Social Responsibilities

Social Responsibility

Our social duties

Finding the company answerable for what may happen as a result of the company’s activities, is to be considered a social obligation and a major concern for the board of directors regarding their duties towards the society and its individuals.

It is within the boundaries of the social duties of companies to create a value or wealth in part of society. Therefore, the social duties regarding its commercial endeavors includes employees, customers, contractors, the environment and the society and creates a win-win interaction, through which value is also created both for the society and for the institution.

As a result of social duties of the company and on the basis of the concerns of the larger family of Maadico ® regarding education, Maadico ® is hereby obligated to provide educational funding to students and children of underprivileged areas and considers this a great chapter of its duty and legacy.

Why Education?

As the countries and organizations of the world are focusing their humanitarian endeavors on food and clothing and other basic needs, Maadico ® aims to provide a considerable portion of its revenue to the schools of underprivileged regions and also a considerable effort still has to be put into providing the supplies needed for students who are willing to attend school.

Education is the most important aspect of human life and as much attention and care must be given to it as possible. The most outstanding entrepreneurs and inventors of the world have all come from poor backgrounds and had to endure a considerable amount of difficulty at their time of education.

We at Maadico ® aim to grant all students the equal opportunity of benefiting from the fruits of education and for them to act effectively in excelling their community with their innovation, perseverance and skill.

All societies through education, exploit the true abilities of their individuals and provide a better quality of life for their members through obtaining knowledge and utilizing that knowledge for the betterment of mankind.

Our Dreams and Aspirations

We at Maadico hope to one day, enable all students from all walks of life in every community with education, the weapon against poverty and ignorance which leads all societies to prosperity and integrity.

We at Maadico pride ourselves in supporting and supplying those in need of education to advance their interests and agendas for a better, brighter, greener and more prosperous future, not only for them, but for all.

Join us in our endeavor for a better future, not just for companies and entrepreneurs, but also for those most in need of a chance to shine and to better provide their communities with their intelligence.

With the power of education, everyone will have the chance to shine in their desired field of activity and will ensure a better future for everyone involved.

We believe, that everyone doesn’t need a second chance, but an equal level of equity to expand their future into new and exciting horizons.