Getting to know BCE Maadico services

Getting to know BCE Maadico services

One of this company’s most popular services for numerous companies is BCE services, which stands for Business Consulting Events. Many small and large businesses in many countries and regions around the world need to establish and conduct international interactions in order to achieve higher profitability and increase their commercial and industrial potential in order to receive and transfer technology from successful businesses in industrialized countries, as well as being in need of attending the largest trade fairs to enter the world markets. Maadico has built various service packages to meet these objectives by performing continual surveys of various business owners.

If you are the management of a recently founded startup or have been running your business for a long time and are looking for considerable growth, one of these two types of BCE Maadico services may most likely assist you:

  1. Providing public event consulting (Public Events)
  2. Providing private event consulting (Private Events)

Consulting for public events

International and leading European exhibitions are examples of general commercial events. These exhibitions provide several opportunities for small and large businesses to expand and profit. This characteristic has led company managers all over the world to seek for opportunities to attend such events in order to raise their level of business. Nevertheless, the issue is not only limited to attending a world-class exhibition, but success means scientific and professional achievements, as well as establishing your international connections by attending these exhibitions.

It is worth noting that over a thousand specialized exhibitions in various industries are organized each year in the European Union. Germany as an outstanding country in this industry, hosting almost two-thirds of the world leader trade fairs. These events have various commercial and industrial benefits. These benefits include advanced exhibition facilities, the presence of clients from all over the world, the opportunity to network with successful organizations, the circumstances for accessing global markets (both large and growing countries), and so on.

As previously stated, Maadico has assisted in optimizing attendance at international exhibitions by conducting needs assessments and completely scientific and professional surveys, and thanks to years of experience, it facilitates the creation of opportunities and the attainment of greater accomplishments for its contractual parties. The surveys carried out regarding the company of Maadico’s team of expert consultants reveal manager satisfaction and a considerable growth in the utilization of this department’s services.

Benefits of using the services of this department

  • Choosing the best exhibitions depending on your business field, target market and business needs
  • Designing the most suitable strategy for effective attendance on event days
  • Consulting for gaining international markets through the aforementioned exhibition
  • Facilitating the formation and sustain business networks
  • Making you accompanied with the most experienced translators.


Nonetheless, due to Maadico’s level of dedication to its consumers and its desire to assist businesses in growing, the company’s services will continue even after the exhibition. Maadico consultants will stay in touch with you after the exhibition to verify that you have taken advantage of the benefits and opportunities provided by participating.

Consulting for private events

Private events are those that are organized, arranged, and held on the directions of business managers. There are instances in the business world where the manager of a factory or company attends in order to have access to the technology, knowledge, experience, and capabilities of a large company or brand. The manager of a factory needs to equip her factory with the most modern and up-to-date technologies in order to succeed in bringing her production line to the highest level of productivity and ultimately increasing the market share.

The manager of a commercial company can benefit from their experiences in the fields of: human resources management, business strategy, branding, marketing, etc. by holding meetings with senior or even middle level managers of a large and leading commercial company.


Maadico is prepared to offer the best and most perfect events in the BCE department for such enterprises due to its Chamber of Commerce membership and wide and successful relationship with numerous companies and industries.


This company’s consultations will be very beneficial to you in the following areas:

  • Choosing partners and colleagues of the same stature and level to transfer technology and gain business and management experience
  • Providing professional and effective planning and accompaniment and counseling in meetings
  • Assessing meetings and assisting in the creation of opportunities and the required assistance until the desired outcome is achieved

Maadico places a high priority on your ability to participate in the meetings without any worry from start to finish of the specified event and get the most of this service.