Throughout consecutive years, Maadico ® has always considered the absence of international ties and the experiences of successful and innovative companies not being properly utilized one of the lost pieces of the puzzle to the success of an organization or business. And so we have decided to provide our services to the best of our abilities, in order to fulfill your requirements regarding matters such as consultation for your business, through our public events department, introducing to you a new outlook towards attending International exhibitions, individually specialized for you to meet our standards in consultation and research projects. 


Hence, with Germany being considered a worldwide central hub for professionally specialized international fairs and exhibitions by millions, the professional and highly dedicated team of Maadico provides the following services as a subsidiary to their consultation services:

1- Providing council before part taking in an event in order to ascertain your goals and ambitions.

2- Providing a variety of services including professional consultation throughout your participation in the event, with professional translators.

3- Providing support, services and consultation after the event in order to maintain sustainable and long-term business ties in order to enjoy the everlasting benefits of bench marketing.

300+ Exhibitions all over Germany

Covering a wide range of industries, our reports are designed to provide you with an in-depth understanding of the market of your choice.