techtextil, the leading international trade fair for technical textiles and nonwovens, and for the first time, Heimtextil Summer Special, the international trade fair for home and contract textiles, were held.






World Market of Modern Textile Care



every 3 years  in Frankfurt

Exhibition Centre Frankfurt


Duration: 5 days



At the Texcare International textile exhibition in Germany, you will find the entire textile-care sector in the same place at the same time. The world’s leading manufacturers and services providers present their innovative products and futuristic services.


The communicative atmosphere supports the exchange of experience and makes it easy for you to maintain contact with international business partners. And you can obtain new impulses and information firsthand at the fair.




These are the most important events in the textile and clothing industry in Germany and obvious choices to keep in mind and plan for. Maadico team will provide you with the necessities for participation in these prestigious global events and support you in your journey to reach a global audience. Access our website archive for many more information sources and contact our team to start your growth journey in Europe.